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My arrow shall purify the darkness.

Wind Archer Cookie (Korean: 바람궁수 쿠키, baramgungsu kuki) is an unreleased Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

He is a playable Legendary Cookie in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, but he is currently not playable in Kingdom. His only in-game appearance is in Towards the Light, where he is seen harkening to Millennial Tree Cookie Millennial Tree Cookie and heading off to fight the Life-siphoning forces across the sea.

Game Description[]

Originally, this Cookie was the wind who loved the green of the forest. This wind delightfully spent its day spreading fresh and sweet fragrances across the forest. In order to save the paradise in peril, a mysterious being granted it the power to purify the Darkness. This transformed the wind into Wind Archer Cookie, the protector of the forest. As long as Wind Archer Cookie's heart keeps hope, he'll carry on his duty.


  • The "mysterious being" that granted Wind Archer Cookie life, according to LINE Cookie Run, is the Sugar Swan.
  • Wind Archer Cookie is seen as a playable character in the 2019 promotional trailer, but has not yet been added to the game.[2]
  • Wind Archer Cookie was designed by Lee Eunji.[1]
  • Wind Archer Cookie's internal name is "cookie0070".
  • Wind Archer Cookie's English voice actor, Kellen Goff, also provides the voices of Timid Sugar Gnome, Schwarzwälder Schwarzwälder and Stink-Eye Tortuca.
  • Wind Archer Cookie's German and French voice actors, Alexander Merbeth and Jean-Louis Tilburg, also provide the voice of Devil Cookie Devil Cookie.


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