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Any Cookie would fall in love with local views!

Mango Cookie (Korean: 망고맛 쿠키, mang-go-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released along with Sea Fairy Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie in the first half of the Tropical Soda Islands update (v1.6). He is of the Magic Magic type and his position is prioritized to the Middle Middle.

He makes a brief appearance in the Tropical Soda Islands Story as Princess Cookie Princess Cookie and Knight Cookie Knight Cookie's guide to the Islands. He makes another brief appearance in the special episode, Summer Soda Rock Festa, where he rescues and escorts the player to the festival and later performs in it as Mangosting.

Game Description[]

The sun glistens above the serene palm trees of the Tropical Soda Archipelago. Once you arrive, Mango Cookie will give you a cheerful, hearty welcome making you feel right at home! With ripe mangoes mixed straight into the dough, Mango Cookie is pure-spirited and tenderhearted. Whether it's spending time along the emerald coasts or exploring the islands with his canoe, Mango Cookie makes sure to enjoy life to the fullest. When the sun reaches its peak, sometimes he'll hang up his hammock underneath the shade of the palm trees and take a relaxing nap. When Cookies visit the archipelago, Mango Cookie can't help becoming a hyper chatterbox. Mangoes will ripen by the time he runs out of stories to tell!

Soulstone Description[]

Mango Cookie's Soulstone
This stone holds a piece of Mango Cookie's soul. Its faint glow resembles the colors of the setting sun from Mango Cookie's coastal trips.
Mango Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration: Crispia Dark Mode Stage(s) 12-12 and 13-27.
Mango Cookie's Soulcores can be acquired in World Exploration: Crispia Master Mode Stage(s) 2-12.


Mango Juice Wave
Base Cooldown 15 sec
Mango Juice Wave Skill icon
Sends forward a wave of tropical mango juice, inflicting damage to enemies. The fresh, sweet waves also increase the allies' ATK for a short time. While Mango Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
  • Single Hit DMG: Water Element104.4%
  • Status AtkUp ATK: +15.0% for 7 sec
  • Single Hit DMG: Water Element196.6%
  • Status AtkUp ATK: +15.0% for 7 sec
Gameplay Notes
Max Level ►
◄ Base Level
  • Hits up to 3 times.

Magic Candy Skill[]

Tour Guide Expert
Base Cooldown 15 sec
Tour Guide Expert Skill icon
That much rowing guarantees great strength! When using his skill, Mango Cookie gives himself an HP Shield and can create a bigger mango juice wave with a certain chance. The wave deals higher damage and results in a stronger Airborne status effect.
  • Status Shield HP Shield (Self): shield equal to 20.0% of Max HP for 7 sec
  • Extra DMG (DMG Debuff Targets): 136.0%
  • Great Wave Chance: 60.0%
  • Great Wave DMG: Water Element196.6%
  • Status Shield HP Shield (Self): shield equal to 20.0% of Max HP for 7 sec
  • Extra DMG (DMG Debuff Targets): 163.2%
  • Great Wave Chance: 60.0%
  • Great Wave DMG: Water Element196.6%

At +10
  • Status Weakness Giant Wave DMG: +20.0% for 10 sec; stacks up to x3
At +20
  • Status Weakness Giant Wave DMG: +25.0% for 10 sec; stacks up to x3
At +30
  • Status Weakness Giant Wave DMG: +30.0% for 10 sec; stacks up to x3
Gameplay Notes
Level 30 ►
◄ Level 1
  • "DMG Debuff Targets" refers to enemies with the Status Weakness Weakness debuff applied.



Mango Cookie is a short and somewhat stout young Cookie with orange-hued medium-dark dough. His eyes are wine red and his hair is chin-length, taking a texture and color similar to a mango's flesh.

Mango Cookie wears a yellow and green outfit with black slippers on his feet and a necklace with a yellow, diamond shaped pendant around his neck. He has a similar design on the bracelet he wears. He carries an oar for his canoe, which has a yellow shaft with a green vine twisting around it; the blade of the oar is green around the base, which fades to yellow at the ends. He wears a yellow-orange hat with a green triangle pattern and a light green leaf on the top right.


Mango Cookie loves to greet his fellow Cookies with a warm welcome. He has a warm heart and loves to tell stories chronicling his sea-faring adventures. However, that doesn't stop him from being a chatterbox, continuing to tell stories until fruits grow fully ripe.


  • According to his unique loading screen, "If you want to know the best restaurants in town, you can always ask Mango Cookie."
  • Mango Cookie is mentioned to be the author of the Tropical Soda Islands Tourist Brochure.
  • Mangosting stand sprite

    Mango Cookie as Mangosting

    Mango Cookie performs music under the moniker Mangosting, as seen in the Summer Soda Rock Festa.
  • Mangosting/Mango Cookie's Appearing Cookies section in Summer Soda Rock Festa reads as such:
    • Mangosting's songs undergo many revisions before seeing the light of day: there are too many syllables! Turns out that he writes his lyrics first!
    • Cookies gather around for the sweet aroma and music of Mango Cookie, but often get tired at the long explanations of his songs...
    • Lots of Cookies mishear Mangosting's stage name as Mangosteen, which is a big issue...
    • It is said that this Cookie started singing while rowing alone on the calm Soda Sea, with not a single Cookie around to hear him. His only audience was the occasional Creamgull flying by above.
  • Mango Cookie lives on the Tropical Soda Archipelago of the Tropical Soda Islands. This archipelago is also known as the Dragon Isles, as it is the birthplace of all legendary dragons.
    • The background of Mango Cookie's gacha screen likely shows the Archipelago, with his mango-themed home island shown in the midground and Ananas Dragon Cookie's Pineapple Isle in the distance.
  • Mango Cookie's gacha theme is a remix of his Trial theme from Cookie Run: OvenBreak.
  • A modified version of Mango Juice Wave Skill icon Mango Juice Wave appears as one of Prophet Cookie Prophet Cookie's prophecies.
  • Mango Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Zhang Naiwen, also provides the voices of Kumiho Cookie Kumiho Cookie and Black Raisin Cookie Black Raisin Cookie.
  • Mango Cookie's German voice actor, Markus Haase, also provides the voice of Gumball Cookie Gumball Cookie.
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