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Upgrade your Cookie Castle to Lv.7 to unlock The Sugar Gnome Laboratory! It is a building in your Kingdom where Sugar Gnomes can be sent to research various topics. Completing research gives the player various overarching perks such as faster material production and increased stats for Cookies. It was designed by and is the home of the Maestro Sugar Gnome.

Kingdom & Cookie Technologies

The technology tree is divided into Kingdom and Cookie technologies.

Research Kingdom Technologies to improve the efficiency of your production buildings and construction, or make new quality-of-life improvements.

Cookie Technologies allow you to improve your Cookies' stats and upgrade materials, or make your adventure easier.

Researching Technologies

Most of the technology will require Sugar Gnomes. Only one technology can be researched at a time.

Technologies conserving production or construction time will reduce the values up to the decimal point but the number displayed will be rounded up or down depending on the technology.

There are many technologies to research with two main paths: Kingdom Technologies and Cookie Technologies.

Upgrade Costs

Materials Coins Build Time Allows
Tempered Pickaxe5
Diggy Shovel2
Time 5 min

Robust Axe20
Tempered Pickaxe12
Diggy Shovel8
Time 0 min

(K) Easy Goods Collection
(K) Carpentry Shop: Faster Production
(K) Smithy: Faster Production
(K) Jammery: Faster Production
(K) Bakery: Faster Production
(C) Charge Cookies: HP Bonus I
(C) Defense Cookies: HP Bonus I
(C) Magic Cookies: HP Bonus I
(C) Support Cookies: HP Bonus I
(C) Bomber Cookies: HP Bonus I
(C) Ranged Cookies: HP Bonus I
(C) Healer Cookies: HP Bonus I
(C) Ambush Cookies: HP Bonus I

Tempered Pickaxe20
Candy Saw16
Diggy Shovel12
Time 0 min

(K) Cookie House: Faster Production I
(K) Sugar Quarry: Faster Production
(K) Windmill: Faster Production
(K) Jellyberry Orchard: Faster Production
(C) All Cookies: HP Bonus
(C) Arena Ticket Recharge Rate I
(C) Arena Ticket Max Increase I

Candy Saw18
Diggy Shovel14
Enchanted Stake6
Time 0 min

(K) Fountain of Abundance: Faster Production I
(K) Flower Shop: Faster Production
(K) Jampie Diner: Faster Production
(K) Artisan's Workshop: Faster Production
(C) Topping Upgrade Cost Reduction I
(C) Charge Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Defense Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Magic Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Support Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Bomber Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Ranged Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Healing Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Ambush Cookies: DEF Bonus I

Candy Saw20
Diggy Shovel18
Enchanted Stake8
Time 0 min

(K) Goods: Faster Production I
(K) Diary Factory: Faster Production
(K) Latte Cafe: Faster Production
(K) Milk Well: Faster Production
(K) Faster Balloon Exploration I
(C) All Cookies: DEF Bonus
(C) Searing Keys: Max Number I
(C) Searing Keys: Recharge Rate I
(C) Dark Mode Mastery

Diggy Shovel20
Enchanted Stake10
Enchanted Tongs6
Time 0 min

(K) Bigger Storage Materials Stacks I
(K) Bigger Storage Goods Stacks I
(K) Fountain of Abundance: Star Jellies I
(K) Faster Train Trading I
(K) Fountain of Abundance: Faster Production II
(K) Materials: Faster Production II
(K) Goods: Faster Production II
(C) Charge Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Defense Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Magic Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Support Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Bomber Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Ranged Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Healing Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Ambush Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) All Cookies: ATK Bonus I

Diggy Shovel25
Enchanted Stake12
Enchanted Tongs8
Time 0 min

Diggy Shovel28
Enchanted Stake14
Enchanted Tongs10
Time 0 min
Diggy Shovel30
Enchanted Stake16
Enchanted Tongs12
Time 0 min
Enchanted Stake18
Enchanted Tongs14
Indestructible Glazed Hammer8
Time 0 min

(C) Alliance Tickets: Max Number I
(C) Alliance Cookies: ATK Bonus I
(C) Alliance Cookies: DEF Bonus I
(C) Alliance Cookies: HP Bonus I