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It is I, Cloud Haetae Cookie, guardian of the Ivory Pagoda!

Cloud Haetae Cookie (Korean: 구름해태맛 쿠키, gulumhaetae-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released alongside Mystic Flour Cookie Mystic Flour Cookie in the The Awakening of White Apathy update (v5.5). They are of the Defense Defense type and their position is prioritized to the Front Front.

Game Description[]

Let's see... This creature looks like a puppy and barks like a puppy, AND is known to ward off bad luck and fires! Must be none other than Cloud Haetae Cookie from legends! The stalwart guardian of Mystic Flour Cookie's grand temple, the Ivory Pagoda, Cloud Haetae Cookie will greet interlopers with their sharp claws. But talk respectfully of their enlightened master, and Cloud Haetae Cookie will shower you in pleasantries and even offer a delightful steamed roll! Judging by the way this creature talks about Mystic Flour Cookie, you can infer boundless faith and loyalty. So let Cloud Haetae Cookie guide you through the winding hallways of the Ivory Pagoda but keep an eye on the mischievous creature: they may just conveniently disappear into the fog...

Soulstone Description[]

Cloud Haetae Cookie's Soulstone
This stone holds a piece of Cloud Haetae Cookie's soul. Listen carefully and you can almost hear a hidden intent behind that cheerful la la la.


Haetae Charge
Base Cooldown 11 sec
Haetae Charge Skill icon
Takes the form of a Cloud Haetae. After transforming, gains an increased DEF and DMG Resist and grants HP Shields for the entire team. With their regular attacks, Cloud Haetae Cookie charges at the enemies, dealing area damage. Cloud Haetae Cookie will also heal the ally with the lowest HP with Cloud Rolls (except Cloud Haetae Cookie themselves). When the transformation is over, Cloud Haetae Cookie will perform a last forceful charge to deal greater damage and Stun the enemies. While in the Cloud Haetae form, the Cookie will disable Debuff Immunity applied on enemy Cookies. Belonging to the Realm of Apathy, Cloud Haetae Cookie can briefly disrupt the Power of Apathy effect when using their skill and grant the Visions of Apathy buff to the team. When in the same team with Mystic Flour Cookie, Cloud Haetae Cookie will gain the Haetae's Loyalty buff. Cloud Haetae Cookie will regain HP with each 3 regular attacks in the Cookie form.
  • Haetae Charge DMG: 178.0% of ATK
  • Last Charge DMG: 241.2% of ATK + Status Stun Stun for 2.0 sec
  • Status Healing Cloud Roll Healing: 27.5% of DEF; capped at 150.0% of target's Max HP
  • Status HP Shield HP Shield: 10.0% of target's Max HP for 5 sec
  • Status DEF Up DEF: +20.0% while transformed; stacks up to x1
  • Status DMG Down DMG Resist: +30.0% while transformed; stacks up to x1
  • Status No Debuff Immunity Debuff Immunity: disables for 6.0 sec
  • Visions of Apathy: Status ATK Up ATK +30.0%, Status DMG Down DMG Resist +30.0% for 15 sec; stacks up to x1
  • Resistance to Status Apathy Apathy: 30.0%
  • Status Loyalty Haetae's Loyalty: when in team with Mystic Flour Cookie, gains Max HP +100.0%, ATK SPD +50.0%
  • Haetae Charge DMG: 343.6% of ATK
  • Last Charge DMG: 465.7% of ATK + Status Stun Stun for 2.0 sec
  • Status Healing Cloud Roll Healing: 27.5% of DEF; capped at 150.0% of target's Max HP
  • Status HP Shield HP Shield: 10.0% of target's Max HP for 5 sec
  • Status DEF Up DEF: +20.0% while transformed; stacks up to x1
  • Status DMG Down DMG Resist: +30.0% while transformed; stacks up to x1
  • Status No Debuff Immunity Debuff Immunity: disables for 6.0 sec
  • Visions of Apathy: Status ATK Up ATK +30.0%, Status DMG Down DMG Resist +30.0% for 15 sec; stacks up to x1
  • Resistance to Status Apathy Apathy: 30.0%
  • Status Loyalty Haetae's Loyalty: when in team with Mystic Flour Cookie, gains Max HP +100.0%, ATK SPD +50.0%
Gameplay Notes
Max Level ►
◄ Base Level
  • On every third regular attack, Cloud Haetae Cookie will heal themselves for 57.7% of ATK instead of dealing damage.
  • If Cloud Haetae Cookie performs at least two attacks since their last self-heal while transformed, their first regular attack upon changing back to Cookie form will be the self-heal.
  • Status DEF Up DEF Up and Status DMG Down DMG Resist gained during the skill are undispellable.
  • Cloud Haetae Cookie only grants the Visions of Apathy buffs to allies when battling in Beast-Yeast Episode 3 and Episode 4. These buffs are undispellable.
  • Using the skill dispels all Status Power of Apathy Power of Apathy buffs from all enemies within a large range for 10 sec. Units that are summoned or enter Cloud Haetae Cookie's range after skill use are unaffected.
  • Status No Debuff Immunity No Debuff Immunity disables the debuff-blocking effects of Status Immunity Immunity effects on targets without dispelling the effect, instead temporarily hiding it. New applications of Immunity are also affected, but can purify other existing debuffs. When No Debuff Immunity expires, other debuffs applied on the target will remain even if the target still has Immunity.
  • Status No Debuff Immunity No Debuff Immunity is undispellable.
  • While transformed, Cloud Haetae Cookie resists interrupting effects and their attacks both hit all targets within melee range with and throw a steamed roll bun at another ally with the lowest HP. The transformation lasts for 10 sec.
  • Until Cloud Haetae Cookie finishes performing their Last Charge attack, they remain resistant to interrupting effects and retain their DEF Up and DMG Resist buffs.
  • Status Loyalty Loyalty is undispellable, and remains even if Mystic Flour Cookie Mystic Flour Cookie is defeated.


