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Attack Types are certain gameplay mechanics that determine the output of an attack's damage, targeting, or effect.

Damage Type

Damage is an attack type that refers to methods of reducing an enemy's health, each having specific ways of being reduced or ignored.

  • Damage dealt that is able to interact with mechanics such as CRK-dmgfocus.png DMG Focus, CRK-dmgreflect.png Damage Reflection, and CRK-damagelink.png Damage Link is considered direct.
  • Damage dealt that CANNOT interact with the above mechanics is considered indirect.

Name Function Description Example(s)
Regular damage Direct Has no special interactions. DEF and DMG Resist reduces incoming damage. Braveskill.webp Brave Dash
Strawbskill.webp Don't Come Near!
Critical damage Direct Amplifies regular damage due to CRIT%. CRIT Resist reduces critical damage. Chiliskill.webp Cheap Shot (guaranteed)
Relative damage Varies Damage dealt is based on the target's maximum health. Can cause critical damage. Caramel skill.png Arrow of Resolution
True damage Varies Otherwise known as fixed damage. Typically dealt based off the target's maximum health and is impossible to reduce. Cannot cause critical damage. Sorbetsharkskill.png Shark Splash
CRK-corruption.png Corruption
Periodic damage Indirect Deals damage as time passes. Can cause critical damage. Ignores CRK-shield.png Shields. CRK-burn.png Burn
CRK-poison.png Poison
CRK-corruption.png Corruption
Reflected damage Indirect Damage that is returned to the attacker after being received. Cannot cause critical damage. Red Velvet Dragon (passive)
Linked damage Indirect Additional proportional damage that is dealt to linked targets after the main linked target takes damage. Cannot cause critical damage. Almondskill.png Almond Handcuffs


There is a common misunderstanding between relative damage and true damage, due to how their descriptions are worded. Both damage types have a cap of 300,000 DMG and is dealt based on the target's maximum health. However, relative damage can be mitigated by various sources of damage reduction and deal critical damage, whereas true damage cannot do either (with the exception of CRK-corruption.png Corruption, which can cause critical damage).


Targeting is an attack type that refers to how many, where and/or who the attack will affect (buffing/debuffing included). It is one of the most important aspects in maximizing offensive and defensive tactics. Some skills do not have specific targeting, and are listed in the Area of Effect section.


Focused on a singular specified unit.


Directed at two specified units.


Directed at three specified units.


Directed at more than 3 units.


Aims for the nearest enemies at the Frontpos.webp Front position.


Aims for enemies at the Middlepos.webp Middle.


Aims for enemies at the Rearpos.webp Rear.


Aims for specific unit type (such as Cookies and Summons) or Stat.

Area of Effect

Area of effect (AoE) is a term used to indicate an attack that affects multiple targets than just a primary enemy, or does not have a specific-targeting mechanism at all.


Splash area of effect attacks affect an area around the primary target, as well as the secondary targets near them. Typically on ranged attacks.


Point-blank area of effect attacks affect around the user themselves. The area damage is usually attached to them, and will follow their movement.


Ground area of effect attacks are typically constant, and stick to the ground for a certain amount of time. They affect any enemies that move onto the circular area.


Linear area of effect attacks are usually long/wide-ranged skills that damage all enemies in a line, horizontally or vertically.