Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki

Bonds, or Cookie Bonds, are bonus effects that are activated by obtaining certain sets of Cookies that share a relationship. These relationships are represented through short stories detailing an excerpt of the Cookies' connections to one another. The buffs provided through Cookie Bonds automatically apply to all of a player's Cookies and can be enhanced further by promoting all of the Cookies involved.

The buff level applied will remain equivalent to the promotion level of the lowest Cookie in a set; all Cookies in a set must be at the same promotion level to activate the next level of their bond. Additionally, all buffs stack and each proceeding buff does not replace those previous.

Meet all Cookies +50HP
1 ★ Promotion +250HP, +30ATK
2 ★ Promotion +300HP, +30DEF
3 ★ Promotion +60ATK, +35DEF
4 ★ Promotion +500HP, +90ATK
5 ★ Promotion +120ATK, +50DEF
Total Buffs +1,100 HP, +300 ATK, +115 DEF

This buff-addition process repeats for each different Bond, and for each Bond it occurs independently from other Bonds. All of these buffs stack as well.

List of Bonds

Best Birthday Gift Ever!
Bond best birthday gift ever.png
A Royal Dynasty?
Bond a royal dynasty.png
Princess Cookie
Strawberry Cookie Custard Cookie III
Wizard Cookie Knight Cookie
Custard Cookie III
Chili Pepper Cookie
Forest Encounter
Bond forest encounter.png
Princess Cookie
Less is More
Bond less is more.png
Muscle Cookie
Tiger Lily Cookie Ninja Cookie
Carrots, CARROTS!
Bond carrots carrots.png
Carrot Cookie
At the Mansion
Bond at the mansion.png
Blackberry Cookie
Beet Cookie Adventurer Cookie
Ghost of the Tower
Bond ghost of the tower.png
Blackberry Cookie
Sibling Rivalry?
Bond sibling rivalry.png
Alchemist Cookie
Onion Cookie Vampire Cookie
A Matter of Pride
Bond a matter of pride.png
Alchemist Cookie
Snowy Promise
Bond snowy promise.png
Dark Choco Cookie
Wizard Cookie Milk Cookie
Snow Sugar Cookie Purple Yam Cookie
Escape into the Twilight
Bond escape into the twillight.png
Rye Cookie
Night of Tricksters
Bond night of tricksters.png
Gumball Cookie
Chili Pepper Cookie Pancake Cookie
Cherry Cookie
I Want to Fly
Bond i want to fly.png
Pancake Cookie
The Green Dawn
Bond the green dawn.png
Herb Cookie
Angel Cookie Clover Cookie
Celestials, Guide Me!
Bond celestials guide me.png
Madeleine Cookie
The Smithy's Clientele
Bond the smithys clientele.png
Avocado Cookie
Angel Cookie Knight Cookie
Madeleine Cookie
We've Never Met
Bond weve never met.png
Espresso Cookie
Juice Bar Regulars
Bond sparkling cookies regulars.png
Sparkling Cookie
Mint Choco Cookie
Madeleine Cookie Vampire Cookie
Herb Cookie
Oh no! Allergies!
Oh no! Allergies !.jpg
Kumiho Cookie
Coin Toss Match
Coin toss match.jpg
Black Raisin Cookie
Pancake Cookie
Werewolf Cookie Strawberry Crepe Cookie
Tiger Lily Cookie
On a Graduation Day
On a Graduation day.jpg
Latte Cookie
Operation Poison Mushroom
Operation poison mushroom.jpg
Licorice Cookie
Almond Cookie Poison Mushroom Cookie
Cream Puff Cookie Fig Cookie
Angels & Devils
Angel Cookie
Devil Cookie
Pastry Cookie