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This article is about the playable Epic Cookie. For the non-playable Cookie, see Raspberry Mousse Cookie.

Fear the scarlet crest!

Raspberry Cookie (Korean: 라즈베리맛 쿠키, rajuberi-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released alongside Hollyberry head.png Hollyberry Cookie in the first part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update (version 2.0.102). She is of the Chargeclass.webp Charge class and her position is prioritized to the Frontpos.webp Front.

She appears in the storylines of Grandberry Market and Hollyberry Palace. She also serves as a Stage Boss in Stage 11-27.

Game Description

"Amidst the generous raspberry fields illuminated by the Hollyberry Kingdom's hot sun, proudly stands the grand Chateau Raspberry. In this place of history and culture, Raspberry Cookie was born and raised. Just like her great ancestors, she began fencing even before she learned the intricacies of aristocratic etiquette and rhetoric. Raspberry Cookie has been molded to become the heir and defender of the noble House Raspberry, sworn to protect its legacy. With her sword in hand, elegantly glazed hair fluttering in the summer breeze, and the proud House Raspberry banners behind her back, Raspberry Cookie is about to claim another victory from the clasp of fate."

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Raspberry Cookie's soul. Tempered with the honor and integrity of a knight, it's as if it's challenging you to a duel."
Raspberry Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stage 2-18 and 14-18.


Raspberry Reprise
Raspberryskill.png Quickly dashes at the enemy with the highest ATK and continuously stabs them. The attack briefly reduces the hit target's ATK for a while. While Raspberry Cookie is using her skill, she will be more resistant to interrupting effects.
  • 14 second base Cooldown
  • Single (9) hit DMG: 42.0% (+0.56% DMG per level)
  • DMG of final hit: 334.0% (+4.54% DMG per level)
  • CRK-atkdown.png ATK Reduction: -40.0% for 3.0 sec
Max Level »
  • 14 second base Cooldown
  • Single (9) hit DMG: 73.0%
  • DMG of final hit: 584.3%
  • CRK-atkdown.png ATK Reduction: -40.0% for 3.0 sec
« Base Level

World Exploration 11-27

Story Mode Dark Mode

Rapier Attack.png
Rapier Attack
Raspberry Reprise.png
Raspberry Reprise
Triple Hit.png
Triple Hit
Deals damage to a Cookie in the front row. Deals damage to the Cookie with the highest ATK, reducing their ATK stat. Deals damage to three Cookies in the front.


  • Raspberry Cookie is the heiress of House Raspberry and is Raspberry Mousse Cookie's cousin.
    • This relation is confirmed by a loading screen factoid that states "She doesn't say this out loud, but Raspberry Cookie is proud of her cousin."
    • Raspberry Cookie's Skill, Raspberry Reprise, has the same title as Raspberry Mousse Cookie's Magic Candy ability in OvenBreak.
  • Raspberry Cookie's Guardian Angel 2022 quote is "I won, fair and just!"
  • The icon for Raspberry Cookie's Skill, Raspberry Reprise, is vertically inverted when she is a Boss compared to when she is playable.
  • Raspberry Cookie's April Fools sprite appears to be inspired by The Rose of Versailles.
  • Raspberry Cookie's internal name is "cookie0524".
  • Raspberry Cookie's Japanese voice actress, Maria Naganawa, is best known for voicing Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
  • Raspberry Cookie's Korean voice actress, Lee Ji-young, is best known for voicing Haruhi Fujioka in the Korean dub of Ouran High School Host Club.
  • Raspberry Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Fu Qihui, is best known for voicing Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Haruhi Suzumiya from the anime of the same name, Mitsuha Miyamizu from the TV airing of Your Name, and Happy from Fairy Tail. She is also the voice director of the Taiwanese dub of the game.

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