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"Raise your glasses!"

"A tropical land of romance, passion, and festivities. Isolated from the rest of its continent by towering mountains, this jungle kingdom relies on sailing and sea trade."
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The Hollyberry Kingdom is a kingdom founded by Hollyberry head.png Hollyberry Cookie. Currently, it is ruled by Royal Berry Cookie and Jungleberry Cookie, with Princesshead.webp Princess Cookie being its princess. It is also the birthplace of Tigerlilyhead.webp Tiger Lily Cookie.

In general, this kingdom is likely based on Southern European nations such as France, Italy, and Spain.

Artbook Appearances


Map Placement

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The Hollyberry Kingdom is located on the continent of Crispia in the Cookie Kingdom. It is located on the southernmost edge of the continent sitting on the coast of an ocean/sea; it is unclear which body of water is being referred to, but it may likely be the Jellyfish Ocean. The kingdom lies adjacent to the Dragon's Valley and the City of Wizards with the Tower of Frozen Waves off of its coast. The nearest kingdom in relation to the Hollyberry Kingdom is the Dark Cacao Kingdom to the north-northeast.

According to a draft version of the Cookie Kingdom World Map, it also is surrounded by the Primeval Forest and the Little Witch's House, with part of the Candystick Archipelago nearby.

Flora & Fauna

Cranberry Forest

"Cranberry Forest is a distinct area within the wilds. As the Hollyberry Kingdom's primary source of foraging, one can find berries of all colors and sizes, such as cranberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. The tropical jungles and the Soda Ocean are home to a plethora of fruity Jelly creatures. Among the wildlife, Tropic Fruit Dragonkin are infamous for plundering berries and have been in conflict with the Cookies of House Berry for ages.

But ever since tasting bitter defeat against Hollyberry Cookie, they keep emerging to challenge her in combat. Has this bitter conflict turned away from claiming berries to a friendly rivalry of skill and prowess? Or is it simply a means to taunt the Cookies of the Hollyberry Kingdom?"

—Artbook page 45

Berries of All Kinds

"Denizens of the Hollyberry Kingdom consider their berries their most vital resource. Out of berries, they make all sorts of preserves and fizzy beverages. And those are not just beverages: locals believe they can heal a Hollyberrian's very soul!"
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—Artbook page 45

Geography & Environment

"The Hollyberry Kingdom's territory is a vast tropical jungle—one of the hottest and most humid regions of Earthbread, home to diverse, colorful flora and fauna. One doesn't even have to go deep into the wilds to experience local natural marvels: the Palace Garden with its countless ever-fragrant flowers and fruit groves will provide unforgettable sensations to everyone's eyes and noses. From the North, the kingdom is shielded by high-rising mountains: while providing great natural defense, they also make sailing the only viable way to reach and trade with other parts of the world without getting into too much trouble. The kingdom is also famous for its monsoon rains. Massive downpours blanket the whole area for long periods of time, mixing flowers and fruits into delicious fruit punch!"
—Artbook page 42


"A pie frame, tightly woven together into a sturdy yet aesthetically impressive lattice, is layered with colored jam. To protect the houses from dragonfire, an extra overlay of dense tart is topped with thick jam, again forming an interwoven lattice. From such techniques is born a style of architecture fusing both form and function, aesthetics and endurance. Traditionally, the more luxurious abodes are decorated with an extra flair of frozen berries and vines."
—Artbook page 48

Grandberry Market

"The Hollyberry Kingdom is truly a land of maritime trade! One of its most prominent landmarks is the famous Grandberry Market. Among trade goods from all corners of Earthbread, you will find countless variations of Berry Juice, fruits and flowers native to this tropical land — the kingdom's main items of export."
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—Artbook page 47

Berry Juice Baths

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"No better place for a weary traveler! Dip your body into these fruit punches to soften those tired limbs. An experience of the utmost pleasure!"
—Artbook page 48

Hollyberry Palace

"Every night the gates of the astonishing Royal Palace are crowded with Cookies attending the Royal Ball. the palace is famous for its great dome made of flowers and fruit, its spectacular lush gardens, and its gallant Royal Guard parades."
Episode 12.png
—Artbook page 48


"The kingdom's culture is as vivid and vibrant as the surrounding wilds. Songs and romance thrive in this land, and festivals are held here throughout the year. The only thing that is required of you in the Hollyberry Kingdom is to dance, dine, and be merry. It is only natural that the greatest bards and poets of Crispia have traced their roots to this place."
—Artbook page 41



"Cookie lords of the southeastern Crispia, tired of the endless struggle with fruit-eating monsters, saw a light of hope in the young, willful, and charismatic heir of House Berry, Hollyberry Cookie. Under her heroic leadership, the devastating war with the Tortan was won, and Hollyberry Cookie was unanimously voted Queen of the newly-created Hollyberry Kingdom. Cookies of these lands united under the principles of House Berry: love and prosperity for all. The whole kingdom sang of Hollyberry Cookie’s heroic deeds, and the best Cookie painters eternalized the kingdom’s creation on the ceiling of the great dome built in its very heart."
—Artbook page 41

The Hollyberry Kingdom was founded by its namesake, Hollyberry Cookie, after she defeated an adversary besieging southeastern Crispia. While the game makes it clear that this foe was the Pitaya Dragon, the artbook states that it was "the Tortan", a force never mentioned elsewhere in any media.


