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Those who sense my scent... Never leave alive.

Lilac Cookie (Korean: 라일락맛 쿠키, lailak-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie who was released in the second half of the Tropical Soda Islands update (version 1.7.002). He is of the Supportclass.webp Support class and his position is prioritized to the Middlepos.webp Middle.

He appears in the Tropical Soda Islands Story as Yogurt Cream Cookie's bodyguard and retainer. After he, Yogurt Cream Cookie, Princesshead.webp Princess Cookie, and Knighthead.webp Knight Cookie are thrown into Stink-Eye Tortuca's ship's brig, he teams up with Princess Cookie to free everyone from their cells.

Game Description

"Lilac petals are known as one of the core ingredients of the love potion. Finely sliced fragments of these petals were sprinkled into the dough and baked under the scorching desert sun. Lilac Cookie treads behind the veil of darkness only to appear with a gust of petals, mere moments before his unsuspecting foes take their final breath. Luring his targets with an irresistible fragrance, Lilac Cookie swiftly sends them to their end with his razor-sharp chakrams, leaving neither footprints nor a sound. The only remnants of his presence are but a few purple petals on the ground... and the lingering, yet soothing scent of lilac in the air."

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Lilac Cookie's soul. It holds the timeless purple dusk haze over the sweltering dunes."
Lilac Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stage 12-15.


Chakram Throw
Lilac skill.png Lilac Cookie throws his chakrams in several rounds over a period of time. Friendly units are impressed by the graceful movements, and gain increased regular attack DMG proportional to their ATK SPD boost rate.
  • 13 second base Cooldown
  • Ranged attack: 10.0 sec
  • Single hit DMG: 105.0% (+1.45% DMG per level)
  • CRK-regulardmgup.png Regular attack DMG increase: Inflict extra damage equal to 0.4% of the Cookie's ATK for each 1.0% of ATK SPD boost rate for 10.0 sec


GingerBrave Twitter Art September Calender.jpg

Lilac Cookie has short, wavy purple hair pushed back in a side part, a long strand of purple lilac flowers on his ear, decorating it and eyes that are lilac purple with thick, curly white eyelashes. He has a mark on his forehead which resembles a bindi, a transparent mesh lilac-colored veil that covers his lower face. He sports two purple bracelets on his left arm and a tattoo. He wears a pair of purple puffy mesh pants, which seems to be made from the same purple mesh that his veil is made out of. Attached to his pants is a light purple belt supported with a lilac flower, a carpet like veil is also attached to the belt.


  • Lilac Cookie's unique loading screen states "He never leaves a trace behind, only the faint lilac scent..." Previously, this read "The faint Lilac scent suggests he was here, but not even a single trace can be seen."
  • In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, Lilac Cookie was featured as a non-playable character upon Yogurt Cream Cookie's release. This has been reversed in Kingdom, with Lilac Cookie being playable and Yogurt Cream Cookie being an NPC.
  • In the past, Plain Yogurt Cookie had hired Lilac Cookie to assassinate Yogurt Cream Cookie. However, he failed due to developing a liking to Yogurt Cream Cookie.
  • Lilac Cookie has history with another assassin named Scorpion Cookie. This can be supported with the two's Bake My Day video, where it shows Scorpion Cookie tagging along with Lilac Cookie in various occasions.
  • One of Lilac Cookie's loading screens state, "My employer sends his regards." This may be a reference to Plain Yogurt Cookie, as he is Lilac Cookie's employer in Cookie Run: OvenBreak.
  • Lilac Cookie's internal name is "cookie0522".
    • Interestingly, despite him first appearing in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, this labels him as a Kingdom-originating character as all Cookies of this type have internal names beginning in "05".
  • Lilac Cookie's English voice actor, Behzad Dabu, is best known for voicing Azaad from The Lion Guard.
  • Lilac Cookie's Japanese voice actor, Tetsuya Kakihara, is best known for voicing Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, Simon from Gurren Lagann, K1-B0 from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and Scaramouche from Genshin Impact.

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