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Epic Cookies are the middle rarity in the game. The odds for obtaining them or their respective Soulstones in the Gacha are about 19.3%. There are currently 40 Epic Cookies in the game, typically increasing in every major update.

Being a high yet accessible rarity, most Epic Cookies are very effective at performing their respective roles. They have strong Skills and higher base Power than Cookies from lower rarities, especially relative to their Classes. They can easily get a player through most of Story Mode, and are almost necessary to progress through Dark Mode; several of these Cookies are also essential for high-end Arena battles. Investing Toppings and Skill Powders into these Cookies is generally recommended.

The easiest time to obtain an Epic Cookie is shortly after their release, as new Epic Cookies tend to be featured in either a concurrent event or the Special Cookie Gacha, where they have higher chances of being drawn. Following that, the Mileage Shop sells a limitless stock of most Epic Cookies' Soulstones for Mileage Points, although newer Epic Cookies are only added about 1 months after their release. Some Dark Mode stages may drop a specific Epic Cookie's Soulstone upon completion, allowing a player to "farm" for one using only Stamina Jellies, albeit over a long period of time. Lastly, shops such as the Arena Medal Shop, the Seaside Market, and the Rainbow Shell Gallery will stock the Soulstones of random Epic Cookies in limited quantities, changing their stock on refresh.

List of Epic Cookies