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Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki

Due to the popularity of Cookie Run: Kingdom, Devsisters has released several products and merchandise for all ages, even though most of their products are only available in South Korea. In 14th April 2022, the official Cookie Run store opened to the public and now features worldwide shipping.

Activity Books

Sticker Book

The sticker book also functions as an activity book for younger audiences

Paper Toy Book

This is similar to LINE/Kakao Cookie Run's Paper Toy Book but this only includes Kingdom Cookies. In this product, people can create paper dolls using simple instructions in the book.

Cookies included:

Mini Album Book

This product also comes in with an additional keychain, images of Cookies and a DIY calendar

Drawing Book

A step-by-step book which shows people how to draw Cookies

Colouring Book

A colouring book aimed for younger audiences which, interestingly, have Cookie Run OvenBreak sprites and 3 sticker sheets.

Find the Hidden Cookies

An activity book which contains puzzles similar to the Where's Wally series. This activity book also contains unreleased cookies or cookies entirely imported from another game mainly from Cookie Run OvenBreak (such as Peach Cookie, Blueberry Pie Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Marshmallow Cookie, Truffle Cookie and others) with no appearances related to Cookie Run Kingdom. Some cookies who are released in Cookie Run Kingdom have their Cookie Run OvenBreak sprites used.


Compact Mirrors

Compact mirrors featuring GingerBrave and a Sugar Gnome.

Pin Collection

A collectible product. Each blind bag comes with a surprise pin.

Cookies included:

Sticker Sets

6 sticker sets were released, each with a different finish. These stickers are removable

Acrylic Keychains

The acrylic keychains have a protective cover on them.

Cookies included:

Decor Sticker Set

Sticky Memo

Tote Bags

Pillow Cushions


Cookies included:

Mouse Pads

Desk Calendars

Tablet Pouches

Throw Blankets

Parfait Cookie portable box

Wadiz released a portable box themed around Parfait Cookie upon her release in Cookie Run Kingdom. This set includes a portable box shaped like Parfait Cookie's signature guitar and Parfait Cookie stickers.

Plush Keychain

Characters included:

Mini Photobooks


Spinning Wheel Board Game

Not much is known about how this game is played but it seems to function as a bingo and a connect 4 game.

Memory Game

This product consists of 48 cards which each have pictures of Cookies, the cards face downwards at the start of the game. A player flips 2 cards when it's their turn. If the 2 cards that the player flips are the same (eg: a player flips 2 cards which both have Madeleine Cookie on), the player keeps the card. The game continues until all 48 cards have been taken and the winner has the most cards at the end of the game.

Card Game

A card game which functions as an UNO game.

Soft Toys

Head Plushes

GingerBrave Plush Toy

New Sugar Gnome Plushie

A plush toy modelled after the New Sugar Gnome decor from the April Fools coupon codes.

Cookie Run Kingdom's First Anniversary Event

Devsisters has arranged an event/competition to celebrate Cookie Run Kingdom's first anniversary in their Magic Oven website. Competitors create their own character using their official first anniversary oven. They then share it on social media platforms using the hashtag #CRKingdom1stParty. Afterwards, they fill out a Google form and submit it to Devsisters. All competitors receive 500 crystals, 1000 winners receive 3000 crystals while 30 winners receive the New Sugar Gnome Plushie. The entry period is from January 20 2022 to February 2nd 2022 while the winners are announced on February 17th 2022.

GingerBrave Round Plush

Bear Jelly Toy

An exact replica of the Bear Jelly Toy item found in the game.

Comic Books

Cookie Run Kingdom also released comic books similar to their previous series like Hanja Run, Science Basics and Operation Survival.


Tous Les Jours Dessert Plates

Cookie Run Kingdom collabed with Tours Les Jours on December and released these dessert plates as well as cakes.

Sugar Gnome Glass Cup

Another tableware featuring Cookie Run Kingdom's collaboration with Tous Les Jours

Food Products

Tous Les Jours Cakes

Cookie Run Kingdom and Tous Les Jours collabed on December and released Cookie Run Kingdom themed cakes.

Brick Collection

Kingdom Cookie Castle

"Build your very own Cookie Castle of Cookie Run: Kingdom! Every Kingdom needs a castle, and now you can have your very own with this set of bricks. With a Sugar Gnome and GingerBrave to keep you company, you'll have everything you need to build a perfect Cookie Castle in your room. Get ready for a building adventure with this 1,500 piece set!" -- Official product description.


Espresso Cookie bundle

A goods bundle starring Espresso Cookie with the exception of the ballpoint pens which stars GingerBrave and a Sugar Gnome.

Madeleine Cookie bundle

A goods bundle starring Madeleine Cookie. It is similar to the Espresso Cookie bundle.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Postcard Set

First Anniversary OST

The OST includes I Promise, My Kingdom, Everything You Need, When The Snow Feels Warm and other background music from the launch of the game to the Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow update. The OST is separated into 3 discs. It's currently available for pre-orders and music streaming platforms.

