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Come fly with me...

Angel Cookie (Korean: 천사맛 쿠키, cheonsa-mat kuki) is a Common Cookie available since launch. They are of the Healingclass.webp Healing class and their position is prioritized to the Rearpos.webp Rear.

They are the polar opposite of Devilhead.png Devil Cookie, often being seen doing kind acts that directly contrary Devil Cookie's more mischievous and greedy nature.

They make a brief appearance in Mint Choco Cookie's Winter Concert to deliver Cocoahead.png Cocoa Cookie a letter.

Game Description

"Angel Cookie is trying to master the art of flying but can't rise higher than a teeny tiny bit above the ground just yet! Angel Cookie's favorite animals are penguins, ostriches, and baby chicks. Can you guess why? The Cookie's shiny golden curls are truly special. Not only do they grant their owner healing powers, they are remarkably lovely to look at!"

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Angel Cookie's soul. Its light fills you with confidence in your abilities."
Angel Cookie's Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 1-6 and 7-2.


Celestial Light
Angelskill.webp Blessed be the Cookies! Flies up in the air, restoring HP of all party members.
  • 15 second base Cooldown
  • Healing: 50.0% of ATK (+0.6% - 0.7% Healing per level)


"Holy Goodie" (by Devil Cookie)


Angel Cookie has golden, curly hair and a wavy pattern on their torso, resembling a dress. They also carry a silver wand with a five-pointed star at the tip.


Angel Cookie with Lattehead.png Latte Cookie Gingerbravehead.webp GingerBrave, and Espressohead.webp Espresso Cookie for Angel Cookie in Angel-in-us

  • In previous Cookie Run installments, Angel Cookie was of the S-Grade, which was the equivalent of the modern day Epic rarity. However, they were downshifted to the Rare rarity in Cookie Run: OvenBreak and further downshifted to the Common Rarity in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
    • Funnily enough, Angel Cookie is just an NPC in Cookie Run: Puzzle World.
  • Angel Cookie was the face of a collaboration between Cookie Run: Kingdom and Korean coffee shop chain Angel-in-us, dubbed "Angel Cookie in Angel-in-us". The collaboration spawned many real-life appearances of Angel Cookie and Gingerbravehead.webp GingerBrave mascot costumers at Angel-in-us locations, as well as numerous pieces of promotional art.
  • The Korean and Japanese versions of the game explicitly state that Devilhead.png Devil Cookie was formerly also an Angel Cookie, corrupted by carbonic acid and bat extract, therefore making them a fallen angel.
    • Despite this, Angel Cookie still trusts Devil Cookie, though it is not mutual, as shown in the Angels & Devils Bond story and their Relationship Chart in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. This implies they may have been friends before. While they bicker constantly, Angel Cookie only seems to want Devil Cookie to be nice and do good deeds with them, trying to rekindle a lost friendship.
  • Many objects and backgrounds in-game feature angelic imagery that bears a striking or similar resemblance to Angel Cookie, suggesting that they (and possibly Devil Cookie, as a former angel) are also important beings in the Cookie world. Confirming there are much more than one (or two) Angel Cookies, and by relation, Devil Cookies, which appear briefly in the Prologue, in turn.
  • Whenever Angel Cookie uses their skill, their animation combines that of both of their personal overworld animations (The Stare and when they spin then spread their wings.)
  • In the Shroomie Shenanigans story, despite being an April Fools' joke, it is suggested that Angel Cookie's primary job is to reward Cookies, while Devil Cookie, as their opposite, is in charge of general punishment.
  • In a similar way to Onion head.webp Onion Cookie, Angel Cookie's voice has a special echo effect applied to it. This likely is related to their otherworldly quality.
  • Angel Cookie is known for "The Stare," an expression in which their eyes narrow and they appear uncharacteristically unnerving.

    A brief glimpse of the Stare

  • Angel Cookie shares the title of the Cookie with the most Bonds with Madehead.webp Madeleine Cookie and Pancake head.webp Pancake Cookie having 3 Bond stories.
  • In one of the bonds, it seems that Angel Cookie is still learning how to master their flying skills, with aid from Pancake Cookie.
  • Angel Cookie's internal name is "cookie0012".
  • Angel Cookie's English voice actress, Erika Ishii, is best known for voicing Loki from Fire Emblem Heroes and Valkyrie from Apex Legends.
  • Angel Cookie's Korean voice actress, Jo Kyeong-yi, is best known for voicing Luna from Sailor Moon, Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail, and Yanfei from Genshin Impact.
  • Angel Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Lian Siyu, is best known for voicing Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney anime, Tsuyu Asui from the 2017 dub of My Hero Academia, and Mai Zen'in from Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • Angel Cookie's German and French voice actresses, Nadine Schreier and Karl-Line Heller, also both provide the voice of Squid ink head.png Squid Ink Cookie.

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