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This article is about the member of the Crème Republic's council. For her attendant, see Oyster Cookie's Envoy.

Oyster Cookie. I believe that no further introduction is required.

Oyster Cookie (Korean: 오이스터맛 쿠키, oiseuteo-mat kuki) is a Super Epic Cookie released the first part of The Glorious Crème Republic update (version 3.2.001). She is of the Supportclass.webp Support type and her position is prioritized to the Rearpos.webp Rear.

Oyster Cookie is an Elder of the Crème Republic Convocation of Elders. She is the head of House Oyster, whose sphere of influence is maritime trade, and is known for its riches and skills in information brokerage. As with other members of the council, Oyster Cookie holds great influence over the Republic and its politics.

Game Description

"Massive merchant vessels with mermaid statues adorning the stemhead fill the docks of the Creme Republic, all waiting for Oyster Cookie's command. All it takes is one single wave to signal the giant ships to cross the ocean and create new tides. With her noble allure and eloquent words that can steer the conversation the way she wishes, one can't help but be in awe of Oyster Cookie's presence. Some Cookies wonder how a Cookie of the Sea could achieve such fame and prestige among the Republic's crème de la crème. One theory is that House Oyster is somehow connected to the underwater mermaids from the old legends, but no one knows the truth. Oyster Cookie is known to exert her power and influence to create a favorable tide whenever precious goods and valuable information are involved. Perhaps that's why the ambitious come knocking at Manor Oyster's doors. Because some offers are worth risking it all!"

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Oyster Cookie's soul. Its iridescent surface can mesmerize you with colorful reflections, yet it's hard to see what's hidden underneath it."
Oyster Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in the Kingdom Arena
Medal Shop.


Might of House Oyster
Oyster skill.png Summons soldiers of House Oyster and increases the CRIT% and CRIT DMG for herself and nearby allies for a certain amount of time. The summoned soldiers will immediately charge at the enemies, dealing damage. The soldiers will have extra DEF until the HP of their shields hits zero. Their shields will also resist Knockbacks and Flying. When Oyster Cookie receives a cooldown reduction buff, instead of cooldown reduction, the number of Oyster Soldiers and their ATK will increase.
  • 17 second Cooldown (2 second starting CD)
  • Soldiers' Charge DMG: 94.0% (+1.3% DMG per level)
  • Oyster Soldiers: caster's 42.9% ATK (+0.5% ATK per level), 179.0% DEF, 118.0% HP
  • Additional Soldiers: get an extra Oyster Soldier for every -18.1% to Cooldown (up to 4 Oyster Soldiers in total)
  • CRK-atkup.png Soldiers' ATK: get +0.9% ATK for every -1.0% to Cooldown (up to +50.0% ATK)
  • CRK-defup.png Soldiers' Shield: 60.0% of Oyster Soldiers' HP, DEF +30.0%, resistance to Knockback and Flying
  • CRK-critrateup.png CRIT Boost: 16.5% for 17.0 sec
  • CRK-critdmgup.png CRIT DMG Boost: 13.0% for 17.0 sec
Max Level »
  • 17 second Cooldown (2 second starting CD)
  • Soldiers' Charge DMG: 172.7%
  • Oyster Soldiers: caster's 78.8% ATK, 179.0% DEF, 118.0% HP
  • Additional Soldiers: get an extra Oyster Soldier for every -18.1% to Cooldown (up to 4 Oyster Soldiers in total)
  • CRK-atkup.png Soldiers' ATK: get +0.9% ATK for every -1.0% to Cooldown (up to +50.0% ATK)
  • CRK-shield.png CRK-defup.png Soldiers' Shield: 60.0% of Oyster Soldiers' HP, DEF +30.0%, resistance to Knockback and Flying
  • CRK-critrateup.png CRIT Boost: 16.5% for 17.0 sec
  • CRK-critdmgup.png CRIT DMG Boost: 13.0% for 17.0 sec
« Base Level


Oyster soldier.png
Immediately charges to deal damage to enemies once summoned. When armed, Oyster Soldiers are granted a Shield and have increased DEF. They are also immune to movement-impairing effects such as Knockback and Flying. Up to 3 Oyster Soldiers can be on the battlefield at a time.

Oyster soldier disarmed.png
After their Shields' capacity depletes, Oyster soldiers will be disarmed and can no longer resist movement-impairing effects.


Oyster Cookie is a slim Cookie of average height with pallid dough and stone blue eyes. Her hair is in a short bob, mainly grey in color and has white highlights.

She wears a gorgeous silver gown with white in the middle; the white part of her gown resembles a seashell. Her belt is black with a white pearl in the middle. She wears a periwinkle drape upon her arms with white in the back and almond yellow stars and stripes.


The Republic awaits!
This section contains major story spoilers for Cookie Odyssey. Proceed at your own risk!

Oyster Cookie makes a major story appearance in Cookie Odyssey. She first appears in the prologue, then appears later in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

In Day 2 of Chapter 2, she is visited by Clotted Cream Cookie, who asks for her advice in uncovering the Elder within the Council who might have collaborated with the Cookies in white masks that attempted to steal the Soul Jam. While she commends him for deducing that she would not have resorted to such tactics herself, she cautions him that every Elder has their own ambitions, and that even she would not hesitate to claim the Soul Jam's power to ensure an eternity of wealth and power.

In Day 1 of Chapter 3, after the reveal of Magic Candy, Oyster Cookie is the first to bring up to the Convocation the possibility of an Elder conspiring with the White Masks.

In Day 2, Clotted Cream Cookie visits her again to request her aid in accuring a large amount of perfect pearls, to be used as substitute containers for the Soul Jam's energy instead of compressed sugar spheres. Seeing the opportunity provided by "Pearl Candies", she asks him why he, a member of House Custard, would offer to grant House Oyster such power, but finds the offer mutually beneficial and so accepts.

In Day 3, after the introduction of the Pearl Legion to the Convocation, she reminds the outraged Elders the army would only be used to defend the Republic from external threats, not to upset the balance of power in the Convocation as they so accuse her of.

Spoilers end here!


  • Oyster Cookie is the first Cookie to speak in the Cookie Odyssey story.
  • Oyster Cookie's loading screen trivia states "Sometimes, you can almost hear a distant roar of the waves within the walls of House Oyster's Seashell Spire".
  • Oyster Cookie's Instagram and Twitter promotional posts initially were posted at 1 AM (GMT) on June 12, 2022 to coincide with the intended premiere of Cookie Run: Kingdom|DEVNOW BEHIND. Due to the video's postponement, the posts were quickly deleted and reposted 12 hours later during the video's actual premiere.
  • Oyster Cookie's internal name is "cookie0539."

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