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"A land of freedom and peace, fairness and harmony..."

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The Vanilla Kingdom is a kingdom founded by Purevanillahead.png Pure Vanilla Cookie He was its king for many years, but, as of the events of Timeless Kingdom, he has relinquished his position to allow the kingdom to become more of a democracy.

Artbook Appearances

The Vanilla Kingdom is covered in pages 30-37 of the artbook.


Map Placement

Vanilla map.png

The Vanilla Kingdom is located on the Candystick Archipelago of the Cookie Kingdom. It lies on the largest island of the archipelago circled by the Silent and Soda Oceans and is adjacent to the Black Luna Sea. The draft version of the Cookie Kingdom World Map states that the river at its north is an offshoot of the Sweet Tear Sea. According to the Kingdom artbook, the nation is surrounded by snowy mountain peaks; due to the Vanilla Kingdom's lack of snow, these sheltering mountains may be the frigid Bloody Jam Mountains to the north. The nearest other kingdom is the Golden Cheese Kingdom, sitting shortly nearby to the east-northeast across an unlabeled river.

Directly to the west of the Vanilla Kingdom is the Secret Fig Forest from which Fighead.png Fig Cookie originates. In the further extents of the kingdom's island are the Greensalad Jungle and Coconut Forest with the Salty Drop Island directly to the south and separated from the main island by the Sourdressing River.

Flora & Fauna

Vanilla Orchid

"The Vanilla Orchid looks exactly like Pure Vanilla Cookie's magic staff. This flower does not seem native in this land. Where did it come from?"
—Artbook page 32


"Jellyragora may or may not be an actual Jelly. This plant is a powerful anesthetic and pain reliever, but if it walks or screams, you'd better beware."
—Artbook page 32

Vanilla Bean

Ab pg032 1.jpg "One of the locals' favorite kinds of produce. Not too many Cookies know that Vanilla Beans have excellent calming properties."
—Artbook page 32

Buttercream Alpaca

"This hardy, long-legged animal often helps the Cookies transport their goods from one place to another for a reasonable price of a few tasty fruits. But be careful: if you upset an alpaca or load too heavily, it might spit on you!"
—Artbook page 33

Cream Sheep

"Herds of fluffy Cream Sheep are often seen on the grasslands of the Vanilla Kingdom. They are docile but can be extremely curious and stubborn, giving the shepherd many troubles."
—Artbook page 33

Geography & Environment

"In the highlands to the east of the Secret Fig Forest, you will find the Vanilla Kingdom with its tall, austere castles and halls of white chocolate, built in the image of the surrounding snow-covered spires. Although difficult to access, the kingdom's climate is unexpectedly warm, thanks to the sheltering mountain peaks. The Vanilla Kingdom is home to many animals and plants living in its lush grassland meadows and forests."
—Artbook page 33



"The Vanilla Kingdom is famous for its sharp-spired towers and ornately decorated airy halls fashioned of melted white chocolate. Stained candy glass windows and straight, tall columns, reminiscent of Pure Vanilla Cookie's honestly, soar towards the vaulted ceilings. Atop the roof, one can frequently see a bellflower-shaped bell. Every day, strictly at noon, the clear resonant ringing of these bells flows across the land to the very sky. It is said that this ethereal sound can soothe the most anxious of hearts."
Ab pg036 1.jpg

—Artbook page 36


The Academy of Healing

"It is fair to say that all reputable healers on the continent passed through the Academy. This school takes pride in its long history and rich tradition. The doors of the Academy are open for everyone with a pure heart and the will to help others, unconditionally and unreservedly."
Ab pg036 2.jpg

Odyssey magic academy.png
—Artbook page 36

The Chamber of the Wise

"The westernmost tower of the Vanilla Castle belongs to the Sages and wizards of the highest rank. The Chamber is where they conduct their research, where they partake in heated debates, and sometimes, where the odd colorful smoke above the castle is coming from."
—Artbook page 36

Vanilla Castle's Chamber of Audiences

Ab pg036-037.jpg
"Whether in need of help or justice, all Cookies of the Vanilla Kingdom are welcome in the Chamber of Audiences. The Chamber is crowded with visitors until late, and naturally, this is where Pure Vanilla Cookie would spend most of his time."
—Artbook page 37

