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Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki

The Tree of Wishes is a kingdom facility located next to the player's Cookie Castle. It is operated by the Blueberry Birds that nest in its branches, who deliver Goods and Materials to Cookies that make wishes. Fulfilling wishes will reward the player with Coins and Kingdom EXP. Delivering higher quality goods will return higher quality rewards.

A maximum of four wishes are available at a time. Players can refresh any wish to replace it with another, which takes ten minutes that can be shortened with either Crystals or Speed-ups.

The following table shows the amount of Coins rewarded in return for each individual Material and Good. Shaded boxes indicate Goods that can transform their wish into a Golden Wish.

Coins Rewarded per Good
Roll Cake Wood50
Sugar Cube131
Robust Axe123
Jellybean Jam351
Biscuit Flour547
Tempered Pickaxe672
Pinecone Birdy Toy788
Sweet Jelly Jam1,256
Candy Saw1,348
Hearty Rye2,422
Diggy Shovel2,545
Hot Jelly Stew3,183
Tart Jampie3,516
Toffee Jam4,111
Biscuit Planter4,119
Bear Jelly Burger4,557
Shiny Glass4,903
Acorn Lamp5,014
Candy Flower5,570
Enchanted Stake5,889
Happy Planter6,245
Ginkgo Focaccia6,475
Jellybean Latte7,569
Glazed Donuts7,604
Cotton Candy Wool8,029
Candy Pasta8,802
Enchanted Tongs11,871
Fluffy Omurice13,441
Cream Root Beer14,051
Cuckoo Clock14,551
Cloud Pillow15,213
Candy Bouquet12,197
Lollipop Flower Basket17,778
Gleamy Bead15,975
Indestructible Glazed Hammer18,045
Pomegranate Jam18,142
Fluffy Castella18,348
Spooky Muffin19,615
Bubbly Boba19,655
Jelly Deluxe Pizza22,393
Swan Feather Dreamcatcher22,477
Bell-Flower Bouquet24,605
Bear Jelly Toy24,806
Glazed Ring26,224
Colorful Bowl28,619
Sparkleberry Jam31,402
Homemade Cheese27,945
Sweetberry Juice33,301
Golden Croissant34,731
Strawberry Cake35,372
Redberry Juice43,953
Fancy Jellybean Meal44,382
Pitaya Dragon Toy36,180
Rubyberry Brooch52,014
Bear Jelly Crown52,117
Vintage Root Bottle52,449
Glittering Yogurt Wreath52,495
Party Cake54,270

Daily Rewards

The Tree of Wishes offers up to three daily rewards for fulfilling certain numbers of wishes. During the Burning Time event that can occur on Saturdays and Sundays (GMT+9), daily rewards and Rarities received will be multiplied by 5. The amount of Coins rewarded on individual wishes will instead be increased by 20%.

Wishes Rewards
Aurora Pillar1
EXP Star Jelly Lv.33
Aurora Brick1
Aurora Compass1
EXP Star Jelly Lv.34
Aurora Pillar1
Aurora Brick1
Aurora Compass1
EXP Star Jelly Lv.35

Golden Wishes

Certain kinds of goods have a chance of transforming their Wish into a Golden Wish, which rewards a greater amount of Coins. These Goods will also occasionally appear as 2x Cargo Items at Touc's Trade Harbor.

Good Produced At
Craft indestructible glazed hammer.png Indestructible Glazed Hammer
Building smithy.png
Craft colorful bowl.png Colorful Bowl
Building artisans workshop.png
Artisan's Workshop
Craft sparkleberry jam.png Sparkleberry Jam
Building jammery.png
Craft fancy jellybean meal.png Fancy Jellybean Meal
Building jampie diner.png
Jampie Diner
Craft golden croissant.png Golden Croissant
Building bakery.png
Craft glittering yogurt wreath.png Glittering Yogurt Wreath
Building flower shop.png
Flower Shop
Craft glazed ring.png Glazed Ring
Building jewelry salon.png
Jewelry Salon
Craft rubyberry brooch.png Rubyberry Brooch
Craft bear jelly crown.png Bear Jelly Crown
Craft sweetberry juice.png Sweetberry Juice
Building latte cafe.png
Latte Cafe
Craft redberry juice.png Redberry Juice
Building barrel inn.png
Barrel Inn
Craft vintage root bottle.png Vintage Root Bottle
Craft strawberry cake.png Strawberry Cake
Building maison du cake.png
Maison du Cake
Craft party cake.png Party Cake
Craft pitaya dragon toy.png Pitaya Dragon Toy
Building toy store.png
Toy Store

