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This is a list of updates for Cookie Run: Kingdom. For the official notes in-game, see Patch Notes.

Below is a list that summarizes the updates for the game.


Dark Mode

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Beacons of Unity

Update nameplate bou.png

Lost Kingdom

Update nameplate lk.png

  • Mid-Update Release Date: April 22nd, 2021

Tiers of Chaos

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Tropical Soda Islands

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Soda Island Outlaws

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Heart of Courage and Passion

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Interdimensional Super Mayhem

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Halloween Masquerade

Update nameplate hm.png

  • Mid-Update Release Date: October 28th, 2021 (v2.3)
    • New Cookie: Pumpkinpiehead.png Pumpkin Pie Cookie (Epic)
    • New Treasure: Treasure seamstress's pin cushion.png Seamstress's Pin Cushion (Epic)
    • New Decor Theme: Sweet & Creepy
    • New Mechanics: Costumes
    • New Event: BOO! Halloween Masquerade
    • Cookie Changes:
      • Twizzlygummyhead.png Twizzly Gummy Cookie:
        • TwizzlyBeam.png Twizzly Beam Single Hit DMG (Cookies): 13.4% → 16.8% / (Others): 8.1% → 10.1% (at Lv.60)
      • Fighead.png Fig Cookie:
        • Base HP increased by 18.4%
        • Figskill.png Jelly Horn ATK Reduction: 20% → 25%
      • Snowsugarhead.webp Snow Sugar Cookie:
        • Snow King will not disappear even after Snow Sugar Cookie becomes incapacitated.
        • Snow King's CRK-atkspddown.png ATK SPD Down effect will now be applied while the snowstorm rages on, instead of a certain short time period.
      • Universal:
        • Summoned creatures will now carry over the buff/debuffed stats of the summoner relevant to the moment of summoning.
        • Skills that target the highest ATK, DEF, or any other stat will now target the stats adjusted by buffs/debuffs.
        • Added details regarding Resistance for summoned creatures to the skill description of Cookies that summon creatures.

The Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow

Update nameplate tfwatlits.png

  • Mid-Update Release Date: December 9th, 2021 (v2.5)

The War Under Shattered Skies

Update nameplate twuss.png

The Heroes of Dark Cacao

Update nameplate thodc.png

  • Mid-Update Release Date: March 25th, 2022 (v2.8)
    • New Cookie: Caramel head.png Caramel Arrow Cookie (Epic)
    • New Mechanics: Episode 14 (Story & Dark Mode),
    • Details: Guild chat improvement, Can now fill all slots in production queue with one button, nine new decors for Kingdom of the Unwavering and Caramel Arrow Cookie's Cookie Decor: "Caramel Watchtower", added new missions to Dark Cacao Kingdom Adventures
    • Mileage Shop:
      Eclair Cookie
      Eclair Cookie and
      Tea Knight Cookie
      Tea Knight Cookie Soulstones
    • Cookie Changes:
      • Pomehead.webp Pomegranate Cookie
        • Default DEF Increase: +16.32%
        • Default HP Increase: +16.11%
        • Skill cooldown: -2 sec
        • HP Healing %: (at Skill Lv.60) 28.0% of ATK → 30.4% of ATK
        • ATK Boost Buff %: (at Skill Lv.60) 20% → 30%
        • Position: Rearpos.webp Rear to Middlepos.webp Middle
      • Poisonhead.webp Poison Mushroom Cookie
        • Default ATK Increase: +8.9%
        • Default DEF Increase: +6.2%
        • Default HP Increase: +7.3%
        • Poison cloud from mushrooms affects targets in a larger area
        • Poisoned enemies suffer from a CRK-healingdown.png Healing-reducing debuff
        • Damage from poison clouds in areas where clouds overlap will only damage targets once
        • Deals +80% additional damage to regular monsters and +100% additional damage to boss monsters
        • Skill description: [BEFORE] Plants mushrooms that release purple poison after a brief period. Poisoned enemies become disoriented and take damage, but Poison Mushroom Cookie claims that was never the intention... → [AFTER] Plants mushrooms that release purple poison clouds around themselves. Poisoned enemies become disoriented and suffer from a debuff reducing Healing, but Poison Mushroom Cookie claims that was never the intention... Poison clouds deal extra Poison DMG to monsters and bosses.
        • (Unlisted) Poison DMG: 22.6% → 25.0% (at skill Lv.1), 40.5% → 43.8% (at skill Lv.60)

Ch. I: The Council of Heroes

Update nameplate ch1tch.png

  • Mid-Update Release Date: May 27th, 2022
    • New Cookie: Crunchy Chip Cookie (Epic)
    • New Events: TBA
    • New Mechanics: Hall of Ancient Heroes, Statue of Heroic Radiance, Super Mayhem: Paladin's Oath
    • Details: Increased max level cap for Cookies from 60 to 70, increased Skill Powder and EXP Star Jelly rewards, Topping filter improvements, five new Decors for First Steps Towards Peace and Crunchy Chip Cookie's Cookie Decor: "Snowfield Choco Chip Carin".