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Hi! Wanna have a snowball fight?

Snow Sugar Cookie (Korean: 눈설탕맛 쿠키, noonseoltang-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie available since launch. They are of the Magicclass.webp Magic class and their position is prioritized to the Middlepos.webp Middle.

They play a significant role in Couldn't Care Less... And Yet, initially proposing to Espressohead.webp Espresso Cookie their idea for a project related to the Republic's culture.

Game Description

"Made of snow, sugar, ice, and an unknown secret ingredient, this Cookie was once very lonely, wandering through a vast snowy field. Then one day, Snow Sugar Cookie found a magic wand that could summon snow creatures and wouldn't melt even in the oven. The Cookie quickly learned to summon friends like the Sea Snow Cone and the Great Snow King and was never lonely again."

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Snow Sugar Cookie's soul. Looks cold as snow, but quite warm to the touch.”
Snow Sugar Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 4-24 and 8-24.


Snowskill.webp Waves the Snow Sugar Wand to summon the Snow King that causes a snowstorm, dealing area damage over time. Frozen enemies suffer from lowered Attack Speed. Snow King is resistant to certain action and movement interrupting effects. While Snow Sugar Cookie is using their skill, they will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
  • 20 second base Cooldown
  • Snow King: 26.0% ATK (+0.35% ATK per level), 125.0% of DEF, 150.0% of HP
  • CRK-atkspddown.png ATK SPD Reduction: -25% within the snowstorm range


  • September 17, 2021:
    • Defense increased by 10%, HP increased by 10%.
    • Base ATK value for Snow King increased from 15% to 26%.
    • (Unlisted) Skill upgrade ATK increase value increased from +0.19% to +0.35%.
  • November 18, 2021:
    • Now resistant to interrupting effects when they are using their Skill.


Snow Sugar Cookie is a young Cookie with medium tone dough. They have short white hair with bangs and periwinkle streaks along with similarly colored earmuffs that have purple sprinkles on each side, resembling dollops of whipped cream. They wear a long-sleeve baby blue winter coat with white lining, fitted black pants, and white gloves with blue accents.


  • Snow Sugar Cookie's name is perhaps a play on "sugar cookie". It is also based on snow sugar, which is a powdery sugar that doesn't melt into baked goods.
  • According to Snow Sugar Cookie's unique loading screen, "Snow Sugar Cookie is very fond of snowball fights!"
    • For some reason, Snow Sugar Cookie tends to refer to snowball fights as "snow fights".
  • Snow Sugar Cookie's April Fools 2022 sprite

    Snow Sugar Cookie's April Fools 2022 sprite is based on a meme of Tom Cruise laughing. They also seem to be enjoying a duck snowball maker in it.
  • The snowflake on Snow Sugar Cookie's staff resembles the emblem on Cottonhead.png Cotton Cookie's clothing as well as the emblem on Frostqueenhead.png Frost Queen Cookie's forehead.
  • Snow Sugar Cookie is tied with Redvelvethead.png Red Velvet Cookie for having the highest base Skill Cooldown in the game at 20 seconds.
  • Snow Sugar Cookie's internal name is "cookie0030".
  • Snow Sugar Cookie's English voice actor, Analesa Fisher, is best known for their on-camera portrayal as Kendall Sarn in Metal Lords.
  • Snow Sugar Cookie's Japanese voice actress, Akane Fujita, is best known for voicing Sucrose from Genshin Impact.
  • Snow Sugar Cookie's Korean voice actress, Yoon Ah-yeong, is best known for voicing Barbara and Xiangling from Genshin Impact.
  • Snow Sugar Cookie's French voice actress, Brigitte Lecordier, is best known for voicing young Son Goku, young Son Gohan and Son Goten from the Dragon Ball series.

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