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Ah, have you brought me a relic? Come now, let me take a look!

Eclair Cookie (Korean: 에클레어맛 쿠키, ekil-leo-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released along with Teaknighthead.png Tea Knight Cookie in the War Under Shattered Skies update (version 2.6.001). He is of the Supportclass.webp Support class and his position is prioritized to the Middlepos.webp Middle.

Eclair Cookie is a historian who doubles as the owner and curator of the Guild Museum. He also teaches history at the Parfaedian Institute.

Game Description

"When you're looking around the museum, taking a look at the ancient relics that hold mysteries and stories untold, it feels as if the whole world has grown peaceful and silent. That's usually when the curator of this museum will approach you with a gentle and kind greeting. Eclair Cookie, at your service! With an entire dessert covered in premium fondant icing adorning his hat, he'll greet guests of the museum with elegance and grace, all while making sure there's no trace of dust to be found. But it must be said that he tends to go overboard with his explanations whenever a guest shows interest in his favorite topic: dragon-fighter Cookies! Which is precisely why he's mostly seen in his office, writing reports on these brave and heroic dragon-fighter Cookies. He may be sitting in front of his desk, but do not underestimate his scholarly heart—for his passion for history burns bright as any other adventurer exploring this world."

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Eclair Cookie's soul. It looks pristine and refined enough to be exhibited at the museum!"


Book of History
Eclair skill.png With all the knowledge and research accumulated over the years, analyzes and identifies the opponent's weakness. Casts 'Weakness' debuff to 3 enemies with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first), amplifying the DMG they receive, and deals DMG. If the enemy is defeated while under the Weakness debuff, all allies gain an HP shield.
  • 16 second base Cooldown
  • Single hit DMG: 480.6% (+6.54% DMG per level)
  • CRK-weakness.png Weakness: receive +25.0% DMG for 40.0 sec, the effect stacks up to x4
  • CRK-shield.png HP Shield: +25.0% of Max HP for 3.0 sec
  • Weakness debuff is refreshed by its further stacks: one stack's duration is 10 sec, two stacks will extend it by 8 sec.


Eclair Cookie is a slender Cookie of average height with deep olive dough. His semi-lidded eyes are rich hazel, with long lashes that slant downwards in a placid expression. On his right eye, he wears a mahogany monocle with a gold-tipped nosepiece. In his default pose, his lips generally show a slight, clever smile.

Eclair Cookie's platinum blond hair is styled in an extensive, curling ponytail resembling a stream of éclair cream. His hair parts in the middle into a twisting bang ending below his chin to his right and a swept-back section tucked into his hat to his left.

Eclair Cookie ready to write

Atop his head sits a grand hat directly resembling an éclair pastry. Eclair Cookie's exorbitant headgear is a rich sorrel color at its base with a single lighter stripe for texture, and is coated in a reflective vertigris syrup. The syrup is topped with golden shavings resembling polygonal sprinkles. A plume of white feathers made from white fondant cream billows from the back of the headpiece in a flowing flourish, while a stately pine-green ribbon with thin, gilded pinstripes is attached to the hat with a golden wax seal centerpiece.

Eclair Cookie's ensemble emulates the uniforms of medieval squires, with elements of feminine Victorian fashion. He wears a detailed gown consisting of a floor-length A-line skirt, a sterling corset closely resembling a metallic pen nib, and a top with long pouf-style sleeves ending in scalloped cuffs. The skirt sprouts from the corset and is colored pale jade, with a vertical tawny stripe-bordered cream front panel, while the top is colored the same deep forest green as the hat's ribbon, with identical auric pinstripes upon its billowed shoulders. Draped around his neck is a scalloped, lacy white shawl with a split collar framing his chin.

To reinforce his scholarly look, Eclair Cookie constantly carries a feather quill with a pale yellow shaft and silver pen nib in his right hand. In his left, he holds a parchment scroll with an olive green core.


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