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Crunchy Chip Cookie (Korean: 크런치초코칩 쿠키, keureonchi choko chib kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the second part of the The Council of Heroes update (version 3.1.002). He is of the Chargeclass.webp Charge type and his position is prioritized to the Frontpos.webp Front.

Crunchy Chip Cookie is the captain of the Cream Wolves of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. He serves as Dark cacao head.png Dark Cacao Cookie's bodyguard and associate during the events of The Council of Heroes update.

Game Description

"One howl is all it takes to prep the Cream Wolves for battle, even in the middle of the night. Led by Crunchy Chip Cookie, this elite squad protects the frozen borders of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. The squad captain may be famous for his quick temper—which is not surprising given the sheer amount of the crunchiest choco chips in his dough—but rest assured: Crunchy Chip Cookie is loyal and reliable, just like his white-maned wolf companion. His oath to his king has kept him and his comrades persevering through piercing winds and snowstorms to ensure the kingdom's safety from the Licorice Sea. No other squadron stands a chance against these ferocious warriors that race through the mountains on the back of their wolves, defeating every monster they come across. Another serene morning in the Dark Cacao Kingdom; perhaps, we have to thank Captain Crunchy Chip Cookie for it!"

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Crunchy Chip Cookie's soul. It's rapidly pulsating like the heart of a feral Cream Wolf that can persevere even through the harshest of winters."


Wolf Squadron
Crunchychipskill.png Crunchy Chip Cookie's regular attacks leave the Claw Mark on the enemy with the highest ATK. Upon using the skill, the Cookie charges towards the enemies, slamming them and summoning his Cream Wolf. When Crunchy Chip Cookie is defeated, the Cream Wolf becomes enraged and continues fighting alone. In this state, the Cream Wolf becomes resistant to incapacitating effects. If Crunchy Chip Cookie is revived, he will hop back onto the Cream Wolf. Crunchy Chip Cookie and his wolves are less affected by Knockbacks and Flying.
  • 15 second base Cooldown
  • Buff cookie0537 wolftrainer.png Tamer: receives 25.0% of Summoned Creature buffs
  • Single hit DMG: 88.6% (+1.2% DMG per level) + 185.0% of CRIT%
  • Summoned Wolf: 70.0% of ATK, 60.0% of DEF, 85.0% of HP, 100.0% of CRIT%
  • Tamed Wolf: 102.9% (+1.4% ATK per level) of ATK, 138.0% of DEF, 230.0% of HP, 100.0% of CRIT%
  • Debuff cookie0537 claw.png Claw Mark: 30.0 sec duration, activated upon 3 stacks
  • CRK-atkspddown.png Claw Mark: removes buffs, ATK SPD -25.0% for 18.0 sec (stacks up to 2 times), 217.0% DMG
Max Level »
  • 15 second base Cooldown
  • Buff cookie0537 wolftrainer.png Tamer: receives 25.0% of Summoned Creature buffs
  • Single hit DMG: 162.8% + 185.0% of CRIT%
  • Summoned Wolf: 70.0% of ATK, 60.0% of DEF, 85.0% of HP, 100.0% of CRIT%
  • Tamed Wolf: 189.0% of ATK, 138.0% of DEF, 230.0% of HP, 100.0% of CRIT%
  • Debuff cookie0537 claw.png Claw Mark: 30.0 sec duration, activated upon 3 stacks
  • CRK-atkspddown.png Claw Mark: removes buffs, ATK SPD -25.0% for 18.0 sec (stacks up to 2 times), 217.0% DMG
« Base Level


Crunchy Chip Cookie is a short, dark-doughed cookie with stripes of brown makeup on each cheek, resembling an animal’s whiskers. He has gorse yellow eyes, similar to a cream wolf. His hair is white with black streaks in it, as well as bits of Oreo cookie crumbs in it. A small white fang sticks out from his lip. His robe is mainly grey with a black tie and pattern, as well as a fuzzy white trim. On his left hand is a glove with 3 blades on it, resembling a wolf paw.


Crunchy Chip Cookie is a proud warrior of the Dark Cacao Kingdom, often mentioning it to other Cookies. Additionally, he is proud of the work that he has done with his Cream Wolves; he has a close bond with them, often referring to the one with him at all times as his friend or buddy. His pride in their toughness makes him angry when the wolves are referred to as "puppy" or "doggo," determined to make the wolves out to be vicious and far more than just a dog. Much of his dialogue is him yelling for whatever reason, indicating that he is proud of his place in the kingdom and confident in his abilities. Although despite having a tough exterior, Crunchy Chip Cookie has a weakness for sweets and has a sweet tooth as seen in Chapter 2 of Cookie Odyssey.



  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's loading screen

    Crunchy Chip Cookie's original name in Korean (크런치초코칩 쿠키, keuleonchi choko chib kuki) translates to Crunchy Choco Chip Cookie in English.
  • According to his loading screen trivia, "Crunchy Chip Cookie swelled with pride when he heard how much faith Dark cacao head.png Dark Cacao Cookie had in the Cream Wolves."
  • The second breed of Cream Wolves Crunchy Chip Cookie summons using his skill is quite similar in appearance to the breed of wolves Werewolfhead.webp Werewolf Cookie transforms into.
  • According to Crunchy Chip Cookie's exclusive loading screen, "Two figures stand by the edge of a moonlit snowy cliff: a Cookie and a Cream Wolf. The cold will not bother the two, as nothing in the world burns hotter than their hearts."
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's internal name is "cookie0537".
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's Japanese voice actor, Hiyama Nobuyuki, is best known for voicing Uzu Sanageyama from Kill la Kill, Siegfried and Nightmare from the Soulcalibur franchise, and Link as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's Korean voice actor, Kwon Changwook, also voices Custard Cookie.
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Yu Zhengchang, is best known for voicing Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail, Son Goku as he appeared in Dragon Ball Z, Koro-sensei from the 2016 dub of Assassination Classroom, and Courage the Cowardly Dog from the titular show.
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's Thai voice actor, Kornvish Chanpiengsri, is best known for voicing Shinpachi Shimura and Kotarō Katsura from Gin Tama, Tobio Kageyama in season 4 of Haikyū!! and Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's German voice actor, Kevin Kasper, is best known for voicing Makoto Teruhashi from The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo.
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie's French voice actor, Maxime Hoareau, is best known for voicing Mirio Togata from My Hero Academia.

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