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My name is Clotted Cream Cookie, elected Consul of the Crème Republic.

Clotted Cream Cookie (Korean: 클로티드 크림 쿠키, keullotideu kurim kuki) is a Super Epic Cookie released alongside Wildberryhead.png Wildberry Cookie in the first part of The Council of Heroes update (version 3.0.002). He is of the Magicclass.webp Magic type and his position is prioritized to the Middlepos.webp Middle.

Clotted Cream Cookie is the youngest member of the Convocation of Elders and the Consul of the Crème Republic. He plays a leading role in Cookie Odyssey.

Game Description

"Impeccable posture, perfect necktie knot, and a charming smile! Add a generous amount of filling: a mixture of cream, ambition, and respectability, and you will get the Republic's youngest Consul ever. Clotted Cream Cookie's first achievement in office was the consolidation of the Republic's fractured society. Even the Elders, whose authority in the city-state is unquestionable, recognize the Consul's brilliance and eloquence. Indeed, Clotted Cream Cookie's approval rating and influence are growing by the day! But beware: each of his sweet smiles is thoroughly calculated. This Cookie is always on the winning side."

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Clotted Cream Cookie's soul. The rich and buttery cream exudes a relaxed and confident demeanor."
Clotted Cream Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in the Kingdom Arena
Medal Shop.


Consul's Orders
Clotted Cream Cookie skill.png The Cloak of Light, a marvel of the Republic's cutting-edge technology, provides unquestionable advantages in battle. Upon using his skill, Clotted Cream Cookie projects the Light Cage onto the nearest enemy (targets Cookies first), blocking buffs and dealing area damage. The Light Cage cannot be dispelled and can be projected onto Cookies resistant to interrupting effects and prevents them from receiving removable buffs. The Light Cage will also inflict extra damage relative to the target's HP at the end of its duration. While Clotted Cream Cookie is using his skill, he will become resistant to interrupting effects. (DMG relative to Max HP is capped at 300,000)
  • 15 second Cooldown
  • Total Periodic DMG: 308.5% (+4.2% per level), 22 ticks for 1.4 sec
  • Debuff light prison.png Light Cage DMG: 189.0%
  • Light Cage duration: 4.8 sec
  • CRK-stun.png Light Cage extra DMG:
  • Cookies: 89.9% DMG relative to Max HP + 20.0% fixed DMG relative to Max HP, Stun for 1.3 sec
  • Others: 1.3% DMG relative to Max HP + 146.9% DMG (+1.8~1.9% per level), Stun for 1.3 sec
  • CRK-dmgdown.png DMG Resist: +17.5% to self for 8.0 sec
Max Level »
  • 15 second Cooldown
  • Total Periodic DMG: 566.9%, 22 ticks for 1.4 sec
  • Debuff light prison.png Light Cage DMG: 189.0%
  • Light Cage duration: 4.8 sec
  • CRK-stun.png Light Cage extra DMG:
  • Cookies: 89.9% DMG relative to Max HP + 20.0% fixed DMG relative to Max HP, Stun for 1.3 sec
  • Others: 1.3% DMG relative to Max HP + 269.9% DMG, Stun for 1.3 sec
  • CRK-dmgdown.png DMG Resist: +17.5% to self for 8.0 sec
« Base Level


  • May 12th, 2022:
    • The Cookie is now in the frontmost of all Middlepos.webp Middle Cookies. (Except for Head sonic.png Sonic Cookie)
    • Debuff light prison.png Light Cage can no longer be purified.
    • 20.0% of Light Cage's extra DMG is now dealt as true damage to Cookies. Against others, it deals additional regular damage.
    • Clotted Cream Cookie now gives a 17.5% CRK-dmgdown.png DMG Down buff to himself.
    • Skill attack area = 8x6 → 12x6


Clotted Cream Cookie has hazel-colored dough and light cream-colored hair that is slicked back and cut short. He has yellow-green eyes that have yellow highlights. He wears a cream-colored suit with a complimenting cape that has teal-colored shoulder pads and golden accents. His cape has robotic arms attached to them that can extend into four separate, yet appear as two by default. He wears white pants and dark brown boots.


Clotted Cream Cookie is always wearing his perfectly-practiced smile as he practices matters of state. He presents himself as a true ambassador of the Crème Republic, always valuing its welfare above all else. Regardless of how emotionally others may speak to him, he always replies diplomatically and with full respect, despite also rarely ever backing down from his own demands. He is expertly skilled at hiding his true thoughts and intentions from others, until long after he achieves his goals.

Although Clotted Cream Cookie is ambitious and seeks to further elevate his status, he is also more mindful of the welfare of his fellow Cookies than most others in his position. He appears to believe deeply in the Crème Republic, acting to prepare it from threats both without and within for the sake of all its citizens. For this purpose, he has no reservations verbally challenging Cookies of higher status who would stand in the way of his vision, such as the Ancient Heroes.


  • Clotted Cream Cookie is the first Super Epic Cookie to be added into the game.
  • Clotted Cream Cookie is the biological son of Light Cream Cookie and the adoptive son of Custard Cookie. He currently belongs to House Custard.
    • Clotted Cream Cookie's original House was House Scone. This is referenced in his interaction with his Cookie Decor, Waterfall of Contemplation, where Clotted Cream Cookie eats a scone.
  • Promotional Image with Financierhead.png Financier Cookie

    According to Strawberrycrepehead.png Strawberry Crepe Cookie's analysis in Ch. 1, Day 2 of Cookie Odyssey, Clotted Cream Cookie is composed of "25% grace, 23% eloquence, 20% brilliance, 20% ambition, 10% condensed cream, and... 2% connivingness." They note that he does not contain any custard in his dough.
  • According to Clotted Cream Cookie's exclusive loading screen trivia, "It took Clotted Cream Cookie many hours of practice before he was able to speak in front of an audience with a perfect smile."
  • Clotted Cream Cookie is occasionally referred to as "waffle" in the game's files.
  • Clotted Cream Cookie's internal name is "cookie0536."

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