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Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki
Unlock cookie castle.png

The Cookie Castle shows a kingdom's prosperity. It also serves as a guide through the game; upgrading the Cookie Castle allows further progression. Tap on the castle in your kingdom to upgrade and change its appearance.

Cookie Castle Levels

Upgrading the Cookie Castle unlocks Materials and Goods Buildings with the prestige of the Buildings unlocked raising as do the Castle's Level. Currently, the highest achievable Cookie Castle Level is 15.

Before being able to upgrade the Cookie Castle to its next Level, the player must accomplish certain prerequisite Missions. When these Missions are fulfilled, they will then need to gather certain resources, Coins, and time to upgrade it. Below are the requirements for upgrading the Cookie Castle.

Level Materials Coin Cost Build Time Prerequisite Missions Rewards
0 → 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A
1 → 2
Roll Cake Wood3
Sugar Cube3
Robust Axe3
Time 5 min
2 → 3
Aurora Pillar1
Sugar Cube5
Tempered Pickaxe3
Time 10 min
3 → 4
Aurora Brick1
Aurora Compass1
Candy Saw3
Time 1 hr
4 → 5
Aurora Pillar3
Aurora Brick3
Aurora Compass3
Time 2 hr
5 → 6
Aurora Pillar4
Aurora Brick4
Aurora Compass4
Time 8 hr
6 → 7
Aurora Pillar5
Aurora Brick5
Aurora Compass5
Time 15 hr
7 → 8
Aurora Pillar6
Aurora Brick6
Aurora Compass6
Time 1D
8 → 9
Aurora Pillar7
Aurora Brick7
Aurora Compass7
Time 2D
9 → 10
Aurora Pillar8
Aurora Brick8
Aurora Compass8
Time 3D
10 → 11
Aurora Pillar9
Aurora Brick9
Aurora Compass9
Time 5D
11 → 12
Aurora Pillar10
Aurora Brick10
Aurora Compass10
Time 7D
12 → 13
Aurora Pillar30
Aurora Brick30
Aurora Compass30
Time 15D
13 → 14
Aurora Pillar60
Aurora Brick60
Aurora Compass60
Time 30D
14 → 15
Aurora Pillar100
Aurora Brick100
Aurora Compass100
Time 90D

Castle Designs

Upon reaching Castle Level 13, the player unlocks Castle Designs, which apply cosmetic changes to the Cookie Castle. The Castle's default appearance will always be the Cookie Castle Design. Castle Designs affect the appearance of the Castle itself along with its front yard surrounding the Fountain of Abundance, outer wall, spires, and gate. They offer no additional benefits to the player other than warping the Castle's appearance for visual effect.

Design Unlock Requirement Cost Description
Unlock cookie castle.png
Cookie Castle
A symbol of this kingdom's might, this castle lives once again thanks to the Cookies!
Glorious vanilla castle.png
Glorious Vanilla Castle
Castle level 13
This magnificent castle decorated with colorful stained candy glass reminds you of the pinnacle of the Vanilla Kingdom. May its blue banners always fly proudly in the wind!
Vibrant hollyberry castle.png
Vibrant Hollyberry Castle
Clear 12-30
A vibrant castle with a dome covered in ornate fruit and flower patterns. Its majestic halls are always full of guests attending the royal ball, bustling with eloquent dances and exciting music. If you're lucky, you might be able to get a glance of its gallant Royal Guard parades.
Solemn dark cacao castle.png
Solemn Dark Cacao Castle
Clear Dark Mode 13-10
There it stands, on the very edge of the Giant Icing Ridge, rising tall above the endless birch forests. Only the yells of sparring warriors and the clang of crossing blades ever break the silence under the 100% cacao roof tiles of the solemn Black Citadel.