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Cookie Run: Kingdom is the eighth game in the Cookie Run series, releasing in Winter 2020 globally and on January 21, 2021 in English. Eschewing the endless-runner system of the original game, it combines real-time battle strategy with city-building, featuring a wide cast of unique Cookies and a customizable Kingdom.

It tells the story of Cookies who create a Kingdom of their own to call home. Throughout their adventures, they explore other ancient Kingdoms, battle fierce Cake Monsters, and unravel the mysteries of the Ancient Heroes who disappeared from the world.

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Wiki News
7 October 2021
With the Interdimensional Super Mayhem update came the English dub of Kingdom, and with that came a large amount of new and revised English text; due to this, many Cookie Quotes will be missing or outdated until they can be filled in or corrected by users. Any player is able to help with this effort, so assistance is more than welcome.
22 June 2021
We are currently working on adding more pages and images related to the newest update(s) of the game, so some pages may not be created yet. If possible, please consider helping to expand this wiki.

Due to the limited methods of obtaining images, some may remain missing for a while. Please be patient—we strive to have everything we can in due time.