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A Cookie's stats.

Cookie statistics are numbers or percentages indicating how well a Cookie does in a certain aspect. These increase the effectiveness of certain actions such as attacking, healing or surviving. Statistics can be divided into 3 categories: Offensive, Defensive and Utility.


  • ATKstat.png Attack (ATK): Determines the power of regular attacks. All Cookie Skills have a number that scales off of ATK.
  • Attack speed (ATK SPD): Determines attack intervals, altering the rate at which a unit uses their regular attack or Skill.
  • CRITstat.png Critical strike chance (CRIT%): The percentage chance that determines if a regular attack or Skill deals increased damage.

    More stats shown from the Toppings menu.

  • Critical strike damage (CRIT DMG): The percentage damage that modifies damage values provided by Critical strike chance.


  • Critresiststat.png Critical damage resistance (CRIT Resist): A percentage modifier that reduces the amount of damage dealt by critical hits.
  • Debuff resistance (Debuff Resist): A percentage modifier that reduces a debuff's potency, such as decreasing its damage or duration. The reduction is based on the debuff in question.
  • Dmgresiststat.png Damage resistance (DMG Resist): Reduces all damage received by a certain percentage.
  • DEFstat.png Defense (DEF): Reduces all damage received by a flat amount.
  • HPstat.png Maximum health (HP): The total amount of damage a Cookie can take before going into a Death.png Defeated state.


  • Amplify buff: A percentage modifier that increases a buff's potency, such as increasing its effect or duration.
  • Icon clock.png Cooldown: A percentage that reduces the Cookie's Base cooldown and Initial cooldown time, enabling skills to be used in faster intervals.
  • Movement speed (MOV SPD): A percentage that determines a Cookie's moving speed, allowing them move faster in battle.
  • Healicon.png Healing: Determines the amount of healing that a Cookie receives.