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This article is about the Bomberclass.webp Bomber-class Epic Cookie. For the Defenseclass.webp Defense-class Rare Cookie, see Avocadohead.webp Avocado Cookie.

The best medicine... tastes sweet in your mouth.

Affogato Cookie (Korean: 아포가토맛 쿠키, apogato-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released along with Dark cacao head.png Dark Cacao Cookie in the first part of the Heroes of Dark Cacao update (version 2.7.102). He is of the Bomberclass.webp Bomber type and his position is prioritized to the Middlepos.webp Middle.

Game Description

"One piping hot cup of dark roasted coffee and a frozen scoop of the sweetest vanilla ice cream! Born of two desserts—so different yet so delicious—Affogato Cookie's flavor is unparalleled! Neither coffee nor ice cream, Affogato Cookie spent restless years without a place to belong until he came up with a simple solution: to create a land of his own once and for all! He appeared out of nowhere on a frigid night in the Dark Cacao Kingdom and has been busy earning the trust and favor of the locals with the help of his strange concoctions and mysterious chants. These are troubling times for the Dark Cacao Kingdom and the throne is empty... What sinister intention is Affogato Cookie hiding behind his snide smile?"

Soulstone Description

"This stone holds a piece of Affogato Cookie's soul. It's hard to tell what's inside because the surface is coated with chocolate syrup."


Sweet Scheme
Affogato skill.png Secretly curses the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first). The cursed target cannot receive any buff effects for a certain time (limited to buffs that can be dispelled). The cursed target will also receive amplified debuffs and will spread Poison inflicting periodic damage to nearby enemies and themselves. If Poison becomes dispelled, it will cause great damage to nearby enemies.
  • 15 second base Cooldown
  • CRK-curse.png Curse: Target can't receive buffs for 10.0 sec
  • CRK-debuffresdown.png Amplified Debuff: 30.0% for 10.0 sec
  • CRK-poison.png Poison: DMG every 0.6 sec for 10.0 sec, a total of 500.4% DMG (+6.81% per level)
  • Area Poison: DMG every 1.0 sec for 10.0 sec, a total of 150.1% DMG (+2.04% per level)
  • CRK-poisonshield.png Poison dispelled: 300.2% DMG (+4.09% per level) to nearby enemies

World Exploration 14-22

Story Mode Dark Mode

Boss skill poison cloud.png
Poison Cloud
Affogato skill.png
Sweet Scheme
Boss skill spell of silence.png
Spell of Silence
Boss skill bittersweet summoning.png
Bittersweet Summoning
Swings the staff and conjures a poison cloud. Curses the target with the highest ATK (Cookies first). The cursed target cannot receive any buff effects, will receive amplified debuffs, and inflict periodic Poison damage to nearby targets. After gathering energy, conjures a sphere and sends it towards the enemy. The targets become stunned and silenced. Summons two Spear Warriors and two Archers in front and behind himself. Then, covers himself with an HP Shield that lasts for a certain period of time.

Character Inspiration

Affogato Cookie appears to take the role of a ganshin (간신), a character archetype describing a royal retainer who's particularly skilled at persuasion and convincing their lord of their beliefs. Ganshin nearly always have an ulterior motive of usurping their magnate to personally inherit all of the power that comes with the role. This archetype is especially prevalent in both historical fiction and fact in China and Korea, such as with the case of the Ten Attendants.

In regards to his skills, appearance, and hobbies, Affogato Cookie may be based on a baksu mudang (박수무당), or a male shaman of the Korean traditional religion. Baksu mudang often have a particular healing property to them much like Affogato Cookie and his focus on his "medicines".


Affogato Cookie is a Cookie of standard height with deep brown dough. His eyes are a piercing white with dark, slit pupils. His sable lashes end with a round flourish and sit atop heavy eyelids painted with pale violet eyeshadow. The Cookie's mouth is small and pointed in a confident smile and his thin eyebrows slope downwards in a hint of sternness.

Affogato Cookie sports a pixie hairstyle save for one longer section of hair to his right fashioned into a braid. This loose braid holds just two tied sections before being held in place by a violet band and ending in a long arc of hair. At the nape of his neck, his hair ends in three upturned tufts. Most notably, a lofty bang and a loose strand suspended from it dramatically shroud his left eye. Affogato Cookie's hair takes a rich espresso tone as its base and is swirled with creamy white clouds of highlights at its edges, invoking an image of dark coffee drowning a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


The shaman's attire is overall based in the Chinese hanfu (汉服) style and utilizes multiple layers. At the first, innermost layer, he wears a simple, colorless mamianqun (马面裙) skirt and atop it an ebony quju (曲裾) dress with a dull amethyst trim and pale collar for the second layer. The quju features scalloped designs at the hems of its sleeves against black gloves and is of a shorter variety in regards to its skirt, which reveals the mamianqun. At the third layer lies a beizi (褙子) (or perhaps daxiushan [大袖衫]) coat peppered with intricate designs and shifts in color. At its core, the beizi expresses a dichromatic color scheme of stark obsidian at the left sleeve and garment base pitted against cold alabaster at the right sleeve. Each expansive sleeve is emblazoned with a bulbous, bubbling form at their lower extents in a lavender tone. The dark base subtly flares outwards at its bottom, sports a mauve trim and a stylized orchid and slate shoulder piece at the left, and features a falling aubergine gradient behind an indigo linear arrangement of mountainous arcs and lone points. The latter design in particular bears resemblance to the Sun, the Moon, and the Five Peaks of Dark Cacao legend. This beizi and all layers beneath it are tied down with a slight indigo band at Affogato Cookie's waist, serving as a bright focal point amongst the mass of black and white. Finally, the fifth and topmost layer consists of a luxurious sable fur boa dusted with iris violet. Draped over the shoulder of the pale sleeve to the right, the fine fur ends in a pearl clasp at Affogato Cookie's chest.

