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"Every moment, something's happening in this city full of curious wizards... "

Parfaedia is a city in Earthbread and the main setting of the Light the Beacons! story. The city is bustling with magic and proudly houses the Parfaedia Institute.

According to legend, the ancient city of Parfaedia was once the core of the Parfaedian League. The city housed a beacon that always burned bright, serving as a symbol of unity between Parfaedia and the other magical cities. The cities made a promise to assist each other in times of crisis, vowing that for as long as the beacon's flame was lit, the cities would face any threat together.

However, the beacon would eventually die out. Its flame likely went out a considerable amount of time ago, as the story of its use is old enough to be considered an ancient legend. Some residents were doubtful that the story was true at all. Despite this, and even though the flame had been extinguished for quite some time, those who knew of the legend did not hesitate to provide assistance the very moment that the beacon was lit again. Various heroic Cookies traveled across the land in order to protect Parfaedia from the crisis that had befallen, continuing the legacy of the Parfaedian League and ushering in the beginnings of a new legend.




Managed by the Bookseller, the Bookstore claims to have every book that has ever been written on Earthbread. The Booksellers monocle.png Bookseller's Monocle treasure is likely based off of its shopkeep.

Parfaedia Institute

The Parfaedia Institute is a school of magic aimed to guide young Cookies on their journey to become wizards, including a dormitory for the students. The institute teaches a variety of subjects, all relating either to magic or the city where it resides.


  • Latte Cookie
    General Course: Entry-Level Magic Circles
  • Espresso Cookie
    Advanced Course: Theorems of Coffee Magic
  • Almond Cookie
    Special Seminar: Preventing Magical Accidents & Mishaps
  • Eclair Cookie

Staff & Students

The Council

The Council of Parfaedia oversees and passes judgement on cases of unsanctioned magical activity. They hold a considerable amount of influence in the city and are able to command different authorities and factions within the city, such as the professors at the Parfaedia Institute and the members of Magical Emergency Handling. The council is also responsible for holding wizarding ceremonies to officially appoint new Wizards.


Magical Emergency Handling (M.E.H.)

The Magical Emergency Handling Department is a group responsible for taking care of accidental magical incidents in Parfaedia. As the city is full of many curious wizards, the department is typically rather busy. Its duties include preventing casualties and municipal property damage.



Beacon of Promise

  • Parfaedia was first introduced to Cookie Run: Kingdom in the Beacons of Unity update, alongside the release of Guilds as well as the Sparks of Hope and Light the Beacons! events.
  • The Beacon of Promise featured in the Guild Domain is likely based off of the beacon of Parfaedian legend, if not being the beacon itself.
  • Guild Battle likely takes place in Parfaedia, as the Red Velvet Dragon first appears within the city during the Light the Beacons! event story.
  • The Parfaedia Fantasy decoration theme is based off of the city and includes the Cookie Decors of three Cookies residing in it (Almond Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, and Latte Cookie).
  • The city appears to be surrounded by strong walls, the tops of which are adorned with the Beacons of Unity to signal alliance with other cities.