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Fummoon in the sky, and in ma tummy!

Moon Rabbit Cookie (Korean: 달토끼맛 쿠키, daltokki-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released among Sonic Cookie Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie Tails Cookie in the second part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update (v2.0). She is of the Defense Defense type and her position is prioritized to the Front Front.

Game Description[]

Fresh rice harvested from the happy soils of the Cookie World was used for baking the happy Moon Rabbit Cookie. This Cookie's chubby cheeks are always filled with sweet rice cakes. And while some may think it's cute, her craving for more rice cakes might be one of the strongest forces of the Universe. That craving can even become so strong that she might turn into a giant Rice Cake Bunny, and—oh boy!—you'd better keep your distance because she is going to wreak SWEET HAVOC. A group of particularly brave Cookies once tried to keep the giant Rice Cake Bunny in check by grabbing each other's hands and building a circle around her. Ever since, the Cookies have kept a tradition of holding hands and going around in circles under the full moon.

Soulstone Description[]

Moon Rabbit Cookie's Soulstone
This stone holds a piece of Moon Rabbit Cookie's soul. If only Soulstones 'ere chewy wike wice cakes! Yum!
Moon Rabbit Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration: Crispia Dark Mode Stage(s) 13-15 and 14-21.
Moon Rabbit Cookie's Soulcores can be acquired in World Exploration: Crispia Master Mode Stage(s) 3-21.


Giant Rice Cake Bunny
Base Cooldown 14 sec
Giant Rice Cake Bunny Skill icon
After transforming into a Giant Rice Cake Bunny, Moon Rabbit Cookie jumps up and down, dealing DMG to all enemies. Enemies hit with this skill will be marked with a Healing Rice Cake, and when the marked enemies are defeated, the Healing Cake will restore the HP of all allies. The healing amount will depend on the target. While Moon Rabbit Cookie is using her skill, she will be more resistant to interrupting effects.
  • Single hit DMG: 127.9%
  • Self-healing: 160.0% of ATK
  • Status Healing Rice Cake Healing Rice Cake: heals all allies if the target is defeated within 10.0 sec
  • Healing: 253.0% of ATK (if Healing Cake's target is a Cookie)
  • Healing: 24.2% of ATK (if Healing Cake's target is not a Cookie)
  • Single hit DMG: 246.7%
  • Self-healing: 160.0% of ATK
  • Status Healing Rice Cake Healing Rice Cake: heals all allies if the target is defeated within 10.0 sec
  • Healing: 253.0% of ATK (if Healing Cake's target is a Cookie)
  • Healing: 24.2% of ATK (if Healing Cake's target is not a Cookie)
Max Level ►
◄ Base Level

Character Inspiration[]

Moon Rabbit Cookie is heavily based on the South Korean holiday of Chuseok (추석), an autumnal lunar harvest festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. Her soft, globular fur and her affinity for rice cakes are both inspired by songpyeon (송편), a type of rice cake attributed to and traditionally enjoyed during Chuseok. Notably, Moon Rabbit Cookie was also released a few days before Chuseok was set to occur in 2021, with her release date being September 16th in Korea and Chuseok taking place on September 21st or so.

Moon Rabbit Cookie's matching Decor Theme, Abundant Harvest Festival, is directly based on Chuseok and other festival holidays and includes numerous items inspired by other foods eaten during festivals, such as the Colorful Okchun Tea Set being okchun-dang (옥춘당) and the Sikhye Well being sikhye (식혜).

Moon Rabbit gacha background

Moon Rabbit Cookie's gacha background

Moon Rabbit Cookie also takes inspiration from the legend of the moon rabbit, a mythical figure common to multiple different cultures in East Asia that many cite as the initial inspiration for Chuseok. In Korea, the moon rabbit is referred to as daltokki (달토끼)—which is written the same way as Moon Rabbit Cookie's name—and lives on the moon, using a mortar and pestle or similar implement to make soft treats like rice cakes. Moon Rabbit Cookie's Moon Mortar Picnic relates strongly to the legendary moon rabbit's own mortar and a figure resembling Moon Rabbit Cookie's rabbit form with a mortar can be seen overlain on the moon in the background of her gacha animation.

Overall, Moon Rabbit Cookie's carefree, joyful, and indulgent personality reflects the jubilant intemperance of Chuseok and other festivals.


Brave twitter moon rabbit

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a short, rotund Cookie with pale dough and scarlet eyes. Her hair is styled in a pixie cut with sweeping bangs that overlap her eyes and takes a porcelain color much like her dewlap and tail; all of this "fur" seems to be solid, globular masses more similar to songpyeon (송편) rice cakes rather than true hair. She also wears a swirled jujube barrette with two fronds against the bunny ears atop her head. Her lips takes an animal-like cat's mouth shape and sport a single round tooth at its center.

Moon Rabbit Cookie's shirt under her dewlap is peach with oversized sleeves striped broadly with lemon, peach, matcha, and chestnut colors. Her colorful sleeves are reminiscent of saekdongot (색동옷) hanbok (한복), differing from the traditional jewel tones by having a pastel pattern resembling mujigae-tteok (무지개떡). She wears puffed mahogany shorts and white knee socks with scalloped edges.

Moon Rabbit Cookie always holds a cream-colored songpyeon in her obscured left hand.

In her animal form, Moon Rabbit Cookie appears as a simple, rotund rabbit made of flabby rice cake batter. Her ears and barrette are much the same as her Cookie form, though her eyes are now simple crimson dots and she has only two slight paws. Her face altogether is quite small and is positioned high on her round body.


Moon fest pack

Notice the two figures in the moon

  • Moon Rabbit Cookie's inclusion in Kingdom was hinted at before her official reveal with the Moon Festival Package. This package uses Moon Rabbit Cookie's gacha art background, which features Moon Rabbit Cookie herself and her Pet, Moon Mortar (or simply a generic, inanimate mortar and pestle), overlain on the full moon.
  • As stated in her loading screen factoids, "Look at the bright full moon! Quick, make a wish! Looks like Moon Rabbit Cookie is wishing for more rice cakes!" and "To Moon Rabbit Cookie, there's no such thing as bad rice cakes."
  • Moonrabbitfoolscomparison

    Traditionally Painted Moon Rabbit Cookie compared to a snippet of Gim Hongdo's A Dancing Boy

    Moon Rabbit Cookie's April Fool's Day sprite (titled in-game as "Traditionally Painted Moon Rabbit Cookie") is a reference to Gim Hongdo's A Dancing Boy (무동, mudong) (1780).
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie's internal name is "cookie0071".
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie's English voice actress, Cristina Pucelli, also provides the voice of Jungleberry Cookie.
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Xue Qing, also provides the voice of Onion Cookie Onion Cookie.
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