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White Lily Cookie (Korean: 세인트릴리 쿠키, seinteulilli kuki) is an NPC in Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is an Ancient Hero and is currently only briefly playable in the Prologue. She is a Rearpos.webp Rear positioned unit; due to being unreleased, her unit type is unclear. Though it is believed her unit class will either be a support or bomber.

White Lily Cookie is first encountered in World Exploration in Dragon Hill during which she joins GingerBrave's party. She remains a party presence for the majority of the following Episodes, leading the cast toward various important locations. Eventually, she disappears from the main party at the end of Hall of Enlightenment, appearing only through flashbacks and illusions in Timeless Kingdom and the Tower of Sweet Chaos Story.

Game Description

"A solitary beam of moonlight shines in twilight. Like a pale lily, touched by the softest drops of rain, a Cookie silently enters the world. Her serene eyes reveal a curious nature eager for knowledge. Wielder of the mysterious Lily Staff, White Lily Cookie has proven to be a trusty friend and ally during the grim Dark Flour War. Victory was achieved, but alas, a dazed White Lily Cookie awoke amongst a field of flowers with no memory of the past. A longing for Purevanillahead.png Pure Vanilla Cookie lingers on as a figment of the past, a memory within reach yet so elusive. Though a white lily's fragility invokes sympathy, do not forget that there is an intoxicating aroma hidden behind her pure, serene beauty."

"Our heroes found this Cookie upon a white lily glade. What could have happened to her...?"


In the tutorial prologue, White Lily Cookie's Skill increases the team's CRIT% and summons 2 lilies which bloom into smaller lilies after a short delay, dealing damage to enemies. This Skill has a 15 sec Cooldown and may change in her full release.


Lily glade.png

Unlike her cheerful and outspoken Purevanillahead.png companion, White Lily Cookie is considerably more gentle and soft spoken, often speaking in a soft tone and keeping most of her thoughts to herself. It is implied that White Lily Cookie wasn't particularly liked nor even accepted by her peers, especially compared to the naturally congenial Pure Vanilla Cookie. Even while the reputations of the two differ, they remain close friends with a strong bond. White Lily Cookie is noted to be academically intelligent and was an exemplary student, often scoring first amongst her peers in her academy years. Because of this, she would skip class in favor of her personal research, as she felt that she gained little from the education taught in her classes. White Lily Cookie is full of curiosity, stopping at nothing in the pursuit of answers, especially in regards to the subject of the creation of Cookies. Her curiosity, however, led her to cross moral boundaries irresponsibly, which would ultimately lead to the harm. Upon remembering what she'd done in the present, White Lily Cookie realizes the immense pain that her actions had brought, viewing herself as unforgivable once she realizes where her path had taken her.

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Character Development

Throughout Episodes 7 and 8, it is revealed that both White Lily Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie were researching the origin and creation of Cookies, to the point that they broke numerous academy rules and attempted to create living Cookies on their own. Pure Vanilla Cookie would eventually put the research to a stop, while White Lily Cookie would continue to study by herself, her experiments ultimately converting the academy's inhabitants into spirits by accident.

She would later travel to the Tower of Sweet Chaos on the Night of the Witches to impose a question regards the reasons cookies were created, but instead learnt that Cookies were originally made to be eaten. She fell into the Ultimate Dough, unable to accept this fate, and was thus rebaked into a new Cookie: Dark enchantress head.png Dark Enchantress Cookie.

The White Lily Cookie that GingerBrave's party encounters is revealed to be an illusory fragment of her past, brought to life when Dark Enchantress Cookie was imprisoned. This fragment of White Lily Cookie's past would seek out her missing memories and eventually follow the party to Dark Enchantress Cookie's prison at the end of Episode 8, which they would break open under the idea that they were freeing White Lily Cookie. However, the illusion instead disappears as Dark Enchantress Cookie is released.

It is unknown if any remnant of White Lily Cookie still exists in the present.

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Character Inspiration

  • White Lily Cookie might be inspired by depictions of Saint Mary of Christianity.
    • White Lily Cookie possesses the hallmark traits of a virgin-archetype character, like virtuousness, purity, modesty, and devotion. All of these qualities are attributed symbolically to white lilies, which are often referred to as Madonna lilies.
    • White Lily Cookie's Soul Jam bears a shape resembling a fleur-de-lis. The fleur-de-lis, meaning "flower of the lily" in French, is closely associated with Christianity and Saint Mary in particular.
    • Although the mysterious birth in White Lily Cookie's case is her own and not that of an offspring, one major event in her past is her creation of a (currently unspecified) living being during her academy days, for which she was cast out by her peers.
  • Cutscene ep10 04 a66b8ff74b.png
    Alternatively, White Lily Cookie could be an analogy to Eve of Adam and Eve, as her pursuit of the forbidden knowledge needed to engineer a living being and of the truth of the world in general reflects Eve's seeking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. By similarity of name and her eventual fate, she could also be analogous to Lilith.
  • White Lily Cookie's original name in the Korean version of Kingdom is Saint Lily Cookie (세인트릴리 쿠키/seinteulilli kuki).
    • While no religions are known to have a saint named Lily, there is Saint Kateri of Christianity, who is known as the Lily of the Mohawks. Saint Kateri is a patron saint of numerous aspects such as the environment, exiles, those without family, and the pious, all of which relate to White Lily Cookie. The similarity is likely only a coincidence, but it is substantial enough to warrant noting.
    • There is also a Saint named Saint Maria Goretti. She was attacked by the son of the family that lived in the same house as them and was then stabbed fourteen times. One night when the son was serving his life sentence in prison after killing Maria, he had a dream where her spirit appears before him in a field. She holds fourteen white lilies, representing her fourteen stab wounds, each white lily her killer took burned his hand little by little. She is usually depicted holding white lilies in pictures and paintings to resemble her purity, mercy, and forgiveness.


  • White Lily Cookie's name in the Korean and Japanese versions of Cookie Run: Kingdom is Saint Lily Cookie (세인트릴리 쿠키, seinteulilli kuki). As no explanation for the change has been given, it can only be speculated that her name was changed during localization to maintain religious neutrality in the series.
  • White Lily Cookie is the only Ancient Hero to not reign over a Kingdom of her own.

    Paintings of Pure Vanilla Cookie and White lily head.png White Lily Cookie in Roguefort Cookie's skill background

  • Purevanillahead.png Pure Vanilla Cookie and White Lily Cookie appear to have been hinted a year prior to Cookie Run: Kingdom's reveal, as shown in Roguefort Cookie's skill background.
  • White lilies (species Lilium candidum) carry symbolism that relates closely to White Lily Cookie; they are representative of both (re)birth and death and, as an extension, grief. This can relate to both the mystery of White Lily Cookie's birth and the tragedy lacing her backstory and history.
  • White Lily Cookie's Soul Jam resembles a Fleur-de-lis, a French heraldry symbol of a blooming lily. The fleur-de-lis is present in several standards and banners of the Kingdom of France, the coats-of-arms of the French Republic and its capital, Paris.
  • White Lily Cookie's internal name is "cookie0509".
  • White Lily Cookie's English voice actress, Erica Mendez, is best known for voicing Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact, Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, and Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins.
  • White Lily Cookie's Japanese voice actress, Marina Inoue, is best known for voicing Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan and Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia.
  • White Lily Cookie's Korean voice actress, Song Ha-rim, is best known for voicing Bennett from Genshin Impact and Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia.
  • White Lily Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Zhang Yajing, is best known for voicing Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Yoh Asakura from Shaman King (2001) and Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.