Disc 1 Tracklist

The tracklist consists of the launch of Cookie Run Kingdom and the Beacons of Unity update

  1. Welcome To Cookie Run Kingdom
  2. In The Distant Past
  3. Dark Flour War: Into the Fray
  4. Dark Flour War: The Final Battle
  5. May Dreams Bless Your Slumber in the Oven
  6. The Wake of Destruction
  7. Our Adventures Begin
  8. Strolling Through The Kingdom
  9. Little Cookie, Big Dreams
  10. Time To Meet New Friends
  11. Can You Smell What the Witch is Baking
  12. The Magic Never Ends
  13. Meddling Meddlers
  14. The Chase is Afoot
  15. World 1: Land of Little Big Dreams
  16. Gear Up & Prepare for Battle
  17. Venture Forth!
  18. Never Stop Dreaming!
  19. Kingly Ambitions
  20. Welcome to Bear Jelly Village
  21. Rebuilding the Kingdom
  22. I Promise
  23. World 2: Dragon Hill
  24. Howdy! It's Bounty Hutin' Time!
  25. Like a Mirage in the Glade
  26. Expedition Above the Clouds
  27. World 3: Pilgrim's Path
  28. Glorious Victory Awaits
  29. Never Surrender
  30. Stay Sharp! Pilgrim Village
  31. Stay a While at Traveler's Rest
  32. Cookies of Darkness
  33. Rise Up! Beacons of Unity!
  34. Traces of the Legend
  35. Light the Beacons
  36. Get Ready! A Monstrous Threat
  37. The Council Demands An Answer
  38. Parfaedia Institute
  39. World 4: Hero's Gate
  40. Through Unknown Lands
  41. World 5: Tainted Forest
  42. Welcome to Pomegranate Village
  43. World 6: Ancient Altar
  44. Nothing Can Stop Us

Disc 2 Tracklist

The tracklist consists of the Lost Kingdom update to the Heart of Courage and Passion update.

  1. World 7: Forgotten Academy
  2. Guests in the Ghost City
  3. The Ferryman
  4. Forbidden Knowledge in the Secret Garden
  5. Memories of Two Friends
  6. World 8: Hall of Enlightenment
  7. Darkness Reborn
  8. World 9: Castle in the Sky
  9. Perilous Battles Await
  10. World 10: Timeless Kingdom
  11. We Will Not Falter
  12. Pure Vanilla Cookie Visits the Kingdom
  13. Dark Enchantress Cookie's Banquet
  14. GingerBrave Stands Strong
  15. A Battle Like None Other
  16. May All Remain Crispy and Fresh
  17. My Kingdom
  18. Cookie Run Kingdom: Tiers of Chaos
  19. Tragedy At The Tower
  20. A Secret Mission
  21. Heavy Burden of Truth
  22. The Cake Factory
  23. Wilting of the White Lily
  24. From the Ashes of Chaos
  25. The Fall
  26. Chaos Rages On
  27. Berry Jungle
  28. The Thin Line Between Thrill and Fear
  29. Bustling Grandberry Market
  30. World 12: Hollyberry Palace
  31. A Dance Party at the Palace
  32. Choco Werehound Princess' Troupe
  33. Know Thy Honor, Know Thy Sword
  34. Sound the Horn! Hollyberry Cookie Has Arrived

Disc 3 Tracklist

The tracklist consists of the Tropical Soda Islands update to the Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow update

  1. Tropical Soda Islands
  2. A Horrid Deed at Watermelon Isle
  3. Battle on Sandy Shores
  4. It's CAPTAIN Stink-Eye Tortuca
  5. Battle of the Soda Seas
  6. Suspicious Gambit
  7. Scourge of the Seas
  8. Pirate Wannabe
  9. Weigh Anchor, Hoist the Sails
  10. Princess Cookie: Sneak Mode
  11. Terror of the Depths
  12. All Hands on Deck
  13. Pearls and Memories
  14. The Tide Rises! Sea Fairy Cookie's Arrival!
  15. Everything You Need
  16. Gotta Go Fast, With Friends!
  17. A Feast with the Mala Tribe
  18. Last Cookie Standing
  19. The Galaxy's Greatest Criminal
  20. Victory or Bust!
  21. Cookie Run Kingdom: Halloween is Here!
  22. Spooky Night of the Tricksters
  23. Mont Blanc Cookie's Maison Marron
  24. Fashion is More Than a Statement
  25. Halloween Masquerade
  26. The Halloween Ghost
  27. Cookie Run Kingdom: The Frost Witch
  28. When The Snow Feels Warm (Title Screen Version)
  29. When The Snow Feels Warm (A Capella Version)
  30. Cotton Cookie's Lullaby
  31. The Frost Children's Desires
  32. A Glimpse of the Truth
  33. The Wind Flower
  34. The Warm Light of Your Lantern
  35. When The Snow Feels Warm (Full Version)
  36. Clash on Mountains High
  37. Frost Queen Cookie has Arrived!
  38. Winter has Come to the Kingdom
  39. A Cup of Cocoa When It Snows
  40. Backstage Before the Concert
  41. I Dedicate This Piece to You
  42. Melodies Sweeter than Cocoa

Trading Cards

These cards come in 5 rarities in the form of stars (like promotion). 1 star means it's common while 5 stars means it is rare.

Cookie Cutters

These 4 Cookie Cutters include Gingerbrave, Devil Cookie, Angel Cookie, and a Sugar Gnome. They are not to be confused with the in-game Cookie Cutters used for the Gacha.