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The Witch's Fatally Sweet Night Out


"Even everyone's favorite teacher can feel mischievous sometimes! Today, we're gonna say no to research and work! Today, her fancy hat adorned in intricate embroidery smells like pumpkin spice! If you dare refuse to fall under the mischievous witch's spell... well, no pumpkin spice latte for you this year!"


Latte Cookie's The Witch's Fatally Sweet Night Out Costume changes the design of the Latte Glyph created by her Skill. The inner Latte Glyph is changed to a Halloween-themed Bear Jelly, and the color of the Latte Glyph as a whole is a more orange hue. The explosion created by her Skill's casting is also changed into a burst of Halloween candies.


  • The overall design of her costume appears to be inspired by a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
    • This is possibly implied by the above description.

Name in Other Languages

  • Korean: 달콤살벌 마녀의 예술적인 일탈, dalkomsalbeol manyeo-ui yesuljeog-in iltal(artistic deviation of the sweet witch)