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Touc's Trade Harbor is an area in the Kingdom, upgraded from the Trading Port. It is available by completing a questline unlocked at Cookie Castle Lv. 8, and contains both the Seaside Market and the Rainbow Shell Gallery.

At the Dock, players may load any number of Goods or Materials they have onto a Trade Ship. Each item is worth a particular number of Trade Points; the greater the amount of Trade Point earned from loading items onto the Trade Ship, the greater the rewards. For each Trade Ship, two expensive Goods are chosen randomly each day as "2x Cargo Items", granting twice the number of Trade Points when loaded onto the Ship.

Trade Ships will depart at midnight (GMT +9) as long as they have at least 10,000 Trade Points' worth of cargo loaded. Trade Ships with less than this minimum amount will fail to depart, with any cargo loaded remaining onboard. Trade Ships return 10 minutes after midnight, rewarding Rainbow Pearls, Coins, and Sea Rarities based on the total number of Trade Points delivered.

The Trade Harbor serves as the sole primary source of Rainbow Pearls, which are used to purchase rare and valuable items from the Rainbow Shell Gallery (such as Legendary soulstones and Relics.) Kingdoms that can efficiently produce end-game items can regularly fill up Trade Ships without sacrificing too much in return, especially with the help of the 2x cargo bonus.

A second Dock can be unlocked for 5000 Rainbow Pearls once a player's Cookie Castle reaches Lv. 12, granting access to an additional Trade Ship. This ship has a separate pair of bonus Goods chosen, but otherwise departs and arrives at the same time.


Quest Label Description Reward
Trader Touc.png Quest icon3.png Let's Start Packing! Securing Land for the Trade Harbor1
Kingdom EXP17,000
EXP Star Jelly Lv.26
Trader Touc.png Quest icon 5.png A Trader's Prospects Deliver 20x Biscuit Flour
Kingdom EXP17,000
EXP Star Jelly Lv.26
Trader Touc.png Quest icon3.png Trade Harbor, You Say? Upgrade the Seaside Market
Kingdom EXP17,000
EXP Star Jelly Lv.26
Building Requirements:
Aurora Pillar3
Aurora Brick3
Aurora Compass3
Trade Harbor
Trader Touc.png Quest icon2.png The Golden Age of Trading Have the Trade Ships return to the Trade Harbor 1 time
Kingdom EXP17,000
EXP Star Jelly Lv.26
1 Clear the territory tile to the top-right of the Trading Port