Dragon Toys

Berries 'n' Goods.png
"The story of Hollyberry Cookie's victory over a Tropic Fruit Dragon is by all means, the kingdom’s most famous and loved story! Dragon toys can easily be found in most of the kingdom’s homes."
—Artbook page 47


"Vibrant festivals illuminate the lives of the Hollyberry Kingdom's denizens, where plates are filled to the brim with hearty fruit turnovers, berry puddings, and Jelly canapés. In this region of the world, no ingredients are spared when cooking. The Cookies of the Hollyberry Kingdom firmly believe that it is a virtue to prepare cuisines of hefty portions and, whenever possible, invite as many guests to share in the delight. As much as they enjoy inviting each other, they also adore to be invited, as this culture of culinary wonders has also given birth to a culture of presenting gifts at many a party."
Bustling Picnic Table.png
—Artbook page 47

Jelly Frog Roast
"A grand Hollyberrian dish for special occasions. The enormous plate carries all sorts of exquisite ingredients, happily filling tummies of every Cookie! Though, one can't help but feel sorry for the poor Jelly Frog..."
Relic Jelly Frog Roast.png
Hall of History: Gallery 1

Berry Juice

"This beverage is made out of fruits and berries growing in the Cranberry Forest. Each Noble House of the kingdom is believed to keep its own recipe for this drink. Traveling in the Hollyberry Kingdom, One can enjoy Berry Juice of hundreds of different flavors and aromas, each filling the drinker with its own sort of joy and happiness."
—Artbook page 45


"The Cookies of the Hollyberry Kingdom are of an optimistic and cheerful temperament due to the radiant sun above and the sweet earth below. As unpredictable as the weather itself, these denizens also embrace a sense of spontaneity and cannot endure the normalcy of boredom. Hollyberrians never say no to glasses of aged fruit juice, a passion of the kingdom. Conversations that are shared next may sound quite obtuse and rough, occasionally leading to a brawl or two. But despite the outbreak of arguments, the Cookies of the Hollyberry Kingdom are also quick to reconcile."
HB 10.png
—Artbook page 46

Real-Life Inspiration

The Hollyberry Kingdom is likely based on Southern Europe, namely France, Italy, and Spain.

The word "chateau" is a French word that translates to "castle" in English, and the Raspberry Chateau is a remarkable place in the kingdom. The popular canapés and puddings are most likely inspired from France, and so are the dresses the Cookies wear. France also has many forests, which is probably what inspired the Cranberry Forest. The word "dragon" itself comes from Old French.

The languages of these nations are known as the "romance languages", tying back to the Hollyberry Kingdom's theme of passion and emotion.

Hollyberrian Cookies also often use words and quotes from the French language.

Royal Family

The Hollyberry Kingdom was founded by its namesake, Hollyberry Cookie, after she defeated an adversary besieging southeastern Crispia. She was named its leader and had a child and heir, Royal Berry Cookie. After the events of the Dark Flour War, Hollyberry Cookie unceremoniously fled from her kingdom in shame, leaving Royal Berry Cookie and his wife Jungleberry Cookie to rule the land as its king and queen. Jungleberry Cookie is known to have more influence and power over the kingdom than Royal Berry Cookie, although the two rule together in peaceful unity.

Shortly before Hollyberry Cookie's desertion, the king and queen had two daughters; Princess Cookie and Tiger Lily Cookie, who were graced as the princesses of the kingdom. Just after their birth, however, Tiger Lily Cookie was lost in the wilderness as an infant, and has been lost and estranged from the Hollyberry royal family ever since. When she came of age, Princess Cookie would go on her own adventures outside the kingdom, accompanied only by Knighthead.webp Knight Cookie.

Due to the lack of any passionate royal defenders who could wield the Hollyberry Shield, the Pitaya Dragon was able to return to the Kingdom unopposed, and was made the ruler of the Kingdom in exchange for not destroying it. The absence of any true heirs was so pronounced that a Princess Contest was held to find a worthy bearer of the Hollyberry Shield, one that anyone could join so long as they passed the trials.

Notable Families (Berry Houses)

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