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This article is about the playable Epic Cookie. For the NPC Cookie originally named Wildberry Cookie, see Wild Strawberry Cookie.

For the Hollyberry Kingdom!

Wildberry Cookie (Korean: 와일드베리맛 쿠키, waildeuberi-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released alongside Clottedcreamhead.png Clotted Cream Cookie in the first part of The Council of Heroes update (version 3.0.002). He is of the Defenseclass.webp Defense type and his position is prioritized to the Frontpos.webp Front.

Employed by Jungleberry Cookie, Wildberry Cookie serves as Hollyberry head.png Hollyberry Cookie's bodyguard and associate during the events of Cookie Odyssey Story.

Game Description

"Filled to the brim with wild tropical berries, Wildberry Cookie's ardent loyalty to the Hollyberry Kingdom is unquestionable. And the brightly gleaming jewel embedded into his mighty gauntlet is proof! Young Wildberry Cookie once roamed the ramshackle alleys of the Hollyberry capital until an unexpected savior offered him a helping hand. Insidious whispers have been following this knight of few words ever since: they claim he is prone to solving problems with brute force, but these rumors cannot be farther from the truth. Wildberry Cookie has sworn to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom and its royal dynasty! Even though sometimes what it takes is serving generous amounts of berry juice!"'

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Wildberry Cookie's soul. Like a red plump berry in the rough thickets, his sturdy and reliable nature shines brightly with a red glow."

Regular Attack

  • Knocks enemies back a short distance.
  • While in Battle Rage mode, attacks knock enemies back twice the distance and stun for 1.3 seconds. Deals 100% more damage to knockback-resisting enemies.


Wild Punch
Wildberry skill.png Wildberry Cookie unleashes his Battle Rage, dealing more powerful attacks and activating his Wild buff that cannot be dispelled. At the end of the Battle Rage mode, Wildberry Cookie musters all his strength, dealing an uppercut and a final blow. The Wild buff will stack with each hit Wildberry Cookie receives: the more stacks he has, the more powerful his final blow's DMG will be. While Wildberry Cookie is dealing an uppercut and his final blow, he will become resistant to interrupting effects. Being a large Cookie, Wildberry Cookie is less affected by Knockback or Flying.
  • 10 second Cooldown
  • Battle Rage: 8.0 sec
  • CRK-stun.png Single Hit DMG: 423.5% + Stun 1.3 Sec
  • Extra DMG to Knockback-resisting enemies: +100.0%
  • Buff cookie0535 wild.png Wild: +35.3% to final blow for every hit, up to 30 stacks
  • CRK-dmgdown.png DMG Resist: +15.0% to all allies during Battle Rage
  • Uppercut DMG: 19.3% (+0.263% per level)
  • Final blow DMG: 141.6% (+1.93% per level) + Wild's extra DMG
  • CRK-stun.png Final blow stun: 2.3 sec
Max Level »
  • 10 second Cooldown
  • Battle Rage: 8.0 sec
  • CRK-stun.png Single Hit DMG: 423.5% + Stun 1.3 Sec
  • Extra DMG to Knockback-resisting enemies: +100.0%
  • Buff cookie0535 wild.png Wild: +35.3% to final blow for every hit, up to 30 stacks
  • CRK-dmgdown.png DMG Resist: +15.0% to all allies during Battle Rage
  • Uppercut DMG: 35.5%
  • Final blow DMG: 260.2% + Wild's extra DMG
  • CRK-stun.png Final blow stun: 2.3 sec
« Base Level

*If no enemies are in melee range when Battle Rage ends, Wildberry Cookie will save his uppercut combo and move forward, performing it once an enemy is in melee range.
*Wildberry Cookie's party-wide DMG Resist buff cannot be dispelled.


Wildberry Cookie has pink hair in a side ponytail, pink eyes, and a dark dough, similar to many Hollyberrian Cookies. His hair is overall long, and much of it flops over his head and above the headpiece he often wears. He is considerably taller than most other Cookies, as stated by other Cookies such as Crunchychiphead.png Crunchy Chip Cookie and is shown in Wildberry Cookie's over-world animations.

His outfit consists of a silver suit of armor with a shoulder guard and matching pants to protect him from injury. Behind his armor is a long red cloak that drags on the ground; parts of his cloak is draped down the front of his armor. His weapon of choice is a massive gauntlet with spikes on the fist; it is apparently quite heavy and difficult for other Cookies to carry. The silver gauntlet is adorned with a pink, clover-like emblem, representing the Hollyberry Kingdom; his cloak has a similar emblem on the back, further showing his loyalty to his home.


In contrast to other Hollyberrians and Hollyberry Cookie herself, Wildberry Cookie is an individual of few words, lacking the usual bursts of emotion seen in his fellow Hollyberrians, and will only utter words when spoken to. Even so, his responses are short and straight to the point. He is always seen with a deadpan face and expresses little-to-no emotion, as well as being a no-nonsense type.

Being the bodyguard of Hollyberry Cookie, Wildberry Cookie takes his job very seriously, even coming off as overprotective of the Cookie he protects. He often looks after Hollyberry Cookie and monitors her behaviour, often chastises the latter for her reckless behaviour (like drinking too much berry juice), to the point that Hollyberry Cookie often finds him annoying and nagging.

Despite the occasional bickering, Wildberry Cookie harbors great respect and admiration to his employer, as Hollyberry Cookie herself helped the boy during his years when he was still ravaging the streets, treating him with love and kindness as if he was a part of her family. Wildberry Cookie also acknowledges that despite being into parties and seems like she doesn't take things seriously, Hollyberry Cookie does in fact care for the well-being and prosperity of the Hollyberry Kingdom and its citizens. His past with the hero has made him feel indebted to her, and he vows to protect her.


  • Wildberry Cookie appears considerably similar to a Cookie seen in an Arena-themed illustration on page 155 of the Kingdom artbook. This Cookie, appearing only in this artwork, is likely a draft concept design of Wildberry Cookie.

    An artbook-exclusive Cookie who appears similar to Wildberry Cookie

  • According to Wildberry Cookie's loading screen trivia, "Everything is possible when there is a Cookie who believes in you. Like Wildberry Cookie!"
  • Wildberry Cookie formerly shared his name with Strawberryhead.webp Strawberry Cookie's alternate-dimension form until her name was changed in the Council of Heroes update.
  • Framed photo of a young Wildberry Cookie with Hollyberry Cookie

    The 'Wildberry Cookie Package' in the Shop presents a framed photo of a young Wildberry Cookie alongside Hollyberry head.png Hollyberry Cookie.
  • Although he is a Hollyberrian, he does not like juice. He also has no interest in parties.
  • Though Wildberry Cookie is not big on humor, he does get Avocadohead.webp Avocado Cookie's jokes.
  • Wildberry Cookie's internal name is "cookie0535".
  • Wildberry Cookie's English voice actor, Kamran Nikhad, is best known for voicing Geehan from Dust: An Elysian Tail, Yellow Jacket from Marvel Avengers Academy, Azaan from Paladins, Enzo from Cris Tales, and Hanafuda Sakura from Tribe Nine.
  • Wildberry Cookie's Japanese voice actor, Maeno Tomoaki, is best known for voicing White Blood Cell from Cells at Work!, Zhongli from Genshin Impact, and Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker in the Japanese dubs of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Wildberry Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Wu Wenmin, is best known for voicing Makarov Dreyar and Zeref from Fairy Tail, Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Zuko as he appeared in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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