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This article is about the playable Rare Cookie. For the NPC Cookie, see Custard Cookie.

Ah, another of my faithful servants! You may speak!

Custard Cookie III (Korean: 커스터드 3세맛 쿠키, keosuteodu sam-se-mat kuki) is a major deuteragonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom and a Rare Cookie available since launch. He is of the Healingclass.webp Healing type and his position is prioritized to the Rearpos.webp Rear.

He is a supporting character in the World Exploration storyline, appearing as a regular World Exploration Story party member. He is obtained for free at the start of the Land of Little Big Dreams episode.

Custard Cookie III also appears in his own side storyline, I Want to Be King, as well as The Dock Story.

Game Description

"Even before the custard on his head started to take shape, this little Cookie dreamed of becoming a glorious king, worthy of the title borne by the greatest rulers of the past. Custard Cookie III, as he prefers to call himself, may not rule anything yet, but looking at how active he is at waving his scepter and giving orders, it is only a matter of time before he sits on a real throne. And his determination is remarkable! Made of simple colored paper, his royal regalia looked so realistic that even the notorious Chilipepperhead.webp Chili Pepper Cookie got confused once! These days, Custard Cookie III is busy recruiting supporters to witness his future crowning. Perhaps you could become one of them?"

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Custard Cookie III's soul. One can almost see the dreams of the future kingdom floating inside."
Custard Cookie III's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 2-10, 6-9, and 14-3.


King's Favor
Custardskill.webp Heals two Cookies with the lowest HP and also casts a short-living Shield absorbing damage. 'Cause that's what kings do!
  • 16 second base Cooldown
  • Healing: 113.0% of ATK (+2.15% per level)
  • CRK-shield.png Shield: absorbs 10.0% of max HP for 3.0 sec

Relation to Purevanillahead.png Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie and Custard Cookie III share quite a few similarities and relations on top of already being generally associated with one another.

  • Both have close ties to the Vanilla Kingdom, with Pure Vanilla Cookie being its founder and king and Custard Cookie III being a royal descendent of it. In this way, the two may be related as family; Custard Cookie III goes out of his way to see if he resembles the statues of Pure Vanilla Cookie in Episode 9, indicating that he himself knows of/believes his possible family relation to Pure Vanilla Cookie.
  • Custard Cookie III's own grandfather, Premier Custard Cream Cookie, is known to have been a prime minister of the Vanilla Kingdom who knew and was invariably loyal to Pure Vanilla Cookie.
  • Similarly, Custard Cookie III longs to be the king of the Vanilla Kingdom much like Pure Vanilla Cookie already is. Due to this, Custard Cookie III harbors an intense respect and idolizing of him, holding this opinion long before he even met Pure Vanilla Cookie.

    Honorable Descendant

  • Custard Cookie III and Pure Vanilla Cookie both are Healing units who default to the Rear position.
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie's Purevanillaskill.png Love & Peace is practically the same as Custard Cookie III's Custardskill.webp King's Favor in concept, as both are Skills that instantly heal team members by a set amount of HP while casting a nonpermanent shield upon them. Love & Peace is basically a stronger version of King's Favor, as it casts a barrier upon and heals all members of the party for a significant amount of HP while King's Favor only heals a small amount of HP of and casts a barrier upon two members of the party. (The differences in HP restored are due to their Attack stat ranges, with Pure Vanilla Cookie being capable of a much higher Attack stat than Custard Cookie III.)
  • In Episode 8, Bachalomoth the Dreamer refers to Custard Cookie III as "Yellow Cookie". On the official Kingdom site, the file name for Pure Vanilla Cookie's silhouette asset is "yellowCookie.png".
  • In the BOO! Halloween Masquerade Event, Custard Cookie III is seen dressed as Pure Vanilla Cookie (with a few design discrepancies and simplifications) for the Halloween Masquerade in his Honorable Descendant Costume.


  • Yellow Cookie (by Bachalomoth the Dreamer)
  • Puny Cookie (by Bachalomoth the Dreamer)
  • Undried-Creamhead Cookie (by Bachalomoth the Dreamer)
  • Kiddo (by Chilipepperhead.webp Chili Pepper Cookie)
  • Mr. "Third Of This Name" (by Chili Pepper Cookie)
  • Mustard (by Chili Pepper Cookie)


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