Pure Vanilla Cookie's Throne

"This throne was fashioned from the hardest roll cake wood by the best craftsmen of the Vanilla Kingdom. Although some worried whether the throne would be too uncomfortable to sit on, Pure Vanilla Cookie praised the work very much."
—Artbook page 37


Pv mural wheel bg.png
"The study of magic is rather well-established in the Vanilla Kingdom. Students from all corners of the world come to the Kingdom to study White Magic mastered by Pure Vanilla Cookie himself. The Kingdom welcomes talented professors as well, promising excellent working conditions to all deserving candidates. Denizens of the Vanilla Kingdom eagerly share their knowledge with the rest of the world: debates and symposiums never stop in the wonderful amalgam of their capital!"
—Artbook page 31




"By nature, the Cookies' bodies are prone to crumbling, and their souls are easily sogged. To free the Cookies from their suffering, Pure Vanilla Cookie traversed half of the world to seek wisdom through the Twelve Trials of the Sugar-Free Road. But in his pilgrimage, Pure Vanilla Cookie found not only wisdom but also faithful followers who vowed to help him build a land of freedom and peace, fairness and harmony. This land was later named the Vanilla Kingdom. Legend has it that the divine Sugar Swan blessed the young realm." Ab pg 030 031.jpg
—Artbook page 30


Guild Museum: Hall of History

Gallery 3

Waffle Cone Magic Golem
Relic Waffle Cone Magic Golem.png
"These Wafflebots are marvels of magichanical engineering of the past long gone. Modern science has yet to unravel the secrets of these ancient automatons. For example, what makes these waffle cones remain crispy after ages upon ages?"
Vanillian Royal Crown
Relic Vanillian Royal Crown.png
"Crown worn by Pure Vanilla Cookie on his coronation day. This crown once stood for the hopes and wishes of the entire Vanilla Kingdom. The crown still shines, however, as if wishing for peace and love for everyone on Earthbread. May you all remain crispy and fresh...!"
Vanilla Kingdom's Coat of Arms
Relic Vanilla Kingdom's Coat of Arms.png
"A framed flag of the Vanilla Kingdom. The three ice cream cones of the symbol each represent peace, healing, and harmony."

Gallery 4

Tapestry of Pure Radiance
"By nature, the Cookies' bodies are prone to crumbling, and their souls are easily sogged. To free the Cookies from their suffering, Pure Vanilla Cookie traversed half of the world to seek wisdom through the Twelve Trials of the Sugar-Free Road. A master artisan has created a tapestry to pass down this sacred tale to later generations."
Pure Vanilla Cookie's Letter
"A letter written on old, tattered edible paper. Even after all those years, the longing and affection for the recipient of this letter has not dwindled one bit."
One Hundred Medicinal Herbs and Fungi
"An encyclopedia of plants and mushrooms of mysterious healing properties. It contains knowledge on Vanilla Beans that soothe the heart, Rainbow Ginseng Roots that bring the ultimate joy, and many other ingredients! It looks like there are quite a few useful recipes!"
The Last White Lily
"This was the last white lily that had bloomed in a greenhouse deep within the Vanilla Castle. Even after the Cookie who lived in the castle disappeared, it did not wilt one bit, as if it was waiting for that Cookie to come back."
Old Vanilla Orchid Locket
"An old pendant that resembles a vanilla orchid. It closes its eye when it's locked. No one but the owner has seen the contents of this locket, but it feels like it carries a dear moment."
Raisin Bun
"Someone donated a piece of... raisin bun. And it looks like they took a bite out of it. Maybe they didn't know the bun had raisins?

