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I hope this light will reach all corners of this land...

Cotton Cookie (Korean: 목화맛 쿠키, mokhwa-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released alongside Frost Queen Cookie Frost Queen Cookie in the first part of the Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow update (v2.4). She is of the Support Support type and her position is prioritized to the Rear Rear.

She is the main protagonist of the Lantern in the Snow Story, which tells of the legend how she tried to save her friend Sherbet Cookie Sherbet Cookie with the Wind Flower by confronting Frost Queen Cookie.

Game Description[]

The soft and warm cotton fluff in Cotton Cookie's dough granted her a heart so warm not even a raging blizzard could scare her off. The way she handles her flock of cute wooly sheep ever so gently with her tiny lantern in hand can make anyone feel at peace! Having a lantern in Cotton Cookie's land of constant snowfall is very important: not only stray sheep but also Cookies lost among the dreary white hills depend on it. Cotton Cookie can often be seen restlessly looking at the sky on snowy days—as though expecting to find something amidst the drifting snowflakes. Sometimes, she mentions Sherbet Cookie a Cookie dear to her: her serene, calm face lightens up, making the listener wonder... what happened? Will we ever learn that someone out there is keeping a piece of these snowy plains in their heart? And that a warm yellow light of the tiny lantern will always shine for that special someone. Always.

Soulstone Description[]

Cotton Cookie's Soulstone
This stone holds a piece of Cotton Cookie's soul. A small light is all you need to get through the vicious and harsh cold.
Cotton Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration: Crispia Dark Mode Stage(s) 8-12 and 18-3.
Cotton Cookie's Soulcores can be acquired in World Exploration: Crispia Master Mode Stage(s) 4-16.


A Warm Light
Base Cooldown 17 sec
A Warm Light Skill icon
While Cotton Cookie's lantern shines, the warm light will periodically restore the allies' HP and increase the summoned creatures' ATK. Additionally, Cotton Cookie summons sheep that will charge at the enemies, dealing area damage and stunning them. The summoned sheep will fight alongside the Cookies for a certain time. While Cotton Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
  • Status Healing Healing: 14.2% of ATK every 1.0 sec for 9.0 sec
  • Status ATK Up Summoned Creatures' ATK: +75.0% while the lantern is lit
  • Sheep Herd: 124.5% of the Cookie's ATK, 157.8% of DEF, 111.4% of HP
  • Sheep Charge DMG: 150.0%
  • Sheep Stampede: Status Stun Stun for 1.0 sec
  • Status Healing Healing: 27.5% of ATK every 1.0 sec for 9.0 sec
  • Status ATK Up Summoned Creatures' ATK: +75.0% while the lantern is lit
  • Sheep Herd: 124.5% of the Cookie's ATK, 157.8% of DEF, 111.4% of HP
  • Sheep Charge DMG: 150.0%
  • Sheep Stampede: Status Stun Stun for 1.0 sec
Gameplay Notes
Max Level ►
◄ Base Level
  • The sheep are all summoned a very small time between each other


Cream Cotton Sheep
Cream Cotton Sheep will charge to Stun and deal damage to enemies once summoned. Up to 3 Cream Cotton Sheep can be on the battlefield at a time.


Character Inspiration[]

Cotton Cookie appears to be based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen. She is an analogue to the protagonist, Gerda, while Frost Queen Cookie Frost Queen Cookie is the titular Queen and Sherbet Cookie Sherbet Cookie is the spirited-away Kai.


Cotton Cookie is a short Cookie with pale off-white dough and a small frame. She has short white hair styled in a bob with asymmetrical bangs shrouded by an oversized cotton hood. She has muted teal eyes and a small, hopeful smile. She wears a blue and brown dress with fur at the collar and hem of her dress; it also has repeating spade-like emblems. She fashions a cotton-shaped bonnet brandishing a black tie, and appears to be wearing deep black boots. She holds a crooked wooden cane covered in tufts of cotton, that of which has a butterscotch-colored bell and a vintage-style lantern. Overall, her appearance resembles that of a shepherd.


  • Her loading screen trivia states, "Even among the shepherds of the Snowfall Village, Cotton Cookie is known for being an excellent pathfinder.". Another loading screen present in the Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow update (v2.4) states, "The thought of meeting her friend helped Cotton Cookie overcome all hardships!".
    GingerBrave Instagram Art Cotton and Sherbet

    An older Cotton Cookie reminiscing on her days with Sherbet Cookie Sherbet Cookie

  • In the timeline of Cookie Run: Kingdom's overall story, Cotton Cookie is currently a wizened, elderly Cookie who enjoys knitting. Her playable appearance depicts her as her younger self seen in the Lantern in the Snow Story.
  • Cotton Cookie (as an elderly Cookie)'s Appearing Cookies section in Icicle Yeti's Winter Song reads as such:
    • Cotton Cookie spends her day sipping tea by the fireplace.
    • She doesn't tend to the sheep anymore, but she stops by and plays with them from time to time.
    • At times, she looks out the window and mutters, "Where are Sherbet Cookie you traveling now...?"
    • She started gifting knitted-goods for the villager children, hoping to warm their winters just a little.
    • She thought of traveling the world with her dear friend when returning to Nature some day.
  • In Lantern in the Snow, Cotton Cookie is implied to be the one who first began the tradition of hanging lanterns on trees in her Snowfall Village.
  • Cotton Cookie is referred as "Grandma/Granny Cotton Cookie" by Young Snowfall Villager and Snow Sugar Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie. Despite this, she and they are not confirmed to be related, as this seems to be an honorific carried over from the Korean dialogue.
  • The emblem on Cotton Cookie's clothing is similar to the snowflake on Snow Sugar Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie's staff as well as the emblem on Frost Queen Cookie Frost Queen Cookie's forehead. This may indicate a connection amongst the three.
  • Cotton Cookie is the winner of the "Earthbread's Crispiest" contest held by the official English Twitter account of Cookie Run Kingdom, defeating Stardust Cookie Stardust Cookie in the grand finals with 51.1% of the vote.[1]
  • Cotton Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Fu Weilin, also provides the voice of Gumball Cookie Gumball Cookie and Bat-Cat.
  • Cotton Cookie is the only cookie who can equip Frosted Crystal Resonant Toppings who doesn't have the Ice ElementIce element.


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