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"Grand buildings adorned with seashells, music and art that touch the very Cookies' hearts, airships soaring the sky...!"

The Crème Republic is a city-state run by the Convocation of Elders, a council of nine affluent figures. Situated on the coast of a landmass separate from the main Cookie World, it enjoys a peaceful and mild climate that allows culture, commerce, and magichanical technology to thrive.


The birth of the Crème Republic dates back to the turbulent and grim times of the Dark Flour War. Before Dark enchantress head.png Dark Enchantress Cookie's performing assault on the Vanilla Kingdom, citizens fled from the oncoming chaos on an airship. Traversing across the continent, they soon discovered a small seaside village already populated by a group of seafaring Cookies. Together with the villagers, they built a new nation and created the Crème Republic.


The Crème Republic is lead by the Convocation of Elders, a council of nine elders supported by one consul. The consul is elected by the elders.



Great Houses

House Crest Description
Oyster House oyster crest.png House Oyster's sphere of influence is maritime trade. They are famous not only for their tremendous riches, but also for as masterful information brokers.
Custard House custard crest.png House Custard's sphere of influence is politics. By right, this Great House is known as the most powerful.
Vanilla Sugar House vanilla sugar crest.png House Vanilla Sugar's sphere of influence is the education of Paladins: noble warriors whose mission is make sure the Republic's glory never fades.
Mulled Juice House mulled juice crest.png House Mulled Juice's sphere of influence is magichanical engineering. They are famous for the revolutionizing transportation in the Republic.
Baumkuchen House baumkuchen crest.png House Baumkuchen's sphere of influence is medicine and the Cookies' well-being.
Mille-feuille House mille-feuille crest.png It will not be an exaggeration to say that all the magnificent cathedrals of the Republic were built by the devout House Mille-feuille.
Canelé House canele crest.png House Canelé's sphere of influence is finance including the funding of the Republic Senate.
Sablé House sable crest.png House Sablé is famous as a generous patron of arts.
Caviar House caviar crest.png House Caviar is famous for its achievements in the war on piracy and enjoys the overwhelming support of the Lower Town Cookies.

Known Denizens

Upper and Lower Towns

The Republic awaits!
This section contains major story spoilers for Cookie Odyssey. Proceed at your own risk!


Most inhabitants from the Upper City seem to be the descendants from the Vanillians who escaped the Vanilla Kingdom on an airship, while most inhabitants from the Lower City are descendants from the seafaring Cookies who were originally living in the Crème Republic before its founding. Some exceptions include Oyster Cookie and Captain Caviar Cookie, the only Cookies in the Council who are based on seafood, and Espresso Cookie, who traces his ancestry from the Coffee Tribe in the Dark Cacao Kingdom.

Relations Between the Towns

Relations between the two groups in the Republic seem to be tense. Many inhabitants from Choco Mud Town do not wish to learn about the Divines, as seen in Chapter II of Cookie Odyssey, ⁣when Missionary Cookie wants to help the impoverished Cookies of the Lower City by suggesting they convert in order to live a better life in the Upper City. Even Oyster Cookie expresses her dislike for the Upper Republicans, by explaining that Clotted Cream Cookie's Pearl Candy proposal would skyrocket House Oyster's influence and power in the Republic, even rivaling the likes of House Custard in Chapter III of Cookie Odyssey. She then says that she wishes to see the faces of the other Council members when this happens, as she wants to get back at the Vanillians who established themselves on the territory and claimed it as their own.


The central religion of the Crème Republic focuses on the Divines, though this religion is mainly practiced by the inhabitants of the Upper City. Below the Crème Republic, the inhabitants of the Lower Town are not concerned with religion.

The Paladins of the Crème Republic use the "Light" of the Divines in battle, with examples being Madehead.webp Madeleine Cookie and Financierhead.png Financier Cookie. Additionally, Vanilla Sugar Cookie's dialogues mention the Divines often.


  • The Crème Republic update and its related content are internally referred to as "waffle" in the game's code.
  • The Convocation Chamber's conference table resembles a Baumkuchen.