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Cookies are a highly intelligent species of being that are nearly indistinguishable from humans aside from their simplified makeup and appearance. Their diversity, motivations, and capabilities are very similar to those of humans in a modern fantasy setting, seeking community and fulfillment despite their original purpose being much less complex.

According to tales passed down by the Cookies, the first Cookies were made by Witches in their Ovens as simple desserts. Many gained sentience and purpose when Life Powder became mixed into their dough, though now many Cookies are created directly from existing Cookies as their offspring.


The First Kitchen

"How did the first Cookies come to be? There is a tale, as old as the world... The tale of the First Kitchen.

Once upon a time, a time no Cookie recalls, lived three witches wise. In their kitchen, by the stove, kept they a precious recipe.

The recipe for power and wisdom... Colorful sugar crystals, silky butter, moonlight, and mysterious whispers. For four days and nights, they mixed and mixed until they had a mountain of dough!

Only one ingredient left to add: a small pinch of Life Powder. The most potent ingredient to bring any dessert to life!

When the first Cookies came out of the oven baked, they chirped at the witches like little birds...

"Will you feed us?"

"No, but instead we will have you for dinner!"

Sweet little Cookies! In fear they fled. But the witches' legs were like pillars, and like snares were their fingers. And the Cookies were so small, so frail!

Only one Cookie, fast and tiny, made it past the witches' grasp!

And so this Cookie ran and ran, until their body crushed and crumbled, until the very end! But was it truly the end? No. Many have forgotten that this story goes on...

The leftover dough from that fateful night, discarded by the witches three, baked to perfection under the hot sunlight! And this is how the very land we live upon came to be!

Is this the truth or just a legend? No Cookie is here to tell..."

Artbook pages 1-12

The Age of Darkness and Rise of Heroes

"In the distant past, after the chaos of iron and flames subsided, many creatures baked by the witches scattered across the world. Among them were the Five.

Five Cookies graced with Soul Jam of the purest kind, saviors to all Cookies throughout the world. With infinite wisdom and unmatched power, they rallied others to their cause. As kings and queens, they ruled the Cookies, bringing in a golden age of peace and prosperity.

But this age was not fated to last.

A harbinger of darkness appeared and let shadow and evil infest the land, and once more the world erupted into chaos. But the five Cookie heroes, guardians of peace, have risen.

Twilight falls, and the war for the Cookies' destiny has begun."

[STORY] The Age of Darkness and Rise of Heroes (2/4) - English — Cookie Run: Kingdom on YouTube

Dark Flour War

"The spark of war soon flared upon the horizon.

Do you remember how Life Powder breathed life into the Cookies? But it was not only Cookies upon whom life had been bestowed... From the dark, horrendous Cake Monsters were born. They marched across the land, sowing darkness and fear. They crumbled the Cookies' frail bodies, leaving a trail of dark, burnt flour behind, and no Cookie was able to defeat them.

On the fateful night of the crescent moon, when a leviathan shadow hung over the Vanilla Castle, one by one the great heroes fell. And when the dark harbinger appeared, only the champion of the Vanilla Kingdom was left standing on the battlefield."

[STORY] Dark Flour War (3/4) - English — Cookie Run: Kingdom on YouTube

The Final Battle

"Who claimed the victory in that final battle? No Cookie bears the answer to this question, but there is one thing known for sure: as time passed, the marks of dark corruption slowly cured and the sight of the dark flower no longer invokes sorrow in the Cookie souls. Once more, life thrives in every corner of the land.

It is time for us to open a new page.

This story begins with a few tiny but brave steps. Oh, you recognize this tale? Well, that is our... no, your story."

[STORY] The Final Battle (4/4) - English — Cookie Run: Kingdom on YouTube