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Twisted Donut Cookie (Korean: 꽈배기맛 쿠키, kkwabaegi-mat kuki) is a Guest Cookie released in a mid-update of the Awakening of White Apathy update (v5.5) to promote the release of Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures.

Game Description[]

"Leave everything about running the Star Coal Express to me!" Twisted Donut Cookie and his trusty Coco Drop helpers comb every inch of the train to make sure it's in proper shape for a safe trip to the next destination. With this dynamic team at work, no dough marks nor spots can be found when it's time for new passengers to board, and the train keeps its almost glittering shine at all times! It's said that the reason Twisted Donut Cookie puts so much effort into keeping the train in pristine condition, is that it actually was a gift from his grandfather a long time ago. As soon as a smidge of dirt appears somewhere on the train, the Cookie winds up his Breadcopter, and refuses to leave until it's been dealt with. For the first time in a long while, Cookie friends have joined Twisted Donut Cookie's side... Which means more Cookies to share the dream of reaching the top of the tower with!


  • Twisted Donut Cookie has spoken voice lines only in the Korean voice option. He only grunts and giggles when set to any other language's voice option.
  • Twisted Donut Cookie's voice lines, gacha background, and gacha theme are reused from Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures.
  • Twisted Donut Cookie is the first Guest Cookie to have a separate illustration picture instead of a retooled standing sprite.
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