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" After the chaos of iron and flame subsided, many creatures baked by the Witches scattered across the world. Among them were the Five. "

The Heroes, often referred to as "the Five," are a group of Cookies said to be graced with Soul Jam of the purest kind. Guardians of peace, they face off against the harbinger of chaos Dark Enchantress Cookie at the beginning of the game during the Final Battle. Each except White Lily Cookie is stated to have once ruled over a Kingdom of their own. They were defeated by Dark Enchantress Cookie and their Soul Jams were shattered, setting off the events of Cookie Run: Kingdom Story Mode.

Pure Vanilla Cookie and Hollyberry Cookie are currently the only playable Ancient Heroes. They are obtainable through all Cookie Gachas with a 0.054% chance of being pulled, and have a higher chance of being pulled through the Nether-Gacha, a special event that runs during an Ancient Cookie's release update. However, Ancient Cookie Soulstones cannot be stocked by any shop except for the Medal Shop, nor can be randomly generated by Landmarks. They are very rarely rewarded by limited-time events.

White Lily Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie both appear in majority of Story Mode as the driving forces of GingerBrave and company's adventure, the latter starring in Episodes 9 and 10, while Hollyberry Cookie plays a major role in Episodes 11 and 12. Dark Cacao Cookie appears as a silhouette in the Dark Mode Story, while Golden Cheese Cookie is more often referred to when the Heroes as a whole are referenced, rather than individually.

List of Ancient Heroes