Character Inspiration[]

The haetae (해태), upon which Cloud Haetae Cookie is based, is a Korean mythical creature likely adapted from a combination of the Chinese xiezhi (獬豸) and guardian lion (石獅) ornaments.

While Cloud Haetae Cookie more closely resembles the Korean haetae visually, they seem to take after the original Chinese inspiration in personality and behavior; the xiezhi is a righteous beast known to physically ram into the guilty, and guardian lions are architectural ornaments believed to protect their respective buildings from harmful threats—both spiritual and human. The haetae was uniquely believed to protect from and ward off fire disasters during the Joseon era of Korea, which while likely unintentional, fittingly compliments the high flammability of airborne flour.

One of Cloud Haetae Cookie's quotes, "I'm a HAETAE! Not just some puppy or tiger!" may be a nod to how, despite being never (or at least, rarely) referred to as dogs within China, guardian lion ornaments have been colloquially referred to as "lion dogs" in English speaking nations. It may also be referring to the Japanese komainu (狛犬, "Goguryeo dog") statues that are very similar to the Chinese ornaments.


  • According to their loading screen trivia, "Once, Cloud Haetae Cookie's only special trick was standing on their hind legs, but these days, they gladly give a paw and even enjoy nose boops! Must be the Cream Wolves' influence..."
  • Cloud Haetae Cookie contains 17 cloud roll patterns.
  • Cloud Haetae Cookie's Gacha Banner was originally supposed to run from May 22nd (10:00 GMT +9) to June 19th (5:00 GMT +9), 2024, but was extended to June 28th (14:00 GMT +9) due to the delay of v5.6 update's release.
  • Cloud Haetae Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Qiu Hanfei, also provides the voice of Frilled Jellyfish Cookie Frilled Jellyfish Cookie.
  • Cloud Haetae Cookie's English voice actress, Rachelle Heger, is also the English voice directors for other CookieRun Games, such as The Darkest Night and Witch's Castle.
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