Materials & Goods
Material roll cake wood.png Roll Cake Wood • Material jellybean.png Jellybean • Material sugar cube.png Sugar Cube • Material biscuit flour.png Biscuit Flour • Material jellyberry.png Jellyberry • Material milk.png Milk • Material cotton candy wool.png Cotton Candy Wool
Smithy Craft robust axe.png Robust Axe • Craft tempered pickaxe.png Tempered Pickaxe • Craft candy saw.png Candy Saw • Craft diggy shovel.png Diggy Shovel • Craft enchanted stake.png Enchanted Stake • Craft enchanted tongs.png Enchanted Tongs • Craft indestructible glazed hammer.png Indestructible Glazed Hammer
Jammery Craft jellybean jam.png Jellybean Jam • Craft sweet jelly jam.png Sweet Jelly Jam • Craft toffee jam.png Toffee Jam • Craft pomegranate jam.png Pomegranate Jam • Craft sparkleberry jam.png Sparkleberry Jam
Carpentry Shop Craft pinecone birdy toy.png Pinecone Birdy Toy • Craft acorn lamp.png Acorn Lamp • Craft cuckoo clock.png Cuckoo Clock • Craft swan feather dreamcatcher.png Swan Feather Dreamcatcher
Bakery Craft hearty rye.png Hearty Rye • Craft tart jampie.png Tart Jampie • Craft ginkgo focaccia.png Ginkgo Focaccia • Craft glazed donuts.png Glazed Donuts • Craft fluffy castella.png Fluffy Castella • Craft golden croissant.png Golden Croissant
Jampie Diner Craft hot jelly stew.png Hot Jelly Stew  • Craft bear jelly burger.png Bear Jelly Burger • Craft candy pasta.png Candy Pasta • Craft fluffy omurice.png Fluffy Omurice • Craft jelly deluxe pizza.png Jelly Deluxe Pizza • Craft fancy jellybean meal.png Fancy Jellybean Meal
Artisan's Workshop Craft biscuit planter.png Biscuit Planter • Craft shiny glass.png Shiny Glass • Craft gleamy bead.png Gleamy Bead • Craft colorful bowl.png Colorful Bowl
Flower Shop Craft candy flower.png Candy Flower • Craft happy planter.png Happy Planter • Craft candy bouquet.png Candy Bouquet • Craft lollipop flower basket.png Lollipop Flower Basket • Craft bell-flower bouquet.png Bell-Flower Bouquet • Craft glittering yogurt wreath.png Glittering Yogurt Wreath
Dairy Factory Craft cream.png Cream • Craft butter.png Butter • Craft homemade cheese.png Homemade Cheese
Latte Cafe Craft jellybean latte.png Jellybean Latte • Craft bubbly boba.png Bubbly Boba • Craft sweetberry juice.png Sweetberry Juice
Toy Store Craft cloud pillow.png Cloud Pillow • Craft bear jelly toy.png Bear Jelly Toy • Craft pitaya dragon toy.png Pitaya Dragon Toy
Barrel Inn Craft cream root beer.png Cream Root Beer • Craft redberry juice.png Redberry Juice • Craft vintage root bottle.png Vintage Root Bottle
Maison du Cake Craft spooky muffin.png Spooky Muffin • Craft strawberry cake.png Strawberry Cake • Craft party cake.png Party Cake
Jewelry Salon Craft glazed ring.png Glazed Ring • Craft rubyberry brooch.png Rubyberry Brooch • Craft bear jelly crown.png Bear Jelly Crown