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"At the harshest edge of Earthbread lies a blizzard-ridden Kingdom of warriors..."

Endurance, strength, and honor. The Dark Cacao Kingdom was founded on the edge of the Giant Icing Ridge, a land of perpetual snowfall which beckons a life of austerity and perseverance. It is famed for its noble warriors, bound to a stern code of honor.
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The Dark Cacao Kingdom is a kingdom founded by Dark cacao head.png Dark Cacao Cookie. Due to the denouncement of his son and the kingdom's prince, Darkchocohead.webp Dark Choco Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie remains the sole member of the kingdom's royal family.

In general, this kingdom is strongly based after East Asia, specifically China, Japan, and Joseon-era Korea.


Map Placement

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The Dark Cacao Kingdom is located on the continent of Crispia in the Cookie Kingdom. It sits on the eastmost segment of the continent with the Jellyfish Ocean bordering it to the right and the Licorice Sea with an unlabeled offshoot river to the northeast. It is sheltered to the southwest by the frigid Giant Icing Ridge. Some adjacent landmarks are the Wish Tree, the Cream Cake Mountains, the Milkyway Lake, and what appears to be the Tower of Sweet Chaos. The nearest other kingdom is the Hollyberry Kingdom to the south-southeast.

While the Licorice Sea is labeled only in gibberish text in the final Cookie Kingdom map, the draft map reveals its true name.

Flora & Fauna

Giant Icing Ridge Woods

Artbook citadel flora&founa.jpg
"The slopes of the Giant Icing Ridge are covered with thick woods of frozen icing. A traveler risks to lose their track quickly in this snow-covered land unless they carefully mark the road. If it did happen, all there is left is to pray Fortuna that a sugar mouse left its chocoball fruit stash somewhere nearby..."
—Artbook page 71

Predatory Animals

"Predators like the Cacao Eagle or the Dire Creamwolf hunt their prey in the Dark Cacao Kingdom’s wilderness. While most of the animals native to this land have a white coat to camouflage into the snowy environment, there are also dark-coated beasts. Be extremely careful if you spot one of them: the dark fur signifies that they are not afraid of their natural enemies."
Artbook cacao warrior creamwolf.jpg
—Artbook page 71

Geography & Environment

"The snow never stops falling high up in the mountains of the Giant Icing Ridge on the eastmost edge of Crispia. The Black Citadel towers above the edge of a cliff, watching over endless birch forests. Dire beasts of all kinds stalk this frigid wilderness, but they are harmless compared to the terrors of the Licorice Sea across the ridge. These creatures pose a constant threat to the Kingdom, but fortunately, it has been kept safe by the Great Chocolate Wall until now."
—Artbook page 69

The Dark Cacao Kingdom's pairing of high mountains with expansive surrounding seas is reminiscent of Japan's own geography.


"The Dark Cacao Kingdom’s architecture is distinguished by its roof-supporting cylindrical columns topped with massive chocolate capitals. For wind protection, walls are often covered with chocolate panels with several layers of thick cream between them. Dark Cacao architects often address the motif of life and death by or interweaving black and white elements. Altars and shrines fashioned out of chocolate to commemorate the fallen can be found throughout the Kingdom."
—Artbook page 73

Cacao Pagoda

The architecture of the Dark Cacao Kingdom strongly resembles that of Korea's Goryeo (918-1392) and Joseon (1392-1910) dynasties, leaning more towards the Joseon style of architecture.

During the Goryeo period, Buddhism was at its most influential in Korea's history, and the importance of religion strongly affected the period's architecture. Numerous temples and pagodas were constructed to accommodate religious needs, with the vast majority of pagodas being made from stone due to the nation's abundance of granite.

The Joseon dynasty followed directly after the Goryeo dynasty and thus still had the previous period's architecture, though the change of those in influential positions caused the architectural style to change accordingly. Those in power stressed an importance of practicality and frugality similar to the Dark Cacao Kingdom's own sense of values.

Royal Feast Table

The Kingdom of the Unwavering decoration theme is based off of the Dark Cacao Kingdom and contains decorations described as simple, elegant, and modest. The description for the Royal Feast Table states that the kingdom's denizens value modesty above all and vastly prefer neat, simple looking things as opposed to fancy embellishments.

This Dark Cacao decor may be based off a Korean cultural ceremony known as Jesa (제사), or ancestral rites. Jesa is a ceremony where Koreans act as if they are talking to their passed ancestors as they put food on the ceremony's table. Jesa is also usually celebrated at an anniversary of the ancestor's death, during which the dearly departed's favorite foods and drinks would be offered on the table.

In Citadel of the Frozen Cliff, the painting of The Sun, the Moon, and Five Peaks resembles the painting of the same name, or Irworobongdo. The painting is also seen in the throne hall, and with the hall itself directly being based off of the Phoenix Throne in Gyeongbokgung.


"Harsh climate doesn’t make for a developed sense of humor. What the Dark Cacao Cookies genuinely excel at is combat. From a young age they learn weapons or martial arts. When the time comes, an apprentice finally receives a sword to defeat a wolf on their own and complete the coming of age ritual, and although the Cookie was allowed sweet cocoa or delicate milk chocolate, it is only bitter food from this point on. The Dark Cacao consider bitter food a constant reminder of perils and death. As a result the Cookies are not afraid of crumbling, but rather despise dishonorable living."
—Artbook page 68




Artbook page66.jpg
"Dark Cacao Kingdom was founded by Dark Cacao Cookie on the edge of the Giant Icing Ridge, in the very place where with a single stroke, he had put an end to the many day-long battle between the White Dragon of the South and the Black Dragon of the North."
—Artbook page 65


"Having to cope with dangerous beasts and a harsh climate that makes farming extremely hard, all Cookies of the Dark Cacao Kingdom undergo rigorous combat training from a young age. With peril always lurking nearby, the locals tend to cultivate asceticism and abstain from pleasures."
—Artbook page 72



Royal Family

Dark Cacao Cookie is widely regarded by the kingdom's people as its king rather than a more democratic type of leader, often being specifically called "King Dark Cacao Cookie".

Tribes and Villages

The following are tribes and villages whose lands fall within this kingdom's borders.

Coffee Village

Milk Village

Licorice Village


Current Residents

Cookies of Dark Cacao Ancestry