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Costumes are alternative cosmetic appearances for Cookies, introduced in the Halloween Masquerade update (version 2.3.001) on October 28, 2021. They are acquired by drawing from the Costume Gacha with Rainbow Cubes, and can be used to change their Cookie's appearance. Collecting Costumes belonging to a Costume Set grants stat buffs based on the number of Costumes owned from that set. A single costume draw costs 300 rainbow cubes. These cubes can be obtained through quest completion but can also be bought from mileage points.

Costumes have rarities separate from their Cookies' rarities, determining both the likelihood at which they might be drawn from the Costume Gacha and the amount of Rainbow Crystals given if a duplicate is drawn. Some Costumes, typically Epic ones, may even change the visual effects of their Cookies' attacks, Skills, or summoned units.

Costumes and the Costume Gacha are unlocked by completing a quest accessed after clearing World Exploration Stage 2-13.


Quest Label Description Reward
Final Preparations Deliver Sweet Jelly Jam x5
Kingdom EXP800
Rainbow Cube300
Note: These Rainbow Cubes are used up in the tutorial costume pull that follows the quest.

List of Costumes

Common Costumes
Rare Costumes
Epic Costumes