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The Tower of Records is a feature introduced in the Heart of Courage and Passion update in which the player can revisit Story cutscenes that they have already encountered. It is unlocked by reaching Cookie Castle Lvl. 4, restoring the Bear Jelly Train and finishing the Bear Jelly Trade quest. On top of being able to replay cutscenes, the player receives 300 Crystals for each set of cutscenes they complete.

Cutscenes are divided into 3 sections: Adventures, Special Records, Cookie Stories. The tower also has a fourth section for Guild Museum relics and a fifth Memory Gallery section that contains pictures.


"These are the stories of the Ancient Hero Cookies and GingerBrave's journey, starting from his arrival at the kingdom."

Note: Players can replay the beginning tutorial with the Ancient Heroes via "The Final Battle", listed under Prologue.

Special Records

"Here you can find all kinds of side stories: events happening behind the scenes of the Cookies' main adventure, or the little happenings of your kingdom."

Cookie Stories

"Here you can find the records of other Cookies' adventures told through their special side quests. Find out what the Cookies do and don't like, as well as their relationships with friends and foes!"

Guild Museum

The Guild Museum tab shows all Relics that the player has personally donated to a guild, sorting them by hall and gallery. Completing a hall of 30 relics will reward the player with 1,000 Crystals.

Memory Gallery

The Memory Gallery tab contains group illustrations of Cookies. Previously, these illustrations were accessible through items in the player's Storage.

Everyday Moments

Special Memories