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Gameplay elements are various features in the game that affect battle.


Certain Cookies can summon allies into the battlefield, fighting alongside you until they are defeated or their duration runs out. Treasure seamstress's pin cushion.png Seamstress's Pin Cushion extends this duration.

Interrupting effects

Interrupting effects (or IEs) refer to status effects and attacking skills being able to halt a target's skill right before it activates, wasting the duration as they'll have to wait out the cooldown again.

Some skills grant the user resistance to interrupting effects, allowing them to ignore all status effects while performing their skill. This is signified by a flashing red outline around the user. Units can still be defeated in the middle of using these skills.

Certain skills can also ignore an opponent's resistance to interrupting effects, disrupting their skill regardless.

Status effects

  • CRK-stun.png Stun
  • CRK-shackles.png Shackles
  • CRK-silence.png Silence
  • CRK-charm.png Charm
  • CRK-freeze.png Freeze
  • CRK-fear.png Fear
  • Debuff light prison.png Light Cage


Causes interrupts

Resists interrupts

Ignores interruption resist

Movement-impairing effects

Targets that are movement-impaired (or MI'd) have their position forcefully moved into a specific direction, which prevents their regular attacks and movement. In some situations, moved targets can make attacks miss based on its range. Most bosses are immune to being movement-impaired.


The target is moved in a direction away from the attacker.


The target is moved in a direction above the attacker.


The target is moved in a direction towards the attack itself.

Resists movement-impairment


Certain skills make the user intangible, meaning they are untargetable by enemies. They cannot take damage directly, but are still affected by periodic damage (if applied before skill usage). CRK-dmgreflect.png DMG Reflection cannot affect users with intangibility either. This is used by every Ambush Cookie.

Undispellable & Unpurifiable effects

Certain buffs and debuffs cannot be dispelled or purified.

Cannot be dispelled

  • Treasure passives
  • CRK-wotc.png Wrath of the Commander
  • Buff cookie0535 wild.png Wild
  • Buff cookie0537 wolftrainer.png Tamer

Cannot be purified

  • CRK-injury.png Injury
  • Debuff light prison.png Light Cage
  • Debuff cookie0537 claw.png Claw Mark
  • CRK-damagelink.png Damage Link