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We'll always be together, Pompon...

Pumpkin Pie Cookie (Korean: 펌킨파이맛 쿠키, peomkinpai-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released during the Halloween Masquerade update (version 2.3.001). By default, her position is prioritized to the Middle.

She was released alongside the introduction of wearable Costumes for numerous Cookies and plays a major role in the story of BOO! Halloween Masquerade.

Her Cookie Decor is the Pumpkin Parasol Party from the Sweet & Creepy theme.

Game Description

"It's Halloween, a time of spooky fun for all ghosts and Cookies. And amidst the Jack-o'-lanterns adorning the streets, stands Pumpkin Pie Cookie watching others dressed up in their costumes. Perhaps it's the because she was made of a pumpkin that grew in the shade of an abandoned house, untouched by the sun, but she seems... distant, even though she has a smile on her face. One might try to escape this Cookie's uncanny presence, but there is something eerily captivating in the way she slowly bats her eyelashes... Pumpkin Pie Cookie's favorite things on Earthbread are her fluffy and poofy dress that resembles a pumpkin and the old, tattered doll she always carries around. This Cookie will hold your hand and drag you to play with her whenever there's an exciting festival. Surprisingly, no one has ever said no. You can only wonder if it's because of Pumpkin Pie Cookie's doll that looks almost alive or the giant wavering shadow behind her..."

Soulstone Description

Soulstone pumpkinpie.png

"This stone holds a piece of Pumpkin Pie Cookie's soul. You'll stay with us forever, right? Because that's what friends do for each other..."


Pompon, help!
Pumpkinpieskill.png Pumpkin Pie Cookie's Pompon grows to a giant size, causing area damage. For a given period of time, Giant Pompon inflicts melee area damage up to 3 enemies and applies a non-stackable debuff, decreasing the amount of healing the enemies receive. While on the battlefield, Giant Pompon increases ATK SPD for all allied summoned creatures. Giant Pompon will be more resistant to interrupting effects while performing the first special attack. Also, Pumpkin Pie Cookie can use her decreased first cooldown to use the skill sooner. Pompon is resistant to certain interruption effects.
  • 18 sec CD (Has a 1 sec starting CD)
  • Summons Pompon with 44.4% ATK (+0.55-0.56% ATK per level), 188.0% DEF, and 382.3% HP
  • CRK-healingdown.png Healing received: -70.0 % for 3.0 sec
  • Pompon's Strike Attack DMG: 170.0%
  • CRK-atkspdup.png ATK SPD: +45.0% while Pompon is active


Pumpkin Pie Cookie is a mid-height Cookie with medium-dark dough. Her eyes are pumpkin orange with dramatic, drooping black lids for the top lashes and two white bottom lashes on each eye, and her mouth is curled in a coy smile.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie's hair takes a layered, pointed bob style with a cinnabar surface layer and saffron inner coat. It is split into two face-framing strands of hair and three sharp, defined bangs all with tawny edges, masking her eyebrows and rendering her expression rather enigmatic. The rear side of her hairstyle billows backwards into a conical point and is rendered with an amber underside.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie without Pompon.

Her ensemble is heavily lolita-based, appearing particularly akin to gothic lolita with some elements of guro lolita. Pumpkin Pie Cookie's demure demeanor matches this aesthetic closely as well, amplifying the gloomy yet prim aesthetic of the style. Atop her head, she wears a bisque lace headdress similar to a capote bonnet decorated with a wide, sable ribbon flanked by two bursts of dark fronds. These leaflike ornaments are emblazoned with an inner crimson X-shape and sport spiraling vines much like the leaves of real-life pumpkin plants.

Most notably, Pumpkin Pie Cookie sports a pinafore dress with a prominent, billowing petticoat skirt. The base hue of the skirt is the same red-orange as most of her hair and is decorated with radial teardrop shapes of alternating blonde and vermilion colors resembling pumpkin seeds. The skirt is banded in a graham, scalloped hem mirroring the crust of a pumpkin pie and rendering the skirt analogous to a pie itself. Sitting atop the petticoat and trailing from it in the rear is a pair of dark, cruelly pointed coattails that gently curl upon the ground. The sleeves of Pumpkin Pie Cookie's gown are similarly black, beginning at her shoulders with a distinct puff and gathering downwards to skintight sleeves that envelop her entire arms, hands included. The bodice of the dress is the same onyx color at its base and from it sprouts a triangular collar long enough to lay upon her chin. This bodice is layered on top of a corset of the same auburn color as the skirt and is laced with a black-ribbon X.

As for her shoes, Pumpkin Pie Cookie wears small, sable Mary Janes on top of striped stockings, which begin at the bottom with a white coloring and continue upwards in an orange-yellow pattern.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie's friend, Pompon, is a small tawny ragdoll with a humanoid body and lagomorphic head, perhaps that of a rabbit. Their face consists of a crooked cat's grin and asymmetrical eyes akin to a jack-o-lantern, their left eye being X-shaped and the right being an empty upwards triangle. Pompon wears a small, dark bow similar to a twisted candy's wrapper in front of their drooping, jagged ears. The soles of Pompom's hands and feet are an orange much like that primarily seen on Pumpkin Pie Cookie.


  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie's friend Pompon is named Pippi in the Korean and Japanese versions of Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  • According to Pumpkin Pie Cookie's loading screen trivia, "Pompon is... not the real name of Pumpkin Pie Cookie's friend. If you call Pompon by the real name, something horrible might happen..."
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie's internal name is "cookie0528".
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie's English voice actress, Suzie Yeung, is best known for voicing Eula from Genshin Impact, as well as Li Wang/Mei Mei Xiang from Sword Art Online.
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie's Japanese voice actress, Kaede Hondo, is best known for voicing Sakura Minamoto in Zombie Land Saga and Elaina in Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina.
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie's Korean voice actress, Kim Ga-ryung, is best known for voicing Paimon from Genshin Impact.