Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki

Buildings are the core feature of the base-building aspect of Cookie Run: Kingdom. This page will give additional information about buildings that make Raw Materials. For buildings that produce crafted Goods see Craft Buildings.

Each building takes different Materials, Goods and Coins to build and produces its own unique list of Materials. Details on those, upgrading requirements and the amount of copies you can have of the building is listed on their own separate pages.

Every building must be manned by a Cookie for the full duration of a craft and the working Cookie is only released when all finished materials in queue are picked up with nothing left in the queue. This means that, if you have 10 buildings, you also need 10 cookies to produce something in all those buildings at the same time. You can change the cookie that is crafting at any time, so long as there are roaming Cookies available. Cookies that are busy with crafting can still be used for World Exploration and Kingdom Arena but not for Balloon Expeditions.

Buildings have a set number of queue slots upon creation. The number of slots can be expanded four times using Crystals, costing 300, 500, 700, and 900 Crystals for each subsequent additional slot.
For raw materials the cost to produce goods always uses Coins. The Goods you get from these buildings also have a chance to spawn through the Fountain of Abundance, unlike crafted Goods.

Each building gives 24 Icon decor point.pngDecor Points and costs 12x12 Icon tile size.png squares of space.

Below you will find a list of requirements creating each Raw Material building at level 1.

Raw Material Buildings

Building Cost to build Building Cost to build
Lumberjack's Lodge

Building lumberjack lodge.png

Material roll cake wood.png 2

  Icon clock.png 10 sec
Jellybean Farm

Building jellybean farm.png

Material roll cake wood.png 6   Craft tempered pickaxe.png 2

Icon clock.png 2 min
Sugar Quarry

Building sugar quarry.png

Material roll cake wood.png 6   Craft tempered pickaxe.png 2

Icon clock.png 3 min

Building windmill.png

Material roll cake wood.png 20   Craft candy saw.png 3

Icon clock.png 20 min
Jellyberry Orchard

Building jellyberry orchard.png

Material roll cake wood.png 24   Craft candy saw.png 4

Icon clock.png 40 min
Milk Well

Building milk well.png

Material roll cake wood.png 35   Material sugar cube.png 30

Craft diggy shovel.png 5   Icon clock.png 2 hr
Cotton Candy Ranch

Building cotton candy ranch.png

Material roll cake wood.png 60   Material sugar cube.png 60

Craft enchanted stake.png 1   Icon clock.png 8 hr