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The smoke rising from the smithy's chimney signifies that the blacksmith is working hard to make sure the Cookies can defend themselves.

The Smithy is a building for producing crafting and upgrade tools. The Smithy unlocks after having placed a Lumberjack's Lodge, and does not require the Cookie Castle to have been built yet.

  • A second Smithy can be built after upgrading the Cookie Castle to Level 3.
  • The building starts with 4 queue slots.
  • Goods from the Smithy are stored in stacks of 20.

It is the first Manufacturing Building that the player earns and possibly the most important one overall. Goods from the Smithy are an essential part for upgrades for most other buildings and Landmarks in the early game, as well as upgrading the Cookie Castle, expanding areas, and more. It's advisable to upgrade the Smithy to at least level 4 or 5, and store up about 2 stacks of 20 of all the Goods you can make up until that point.

After level 8, additional Smithy upgrades unlock the ability to create 10 copies of earlier Goods. This can be helpful for fulfilling trade orders at the Seaside Market, or expanding areas in the Guild Domain.

Recommended upgrade point

It is recommended for beginning players to leave their Smithy at level 5. Various upgrades requiring Enchanted Tongs and Indestructible Glazed Hammer will not appear until much later, and it is more useful for a starting player to keep a stable supply of Smithy Goods in production to keep their Kingdom growing rather than disabling their Smithy by upgrading them.

Goods List

Picture Name Building level Material Cost Time Cost Duration does not include bonuses
Craft robust axe.png Robust Axe 1
Roll Cake Wood2
Time 30 sec
Craft tempered pickaxe.png Tempered Pickaxe 2
Roll Cake Wood3
Sugar Cube3
Time 3 min
Craft candy saw.png Candy Saw 3
Roll Cake Wood6
Sugar Cube5
Time 7 min
Craft diggy shovel.png Diggy Shovel 4
Roll Cake Wood10
Sugar Cube10
Time 15 min
Craft enchanted stake.png Enchanted Stake 5
Roll Cake Wood15
Sugar Cube15
Time 1 hr
Craft enchanted tongs.png Enchanted Tongs 6
Roll Cake Wood22
Sugar Cube18
Time 3 hr
Craft indestructible glazed hammer.png Indestructible Glazed Hammer 7
Roll Cake Wood30
Sugar Cube35
Time 6 hr
Craft robust axe.png Robust Axe x10 8
Roll Cake Wood20
Time 30 min
Craft tempered pickaxe.png Tempered Pickaxes x10 9
Roll Cake Wood30
Sugar Cube30
Time 1 hr 15 min
Craft candy saw.png Candy Saws x10 10
Roll Cake Wood60
Sugar Cube50
Time 1 hr 30 min
Craft diggy shovel.png Diggy Shovels x10 11
Roll Cake Wood100
Sugar Cube100
Time 3 hr

Building Upgrading Requirements

Building level Castle Level Materials Coins Time
Build 0 (unbuilt)
Roll Cake Wood4
Time 10 sec
1 → 2 1
Roll Cake Wood10
Robust Axe2
Time 5 min
2 → 3 2
Sugar Cube8
Tempered Pickaxe3
Time 10 min
3 → 4 3
Sugar Cube18
Candy Saw4
Time 35 min
4 → 5 6
Aurora Compass4
Shiny Glass2
Diggy Shovel3
Time 5 hr
5 → 6 9
Aurora Pillar11
Sugar Cube80
Enchanted Stake5
Time 16 hr
6 → 7 11
Aurora Compass20
Cuckoo Clock2
Enchanted Tongs2
Time 2D 12 hr
7 → 8 11
Aurora Pillar10
Aurora Brick10
Aurora Compass10
Time 40 min
8 → 9 11
Aurora Pillar16
Aurora Brick16
Aurora Compass16
Time 3 hr
9 → 10 11
Aurora Pillar24
Aurora Brick24
Aurora Compass24
Time 8 hr
10 → 11 11
Aurora Pillar36
Aurora Brick36
Aurora Compass36
Time 14 hr