Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki

Legendary Cookies, as their name suggests, are Cookies of legendary, godlike status. They each have significant influence on the Cookie world and how it has been shaped. Legendaries are on par with the Ancient rarity and currently have a 0.054% chance of being pulled from the Gacha. Their Soulstones, while unavailable in most Shops, modes, and Landmarks, can be regularly bought from the Rainbow Shell Gallery.

Sea Fairy Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie are currently the only playable Legendary Cookies. They can be pulled from any Cookie Gacha, although have a higher chance of pulling them from their respective Gacha events.

Dark Enchantress Cookie actively appears in World Exploration as a leading villain. Little is known about the other Legendary Cookies—while they appear on the main Cookie Run: Kingdom website and launch trailer, they have yet to make an official appearance.

List of Legendary Cookies