Gallery 6

Solarium of Unity.png
Solarium of Unity
"The corridor where the five Ancient Heroes swore an oath on the day Vanilla Castle was built is one of the most notable historical remarks. This place was once gleaming with warm sunlight through the windows and filled with a wave of laughter."
Throne of Unity
"The founders of the ancient Cookie Kingdoms would frequently gather to celebrate the peace and prosperity they brought to their Cookies. With their gentle and crispy souls singing in unison for the greater good of all, it looked like their oath would last forever."
Dark Cacao Cookie's Stained Glass
"Purple stained glass of the Solarium of Unity. Dark cacao head.png Dark Cacao Cookie's insignia creates a resolute and determined impression."
Hollyberry Cookie's Stained Glass
"Scarlet stained glass of the Solarium of Unity. Hollyberry head.png Hollyberry Cookie's insignia creates a passionate and optimistic impression."
Pure Vanilla Cookie's Stained Glass
"Golden stained glass of the Solarium of Unity. Purevanillahead.png Pure Vanilla Cookie's insignia creates a warm and peaceful impression."
White Lily Cookie's Stained Glass
"Emerald stained glass of the Solarium of Unity. White lily head.png White Lily Cookie's insignia creates a serene and wise impression."
Golden Cheese Cookie's Stained Glass
"Orange stained glass of the Solarium of Unity. Golden cheese head.png Golden Cheese Cookie's insignia creates an opulent and prosperous impression."


"The Vanilla Kingdom is famous for its enchanted jewelry, made of carved acornwood and magic gems. This jewelry is commonly believed to hold Pure Vanilla Cookie's blessing of healing and luck. Counterfeit Vanilla Jewelry can be found on the black market, but don't be fooled by its appearance: it will likely have no beneficial magic properties!"
—Artbook page 35



"Vanillians value hearty food and careful plating. Thanks to regular shipments of fresh ingredients from the three friendly kingdoms and other smaller states, the Vanilla Kingdom's denizens can enjoy delicious cuisine all year round. The kingdom is famous for its vanilla ice cream and meringues made of tasty local cream and vanilla beans in addition to full-moon shaped waffles for special occasions."
—Artbook page 35

Coat of Arms & Symbols

The Vanilla Kingdom's coat of arms is a horizontally rectangular flag with bands of royal blue at its left and right ends and a block of cobalt at its center. Emblazoned in the middle is Purevanillahead.png Pure Vanilla Cookie's Soul Jam sitting upon a golden, clover-like crest similar to that which Pure Vanilla Cookie wears upon his chest. It lays against a rising rainbow of red, pale yellow, cerulean, and violet. The crest is surrounded by numerous elements, those being a three-pronged golden crown above it, two sets of three pale yellow stars to its upper left and right, and a golden six-pronged star and crescent moon to its lower left and right respectively.

Other symbols commonly used to represent the Vanilla Kingdom are Pure Vanilla Cookie's Soul Jam itself, vanilla orchids, waffle cones, Roman-style sculptures, healing magic, and light in general. The colors most associated with this kingdom are golden yellows, warm browns, clear blues, and creamy whites.


"The garments of the Vanilla Kingdom are based on wafer and cream. Natives prefer modest and simple attire and rarely wear fancy accessories, although high-ranking Vanillians such as the Court Magi and Sages sometimes pin a gem brooch. The venerable title of Sage can be granted to Cookies expert at history, magic, astronomy, mathematics, and other sciences."
Ab pg034 1.jpg
—Artbook page 34



Other Remaining Vanillians


Time-Lost Echoes

Tribes and Villages

The following are communities whose lands fall within this kingdom's borders.

Beet Tribe

Curiously, the Beet Tribe is never mentioned in-game unlike other tribes mentioned in the artbook.

Black Raisin Cookie's Village

Black Raisin Cookie's Village was a settlement located on the grounds below the suspended Vanilla Kingdom grounds before and during the events of Castle in the Sky and Timeless Kingdom. Currently, its citizens live and work in the kingdom's central establishments surrounding the castle.

Crème Republic

Clotted cream title asset.png

The Crème Republic is a nation formed from Vanillians who fled the Vanilla Kingdom on an airship at the beginning of the Dark Flour War and the sea-faring Cookies native to its land. It is a seaside city-state performing entirely separately from the kingdom from which its immigrant denizens first came.


Royal Family

Custard Cookie III has referred to Pure Vanilla Cookie as his ancestor, but it is unclear whether Custard Cookie III is directly related to Pure Vanilla Cookie or if he is an unrelated, general noble Vanillian descendant.