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This is an in-depth article about cooldown effects. For the page that lists skill cooldown times for all Cookies, see List of Cookies/Cooldown.

Cooldown (or CD) is a major Cookie Stat that determines a Skill's activation interval.


Cooldown types


A flat number always noted next to the Skill description, indicating how long it would take for the Skill to recharge if no other cooldown modifiers are active.


When a team of Cookies is deployed in battle, all of their Skills will be put on cooldown, with the charging time reduced to a lower starting amount, The calculation for this starting amount is based on a formula that includes both the Skill's base cooldown and other cooldown modifiers. This formula is not affected by Treasure squishy jelly watch.png Squishy Jelly Watch, and always round to the nearest whole number.

If two or more Cookies starting cooldowns count down at the same time, the frontmost Cookie's Skill will activate first. Cookies behind that Cookie will then receive priority in activating their Skills, as long as their Skill is off cooldown.


After the Skill finishes casting, the calculated cooldown (with modifiers) begins counting down. Total cooldown is always rounded to the nearest tenth.


Total cooldown formula

Starting cooldown formula

Example: Strawberrycrepehead.png Strawberry Crepe Cookie's Crepeskill.png Crepe Thrust has a base cooldown of 15 seconds, and starting cooldown of 4 seconds. Assuming their CD Toppings are 22.7% and have a maxed Squishy Jelly Watch (25.4%), the following equations would be calculated.
*Percentages are converted into decimals for simplifying.

As a result, after rounding to the nearest tenth, Strawberry Crepe Cookie's Skill now has a total cooldown of 8.6 seconds, and a starting cooldown of 3 seconds.

Starting Cooldown Table

Minimum cooldown from Toppings required to lower starting cooldown
Base CD 8 sec 10 sec 11 sec 12 sec 13 sec 14 sec 15 sec 16 sec 17 sec 18 sec 19 sec 20 sec
Ex. Cookies: Gingerbravehead.webp Strawberryhead.webp Wildberryhead.png Caramel head.png Ninjahead.webp Werewolfhead.webp Milkhead.webp Yamhead.webp Chilipepperhead.webp Darkchocohead.webp Madehead.webp Lilachead.png Tigerlilyhead.webp Vampirehead.webp Sparkling head.webp Kumihohead.webp Head moon rabbit.png Raspberryhead.png Blackraisinhead.png Licohead.webp Cocoahead.png Redvelvethead.png Strawberrycrepehead.png Clottedcreamhead.png Pomehead.webp Almondhead.png Dark cacao head.png Eclairhead.png Squid ink head.png Twizzlygummyhead.png Mintchocohead.webp Creampuffhead.png Sea fairy head.png Sorbet shark head.png Cherryblossomhead.png Cottonhead.png Parfaithead.png Herbhead.webp Frostqueenhead.png Hollyberry head.png Teaknighthead.png Onion head.webp Purevanillahead.png Snowsugarhead.webp
2 sec 0.0% 16.7% 24.3%
3 sec 0.0% 0.0% 2.8% 10.3% 16.7% 22.2% 27.1%
4 sec 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 6.3% 11.8% 16.7% 21.1% 25.0%
5 sec 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 3.6% 8.4%
6 sec 0.0% 0.0%
Exception: Pumpkinpiehead.png Pumpkin Pie Cookie's Pumpkinpieskill.png Pompon, help! always has a 1 sec starting cooldown.
Oysterhead.png Oyster Cookie's Oyster skill.png Might of House Oyster always has a 2 sec starting cooldown.

Altering cooldown

This section lists ways to reduce, increase or pause skill cooldowns.



  • CRK-cooldownup.png Cooldown Up (+30%)



Results may vary!
Disclaimer: The content of this section is based on the knowledge and experiences of its editor(s). Your own experiences may differ!
  • On auto-battle (the mode in which battles in Kingdom Arena, Super Mayhem, and Cookie Alliance are fought) the game will prioritize the Skills of the frontmost Cookies.
    • Visually in-game, a Cookie team's Skills are queued from right to left. If two Cookies are in the same position, the one on the left is considered lower priority.
    • If the Skill of a Cookie is not yet off cooldown, the game will check further down the rear of the team until it finds the next Skill off cooldown, looping back to the front of the team if it finds none.
    • Even if a Cookie in front of the active Cookie has their Skill off cooldown, the game will instead prioritize Cookies behind the active Cookie, if their Skills are off cooldown instead.
  • Manipulating this behaviour via cooldown reduction from toppings is essential for creating combos between Cookie Skills in auto-battle mode, since the player otherwise has no control over the timing and order that their Cookies use their Skills.
  • Understanding the starting cooldowns of Cookies and how their Skills might be ordered is important for predicting how the Cookie teams of other players might behave. A Cookie's Skill might come out earlier or later than normal depending on the team's composition, and it's up to the attacker to either take advantage of that delay or watch out for that Skill timing.
  • The game typically waits one second before using the next Cookie's cooldown based on the active Cookie's casting time. This casting time can be reduced based on the active Cookie's ATK SPD, which can be increased with effects such as Treasure librarians enchanted robes.png Librarian's Enchanted Robes or Mintskill.webp Battlefield Symphony. This can be especially helpful when two Cookies' Skills recharge at the same time.

Example 1: Cheese Comp

  • - This composition requires chaining other Cookies' skills with Almond Cookie, who is always last in the Cookie Card Order. However, because Almondskill.png Almond Handcuffs only has a duration of 3 seconds, Skill cooldowns must be purposely set such that other Cookies use their Skills after Almond Cookie uses his, in order to make the most of the CRK-damagelink.png Damage Link.
    • - (Bad) Almond Cookie is queued last, and all the other Cookies already used their Skills.
    • - (Good) Almond Cookie can queue earlier. However, he is 1 second early before any DPS Cookie can use their Skills.
    • - (Best) Almond Cookie can use his Skill directly before a carry's damage hits.

Example 2: Defensive Teams

    • - Cocoa skill.png Cocoa Is Love and Parfaitskill.png Paru-paru-parfait!★ will be used sequentially at the beginning, protecting the rest of the team from crowd-control debuffs before they can use their Skills.
  • .
    • - Crepeskill.png Crepe Thrust, Cotton skill.png A Warm Light, and Purevanillaskill.png Love & Peace are used sequentially at the beginning, protecting the remaining two Cookies from almost any amount of burst damage that an enemy team may also inflict during that time.