Trade Points

Trade Point Values
Roll Cake Wood1
Sugar Cube3
Robust Axe5
Jellybean Jam15
Biscuit Flour21
Tempered Pickaxe31
Pinecone Birdy Toy37
Sweet Jelly Jam62
Candy Saw66
Hearty Rye135
Diggy Shovel138
Hot Jelly Stew184
Toffee Jam205
Tart Jampie208
Biscuit Planter267
Acorn Lamp338
Bear Jelly Burger380
Shiny Glass414
Enchanted Stake473
Candy Flower519
Happy Planter528
Cotton Candy Wool633
Jellybean Latte634
Ginkgo Focaccia682
Candy Pasta948
Glazed Donuts951
Enchanted Tongs1,382
Cloud Pillow1,453
Candy Bouquet1,553
Lollipop Flower Basket1,574
Cuckoo Clock1,685
Fluffy Omurice1,689
Cream Root Beer1,824
Gleamy Bead1,879
Pomegranate Jam2,123
Fluffy Castella2,166
Spooky Muffin2,545
Indestructible Glazed Hammer2,854
Bubbly Boba2,926
Swan Feather Dreamcatcher3,986
Jelly Deluxe Pizza4,269
Sparkleberry Jam4,750
Homemade Cheese4,752
Glazed Ring4,789
Bell-Flower Bouquet5,047
Golden Croissant5,950
Bear Jelly Toy5,958
Colorful Bowl6,700
Sweetberry Juice7,570
Fancy Jellybean Meal8,270
Pitaya Dragon Toy8,436
Rubyberry Brooch8,667
Strawberry Cake9,121
Redberry Juice9,499
Vintage Root Bottle9,913
Bear Jelly Crown10,958
Glittering Yogurt Wreath12,561
Party Cake13,996
Trade Point Value Per Minute
Roll Cake Wood2.0
Sugar Cube2.0
Cotton Candy Wool7.0
Pinecone Birdy Toy7.4
Biscuit Flour7.6
Enchanted Tongs7.7
Sweet Jelly Jam7.8
Enchanted Stake7.9
Indestructible Glazed Hammer7.9
Diggy Shovel9.2
Candy Saw9.4
Robust Axe10.0
Jellybean Jam10.0
Hot Jelly Stew10.2
Tempered Pickaxe10.3
Toffee Jam10.3
Tart Jampie10.4
Lollipop Flower Basket10.5
Jellybean Latte10.6
Hearty Rye11.3
Fluffy Castella12.0
Spooky Muffin12.1
Cream Root Beer12.2
Sparkleberry Jam13.2
Cuckoo Clock14.0
Shiny Glass14.8
Sweetberry Juice14.8
Acorn Lamp15.4
Gleamy Bead15.7
Glazed Donuts15.9
Cloud Pillow16.1
Bubbly Boba16.3
Golden Croissant16.5
Bear Jelly Burger17.3
Happy Planter17.6
Homemade Cheese17.6
Pomegranate Jam17.7
Glazed Ring17.7
Biscuit Planter17.8
Bell-Flower Bouquet18.7
Fluffy Omurice18.8
Candy Pasta19.0
Swan Feather Dreamcatcher19.0
Fancy Jellybean Meal19.7
Pitaya Dragon Toy20.1
Jelly Deluxe Pizza20.3
Rubyberry Brooch20.6
Vintage Root Bottle20.7
Colorful Bowl22.3
Ginkgo Focaccia22.7
Bear Jelly Crown24.4
Redberry Juice24.4
Bear Jelly Toy24.8
Strawberry Cake25.3
Candy Bouquet25.9
Candy Flower26.0
Glittering Yogurt Wreath27.9
Party Cake29.2


Score Basic Rewards Extra Rewards
10,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl300
Caramel Spyglass1−3
Map Fragment1−3
12,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl360
Caramel Spyglass1−3
Map Fragment1−3
14,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl420
Caramel Spyglass1−4
Map Fragment1−4
16,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl480
Caramel Spyglass1−4
Map Fragment1−4
18,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl540
Caramel Spyglass1−5
Map Fragment1−5
20,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl600
Caramel Spyglass1−5
Map Fragment1−5
22,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl660
Caramel Spyglass2−5
Map Fragment2−5
24,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl720
Caramel Spyglass2−5
Map Fragment2−5
26,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl780
Caramel Spyglass2−6
Map Fragment2−6
28,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl840
Caramel Spyglass2−6
Map Fragment2−6
30,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl900
Caramel Spyglass2−7
Map Fragment2−7
32,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl960
Caramel Spyglass2−7
Map Fragment2−7
34,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,020
Caramel Spyglass3−7
Map Fragment3−7
36,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,080
Caramel Spyglass3−7
Map Fragment3−7
38,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,140
Caramel Spyglass3−8
Map Fragment3−8
40,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,200
Caramel Spyglass3−8
Map Fragment3−8
42,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,260
Caramel Spyglass3−9
Map Fragment3−9
44,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,320
Caramel Spyglass3−9
Map Fragment3−9
46,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,380
Caramel Spyglass4−9
Map Fragment4−9
48,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,440
Caramel Spyglass4−9
Map Fragment4−9
50,000 pts
Rainbow Pearl1,500
Caramel Spyglass5−10
Map Fragment5−10