Affogato Cookie's sigil on the blindfold of a Disciple

Affogato Cookie's headpiece is likely inspired by feminine Ming dynasty and Manchu headdresses like the fengguan (鳳冠) and liangbatou (两把头) respectively, with some aspects of modernization like those seen in Chinese television historical dramas. It could also be derived from simple hairpins, an accessory deeply ingrained in Chinese hanfu style. That being said, the headdress consists of a round base set at the upper back of Affogato Cookie's head and a thin horizontal shaft likely made of metal. The base, which emulates the sigil commonly associated with Affogato Cookie and his followers, takes an aperture-like appearance: it consists of a diamond-shaped, rebecca purple gemstone at its center, an inner circle of cream broadcloth layers, and an outer rim of violet-grey anchorage. Sprouting from the base, the symmetrical, iron-black rod casting horizontally out bends upwards at its extremities in a stylish, pointed flourish. Upon the rod sit two lengthy banners of purple ribbon which trail down Affogato Cookie's back.

The staff which Affogato Cookie uses to cast his magic appears not to be based on any specific historical implement from any of East Asia, more so simply being a generic magic wand of sorts styled to fit the aesthetics of the rest of his appearance. It is tall to the point of outsizing its owner and consists of a wrought iron base. The majority of it is a simple pole save for its top, which holds the main draw of the implement: a sphere surrounded by more arcing iron and other smaller details. The globe is pure white at its core and is half-covered by a sheet of dripping amethyst color once again invocative of a real-life affogato dessert. This core is offset by symmetrical curling fronds of iron sporting spikes that point outwards and two swinging rings of deep lavender on each side. It is held in place by a botanical base that connects to another diamond gem similar to that seen in the base of Affogato Cookie's headpiece.

Interestingly, Affogato Cookie's outfit and staff are notably similar to those of Matcha Cookie's Witherbark Shaman Costume.


Spending much of his life without "a place to belong", Affogato Cookie yearns for a place when he can live as he pleases. His plot to find this place involves earning the trust of Dark cacao head.png Dark Cacao Cookie and his advisors, becoming closer to the Dark Cacao Kingdom's throne. He sees Caramel head.png Caramel Arrow Cookie as both an obstacle to his goal and an undeserving recipient of Dark Cacao Cookie's attention. It is very clear he is after the king's throne, and is going to any length to get it, as far as getting the king to banish the First Watcher with his manipulative words. He appears to be very persuasive, seeing as though he has an entire team of disciples, two Shaman, and a priest who all worship him as if he was king.



  • According to his loading screen trivia, "After leaving his home, Affogato Cookie wandered the land and learned a lot about magic and witchcraft."
  • In one of Affogato Cookie's victory quotes, he mentions Fortuna, the Roman god of luck.
  • Affogato Cookie and Dark cacao head.png Dark Cacao Cookie are the first Cookies added to the third Cookie Legion.
  • An affogato, or "affogato al caffe" in Italian, is a coffee based dessert where gelato or vanilla ice cream is drowned in a shot of espresso. This may suggest that he is part of or descended from the Coffee Tribe, and was chosen to be one of Dark Cacao Cookie's loyal servants.
  • Affogato Cookie's April Fools 2022 sprite depicts him pouring coffee onto Wizardhead.webp Wizard Cookie. This is likely a reference to the aforementioned method of preparing an affogato, as Wizard Cookie has been mentioned to be made from ice cream.
  • Affogato Cookie is the third Cookie to serve as an official Boss, appearing in Stage 14-22. The other two are Strawberrycrepehead.png Strawberry Crepe Cookie in Stage 9-30 and Raspberryhead.png Raspberry Cookie in Stage 11-27.
    • Unlike the other two, he doesn't use his angry sprite as his Boss profile but instead uses his default sprite.
  • Affogato Cookie's internal name is "cookie0533".
  • Affogato Cookie's English voice actor, Conrad Haynes, is best known for voicing Griff from NieR Re[in]carnation.
  • Affogato Cookie's Japanese voice actor, Namikawa Daisuke, is best known for voicing Hisoka Morow from Hunter × Hunter (2011), Jellal Fernandes from Fairy Tail, Tōru Oikawa from Haikyū!! and Yu Narukami from Persona 4.
  • Affogato Cookie's Korean voice actor, Kim Hyun-wook, is best known for voicing Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia and Arsène Lupin III from Lupin the Third.
  • Affogato Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Guo Lin, is best known for voicing Whisper from the anime version of Yo-kai Watch and Lars Barriga from Steven Universe.

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